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Question about WWE fans?
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Default Question about WWE fans?

Yes, I am a WWE fan. Well, I was. I started watching WWE around 2001, so I didn't see the Attitude Era. So i guess I really don't have much of a say about WWE's past. But I know enough. But I've noticed that the WS Top Contributers do not complain about WWE and how it is today. So what I'm thinking about is; Are the people complaining about not having the Attitude Era actually kids trying to be cool? I don't know about you guys, but I don't think it's hard to tell which people are kids in the WS just by looking at their spelling, grammer, and sentence structure. It may just be me, but the people who want the Attitude Era back are the kids. Whats up with that?

Do you guys agree? Or am I just being an idiot? Please leave thoughts.

BTW CZW Cage of Death was AWESOME! It's a must watch for fans of hardcore wrestling.
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Wwe is awesome and always was.
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John cena Fan 4 Ever is on a distinguished road

I Agree, and people just have their own opinions i guess.
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I Caught CM Punk Drinking A Beer is on a distinguished road

I think they are trying to be cool. If they have a problem with WWE then they could easily stop watching. But they'd rather complain
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Spelling and grammar isn't a surefire way to know.

How to know if they're a kid or not? Hmm, ask them who the Brooklyn Brawler is or Mideon.

If they have to google it then they're probably kids.

ANYONE can name the Rock, Austin, HHH and the top stars but only people that actually watched that era can name the mid carders and lower talent.

The Taka Michinoku's, Scottie 2 Hotties, Val Venis, Marvelous Marc Mero's, etc.

Most of the people complaining ARE people that watched the Attitude Era or at least the Ruthless Aggression era you began watching.

It's not PG that's the problem and alot of people just won't accept that.

It's lackluster storylines, meaningless matches, anonymous GMs for a year, Kim Kardashian and Wayne Brady hositng RAW. There are ALOT of reasons why people complain.

Atittude Era was just GOLD compared to how it is now. But personally, I liked Ruthless Aggression more than Attitude. I feel Attitude has become OVERRATED and a "BONUS" that most people say off the top of the head.

Kinda like if you ask a random hillbilly who the best rappers were he'd say "Tupac" or "Biggie" just because its what everyone else says and a parrot could say the same thing.

I'll stand behind Ruthless Aggression over Attitude Era maybe cause it was my late teen years and I was really into seeing RVD, Jeff Hardy,Benoit, Angle, HHH, Y2J, HBK, Edge, Cena (in his prime), Taker, Muhammad Hassan, Shelton Benjamin, Eddie Guerrero, Orton (Legend Killer NOT Viper)

The roster was SO STACKED during that era.

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T.K 2012 is on a distinguished road

Everybody has their own opinions and thoughts.

I've been a WWF/WWE fan since 1986 and never stopped.

Over the years it's been awesome and sometimes it's been a little lame.

However, since it's one of the most watched T.V programmes and also one of the longest running too, not to mention it's worldwide, this has to say something about the actual product we watch and love.

We all moan about it we all talk about it and that is exactly what this section is used for.

I don't moan or complain about WWE itself. Alot of people out there do. Again it's all opinions and thoughts. Attitude era was the best era for me. But still I will always love WWE regardless of what era we are currently in.

Younger fans are not too hard to identify. If they don't know who Doink the clown was or Mr Perfect then they are likely to be fairly young. Grammar and spelling is not always the big giveaway.

PG era is not really the main problem of today, to be fair it's more about certain non interesting storylines or pointless matches.

To be fair I am 26 and would love nothing more than another Attitude like era. At the same time I don't have a problem with the era of "PG".
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Yea,i understand what u mean,man.Teere is many of these guys,The Ghost Hunter who thinks he is an old school,just because he was born during the Attitude era,.The other guy with the green pic.But not only these 2,there is many here and in other websites.
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The Announce Table is on a distinguished road

Yeah they're probably just kids trying to be cool

If you don't like it, then don't watch it
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No, it is not just you. Get this picture.

At around ages 8-10, kids discover the beauty and ugly of the internet. Here they initially wish to share and discover knowledge. However, they are insulted and brainwashed by a bunch of 11-15 year old attitude era smarks (now I know some people claim to be 15 and they appear pretty civilized). Then these 8-10 year olds become the same vile and disgusting 11-15 year old smarks that had changed them forever. They evolve into the PG hating, attitude era ass-kissing smarks.

You can ask any adult on a more civilized wrestling forum, and they will respond with proper grammar and spelling, and they will say the one universal thing that they all agree on. They don't give two shts if WWE is PG or not. They watch for the wrestling and storylines are a simple bonus to them. They watch other wrestling shows and sports for more entertainment. They don't whine or complain like this entire section does if John Cena cuts a innocent promo or if CM Punk whines, they simply don't give a damn. They pay and get their value. A bunch of 11-15 year old kids on the internet who stream/torrent/ and STILL complain are what's really wrong with the WWE. Not a silly TV label, not one or two superstars, its these idiots who make the rest of us look bad.

Grammar and spelling is your best weapon on the internet. That is what truly identifies and separates you from kids/teens to adults. You send these keyboard warriors on Yahoo Answers/Youtube to any other forum, and they will be hated alot more than they are supposed to be here. Here, its just a game of points and pointing fingers. Elsewhere, you are whipped and kicked out, zero tolerance.

And its a shame its only WWE fans that this happens to. It really is.
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