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Agree or disagree, making Rock announce his WWE title hunt was a big mistake?
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Default Agree or disagree, making Rock announce his WWE title hunt was a big mistake?

Usually, I hate spoiling myself from certain feuds and storylines. But this is just ridiculous.

Who would've thought that the booking for Survivor Series and now TLC would be screwed up because they have to get Rock vs Punk in. I believe this would've been a lot less hectic had they not made Rock or Punk hint their feud which would spark up at the Rumble.

Before I start again, I'd like to say that there were alot of people mentioning and hinting that Rock vs Punk would happen at Rumble, after Punk GTS'd Rock at Raw 1000, and it just so "happened" to be on the same night that The Rock said he would face whoever the WWE champion was at Royal Rumble.

Oh ok...If you are going to have Punk GTS Rock and let's say NOT have him face Rock, then that makes little sense. Its a potential storyline that dies out. So that gave a huge hint to Rock vs Punk at Rumble, Punk's GTS and Rock's short speech.

Then over the next pay per views, Punk's opponents consisted of Cena, Show, and Ryback. Nobody was rooting or expecting Show to win, and everybody knew Ryback would not win. Cena was still a bit meh towards everyone's expectations knowing that Punk has always beat him. And as each pay per view succeeded, the less and less chance it became aware to many of us that Punk would lose at all, and so it was vaguely confirmed that Rock vs Punk would be happening at the Royal Rumble.

Oh it doesn't end there. I checked Rock's twitter one time, and I found these pictures.



Both captions additionally hinted and almost confirmed the match.

In the end, my point isn't how confirmed this match is, but because its SO confirmed, it screws up alot of of Punk's matches. We always know and guess that Punk won't win cleanly. And now, we are confused whether Punk will defend or vacate his title because of his injuries. If he is gone, we won't see him on TV for a month, and once he returns assuming he is still champion, he will obviously face The Rock.

BQ: Are you surprised that CM Punk hasn't won a pay per view match cleanly in months?
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Is this john rubin
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im not surprised, plus wwe's plans just arent working. punk is a hell but STILL cheered, the only boo's must be from the kids
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Ivan- Wrestling and Sports Fan is on a distinguished road

Agree and Disagree, The night Rock announced his huge match at the Rumble and then WWE did the Raw active thing and Rock vs Punk won the majority of the vote and then you had Punk's huge heel turn. It kinda did give it away, plus with Punk and Rock going back and forth on twitter a few times and with Wrestling resources saying that Punk and Rock was going to happen. Yeah but just because it got spoiled doesn't mean the match would mean less, CM Punk vs Rock will be a great feud and i hope that Rock wouldn't just take the belt off Punk at the Rumble and then it'd just the end of it. This feud will be great, you have 2 of the greatest talkers in history which means, their promos will be epic, they both can wrestle a great match. This screams one of the greatest Rivalries in WWE history. I just hope WWE doesn't drop the ball on this. I mean, I've been a huge CM Punk supporter since his ROH days and i really do want Rock to become WWE champion again, i just don't it would be smart for the change to happen at the Rumble because it would be predictable sort of, Plus with all the rumors that Rock has do movie star things in between the Rumble and Elimination Chamber period so it wouldn't make sense for Rock to show up with the belt every 2 weeks or so if he's busy filming a movie or doing Movie promos. I think Rock will put over Punk at the rumble and then win the belt at WM, Plus i think Rock would prefer his big moment to be on the grandest stage of them all.

BQ: No because WWE feels CM Punk doesn't have the caliber and likeness to beat the likes of Cena and Ryback clean. I mean, why do you think he finally started main eventing PPVs? Because Cena and Ryback was involved in it.
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I am expecting Punk to be made to vacate the championship without a question.

Because the rules are that the champion has to defend the title regardless of which championship they hold it always has to be defended at least every 20 days sometimes every 30 days.

So because Punk is expected to be out for 6 weeks, he will and should be made to vacate the WWE title. If he doesn't then thats just crap. Guys like HBK and Triple H have been made to vacate championships because of injuries in the past.

He's likely to cheat his way into winning it back however before the Rumble since the PPV is the end of Jan 2013.

BQ: No, this does not surprise me. Storylines are getting worse by the minute. Now we have The Shield interfering with every match. Punk is that crap he has to cheat his way to victory. Boring.
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I agree
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Eh, it just made it obvious that punk would keep the title for the match

Follow me on twitter @jaywhy620 ill be watching TNA Impact and ill be posting my thoughts and comments, I also do this for Raw, PPVs, Smackdown, etc... Ill follow you back
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Fernando __El Nino__ Torres is on a distinguished road

All That Has Gone On In The Wwe The Past Few Months ..

It Being Obvious That Punk Would Win Every Wwe Title Match .. And Punk Getting Injured Has Really Messed Up This Feud .. And I Dont Think The Build Up Will Be As Intense As I Thought It Would Be ..

Also .. Punk Always Winning By Cheating .. What's The Point .. If He Wants Any Credibility .. And If He Wants To Be Worthy To Face The Great One .. He Should Do It By Himself .. Because If You Need Help To Hold The Wwe Title For A Year Onwards .. You Are Not The Best In The World ..
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