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If the WWE has to decide...?
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Default If the WWE has to decide...?

With the news today that CM Punk had arthroscopic knee surgery and his title reign being a bit in question, there seems to be a bit of a crossroads for the WWE right now. The preliminary reports (and yes, I fully recognize they're early, and certainly not official, but I'm going by what is saying) are estimating he'll miss a month or so.

So here's my question:

Let's say it just isn't medically safe for Punk to compete at TLC in his title match against Ryback, but we know for sure he CAN go the next month at the Royal Rumble against The Rock for the championship (yes, I know we don't really know, or if Ryback will win at TLC, but just go with me). What should they do? Should they vacate the WWE Championship and crown a new champion at TLC (which would likely be Cena, to face The Rock) or should they do the almost unthinkable in the WWE, have no WWE title match at TLC and keep the belt on Punk until he's fit to go?

I don't think I can name a single time the WWE title hasn't been defended at a WWE PPV, but Punk is in the middle of a major angle over the length of his title reign, and I think that's going to play a big role in his feud with The Rock. They've been building towards Punk vs. Rock for ages now so really, Punk dropping the belt at this point would be a huge blow to current plans.

I suppose they could vacate the belt, have a new champion at TLC and then have Punk win it again on RAW the moment he's fit to wrestle. But let's say that won't happen. What you guys do?

BQ: If Punk can't go at the Rumble, how would YOU handle it, if you were in charge? Would you put the title on Cena and have him go against The Rock in a rematch? Ryback maybe? Would you bring a huge name back to hide the problem until Punk is healthy? Someone like The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar maybe? All opinions are welcome (except for the standard "Cena sux dude you jus like don no realz wrestlin!!!! Seriously. I hate those).

@Wiggy: I hadn't thought of Triple H. That could work. I'd love Triple H vs. Punk at Wrestlemania.
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I think it will be Ryback vs Cena for number 1 contender.

If Punk can't go to RR then it will be Cena vs Rock vs Ryback for the vacant title.
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Seeing as Punk can't wrestle a match to lose to Ryback, they'd have to vacate it. Ryback may end up picking up the vacated title (but wouldn't they have to have some kind of tourney which could take some time). Then Punk comes back out of no where a few weeks before RR and claims he never actually lost so his title was stolen. Then he'll win a RAW title match and be lined up for The Rock.
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I don't see why WWE couldn't vacate the title and have a new champion crowned in a championship match, as long as the champion earns it, I don't see the problem!

If Rock was going to be on Raw fairly regularly, I don't see why he couldn't win the championship from this new champion at Royal Rumble, then Cm punk could come back after his injury and challange The Rock maybe at Wrestlemania, that would seem like a great way to play the whole thing out, The Rock vs CM Punk build up is already there, it would just be pushed back to wrestlemania and Rock would be WWE Champion going into it instead of Punk!

Punk could still stay in heel character, saying he was disrespected by WWE by being forced to vacate his championship and saying he was disrespected by The Rock by not facing the man who never loss the championship!

This whole situation has flipped WWE's plans upside down, but I'm sure WWE and Punk decided to take care of this injury now, so he could be ready to compete at Wresltemania, if WWE thinks Punk is going to be ready for Royal Rumble, then they might just do the unthinkable and not have Punk defend the title going into TLC, the important thing for WWE is to have a back-up plan and there are a ton of ways to go about it for WWE, which WWE has to weigh it's options carefully right now!

BQ: I would consider Cena since he is reliable and a goto guy!

Ryback since he has been in a long feud with Cm Punk, and has really has been over with the crowd and has alot of momentum that shouldn't be killed by taking him out of the title picture!

I would consider Miz, with his recent face turn and he is really capable of holding his own with the top stars!

I would even consider Dolph Ziggler! I like the idea of Dolph Ziggler becoming the WWE Champion at TLC and then cashing in his briefcase on the World Champion to unify the championships, it would certainly be something that is unexpected, and Dolph is talented enough to pull it off!

If Rock was going to be booked to win the WWE Champion I would have to go with Cena though as the New Champion! Rock vs. anyone is going to be big but this would be big enough to get people's attention and I don't see another loss to the Rock hurting Cena!

If Rock was going to be booked to lose the Championship match at Royal Rumble, then Ryback should win the WWE Championship! He has all the momentum going for him, he pretty much is the breakout star of 2012 and going into 2013 against a match with The Rock at the Royal Rumble would be a huge deal, and him defeating The Rock legitimately, it would pretty much solidify him as a main eventer the way it did for Brock Lesnar when he became WWE Champion by beating Rock at Summerslam all those years ago!

Anyways, the show goes on and a new champion almost seems unavoidable, Punk would come back huge and get another opportunity if he does vacate the championship!
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I think the major (and inevitable) compromise will be to forget a WWE Championship Match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, work that into an angle and hope for the best.

I don't mean to spoil the plans for you, but at the Smackdown tapings, it was announced that WWE changed the match to Ryback, Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. The Sheild. This obviously wouldn't feature the WWE Championship, but I do think it would definitely make up for the loss of the preliminary main event. Ryback is already a fan favorite, arguably the most liked face on RAW besides Cena. The general audience (casual and hardcore fans) have yet to see what The Sheild are truly capable of beyond the realms of attacking people from behind which adds a much-needed surprise factor (which WWE couldn't provide with CM Punk vs. Ryback) and Team Hell No, despite their random presence in the main event all of a sudden, deserves redemption for the several brawls at the hands of The Sheild. Their all inter-connected one way or another, so the match has some logic behind it AND it looks like a good match overall. The only feature that will make this match that much better is if they hold true to the original concept and keep the Tables, Ladders and Chairs stipulation, or at least one of its variations.. perhaps an Elimination Tables Match? If that was considered, nothing has to be on the line and WWE could give another match the Tables, Ladders and Chairs stipulation. The possibilites are confusing but endless.

How to work this into an angle? Claim Ryback or The Miz gave Punk a post-match beatdown so Punk has an excuse to be injured and miss the match. The buyrate will not suffer if WWE plays their cards right and works around this situation. Hope for the best.

If they vacate the title, all the momentum behind Punk's reign will be lost. That year-long buildup will be worthless. It doesn't matter if he wins it back upon his return; he'll still have to live with his championship reign being tarnished not because of a match, but because of an injury. That doesn't represent the "Best in the World". They need to keep his reign intact so that when the time comes to face The Rock, the stakes are raised and the emotion is raised.

BQ: The last thing I would do is give the title to Cena. Don't get me wrong; I'm probably Cena's biggest fan. But the moniker of their last match was "once in a lifetime" and, if I handled the situation, I would hold true to that. I would definitely try to bring in Brock Lesnar for the match. He's also a "Paul Heyman guy", so him and CM Punk being put on the same pedestal makes sense.
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Arthroscopic surgery is minor. He probably was under local anaesthetic at the time. The patient is allowed to go home that day or the following day in some cases. Exercises begin immediately after surgery, in the hospital or doctor's office. The athletic trainers will take it from there. I seriously think its not that much of a problem. I kinda think the match will end in dq or somethun'.
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IF cm punk is not ready to compete at TLC then (my predictions) there will be a #1 contenders match which might include john cena and ryback, or john cena vs ryback vs dolf ziggler. all these matchs might be a special TLC match that there might be a contract in the middle hanging OR just a normal triple threat match or somthing. I personally think cm punk should face ryback injured or not because john cena has done that and lost his title. UR BQ quesion. I think that paul haymen is following around cm punk not just to show respect, i think he follows him so 1 day he will help out brock lesnar out by attacking him from behind and take the title. and for undertaker, i dont think he will be gainin the title again becuz i think hes like in the 50s so he might retire for the score of 20-1 on wrestlmania 29.
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you write too much.
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Someone already touched upon it.. It'll be Ryback and Team Hell No vs The Shield in a 6 man tag team match. WWE knows they have something VERY special with Punk vs Rock at the Rumble so they definitely don't want Punk to vacate the Title. Assuming Punk is healthy enough for the Rumble (which I'm guessing he will or they'd have him drop the Title now), that'll be one of the most anticipated matches in awhile. So with that being said I think this is a pretty solid idea to have that 6 man tag match. TLC will probably get a terrible buy rate, but as long as they have a healthy Punk vs Rock at the Rumble, things will be fine. The last thing you'd want is Punk dropping the Title if he doesn't need to. You don't want an epic Title run to end that way.

BQ: If Punk can't go at the Rumble, I personally wouldn't have a big name like Taker, Lesnar, or Cena face the Rock. If one of those match-ups are going to take place, it should be at WM. This might seem like a stretch, but if Punk isn't healthy, I for one would LOVE to see Daniel Bryan vs the Rock for the Title. You could have Bryan win a number 1 contenders tournament/match and Bryan and Rock do have "history" with Bryan getting rock bottomed on the 1000th episode of Raw. I also wouldn't mind seeing Orton face the Rock if Punk isn't ready by then. IMO it would need to be a big match, but not too big, if that makes sense.

How would you feel about HHH facing the Rock at the Rumble? That would be interesting...
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kg f H wخlD
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I wouldn't vacate the title because no one wants another 380+ title reign thrown away.

What I'd do is announce that Punk is hurt and can't compete.

In a very No Mercy 07 like set up the title is sitting on a pedestal.

Out comes Mr.Mcmahon with a big smile and a extra bounce in his step.

He proudly announces because Punk is injured and can't meet the mandatory 30 day defense rule,

he is stripping him of the title and will award a new champion.

Out comes Ryback the #1 contender and the man that hurt Punk(Kayfabe wise.)

Vince stats this and says because of that Ryback is the top choice.

As he is officially announcing Ryback as the new champ...IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!.

Out comes The Rock to a huge pop and a quick stare down with Big Hungry.

He says because he has the Rumble title shot he has a say in this.

While the WWE Universe wants to see him and Ryback go at It.

What the people want to see more then anything is see Rock whip that tattooed candy a## CM Punk.

The people go nuts proclaiming their desire to see Punk vs Rock.

Mcmahon is conflicted on one hand he wants to take the belt off Punk,

on the other hand He wants to see Punk get slapped around.

He looks like a light bulb turned on in his head and turns to Ryback.

Ryback you're getting the title shot, the night after the Rumble because that will be Punk vs Rock.

So Punk's title reign is intact, Rock vs Punk at Royal Rumble will take place,

and Ryback will get a title shot the next night.
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What's up bro?

No, they shouldn't vacate the WWE Championship. However, if Cm Punk is not

cleared to wrestle then, they should book John Cena in another match up. Why

not see John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler? Something like that would be a very good

match to watch. I doubt they could book the Rock in such short notice the Rock

is scheduled to appear at the Royal Rumble 2013 and Wrestlemania 29. I doubt

the WWE would risk CM Punk injuring himself even more seriously at TLC, just

to close out the year with his historic WWE Championship reign of 381 up until

today. I would book John Cena to appear on the card we need to see Cena this

Sunday at TLC he was left of the HIAC pay per view in October giving Ryback a

chance to wrestle, he needs to be booked in a good, decent match against one

of the top contenders. I would book J. Cena in a singles match vs. Dolph Ziggler.

The 2013 Royal Rumble happens January 27, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. This is

less than, two months away. If Cm Punk has not rehabbed his knee by the time

of the event, well then, the WWE creative team is going to have to book another

opponent to wrestle the Rock at the Royal Rumble 2013. I wouldn't mind seeing

another rematch with John Cena or even Ryback however, I think WWE plans to

book Ryback to win the Royal Rumble match itself. Brock Lesnar wont win it he

can't physically compete full time in wrestling competition. Brock Lesnar's has a

single obligation left under his contract to appear at Wrestlemania 29 where he is

being advertised he will either wrestle the Rock or the Undertaker. Cm Punk main

events Wrestlemania 29 next year, we don't know yet who he will wrestle however

many are speculating that he might be next in line to challenge the Undertaker for

the Wrestlemania winning streak. What about Jeff Hardy? His contract for Tna will

end in February and his brother Matt Hardy told people that we might be seeing a

future return for Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy in World Wrestling Entertainment next

year. And Triple H too we might see him wrestle at Wrestlemania 29 he might ask

for a rematch to take on Brock Lesnar on the grand stage of them all. So, there is

endless possibilities that can happen at TLC, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 29.

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at TLC ryback and hell no vs the shield is official and the main event is cena vs ziggler for the MITB contract in ladder match bot confirmed by vince RR 2013 its definitely punk vs the rock for wwe champ since punk can't be stripped of the title without any solid ground reasons like batista did when he forfieted the WHC in his feud with orton........when he had to get a surgery and was out for almost 2-3 months!!!!

punk will be back within a month so no reason to panic and he will be back before RR 2013.........yes!!! brock vs the rock will be great since it was brock vs rock in 2002 where rock lost his mojo!!!!rock must be seeking retribution on brock!!!

hhh vs punk has already happened and punk was defeated fair and square so no reason for a rematch!!!!
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WWE should just keep the WWE championship on CM Punk. it would dissapoint the WWE fans if the WWE Championship does not defend during most of this year's Road to Wrestlemania because it may put Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and creative/booking team in serious jeopardy at any point.

BQ: here's what i handle in a alernate way...

- Cena can defend the title versus The Rock at the Rumble that way Rock wins and will face the Undertaker at WM29

- Let Ryback to have the WWE Title where he can hold to it until WM29 where he can face Triple H, CM Punk and Brock Lensar in the 4 way match

- award Kane the WWE Title and keep it until Wrestlemania where he can face the Big Show with WWE & WHC title on the line in the Buried Alive match or defend it against Lensar in the Buried Alive match

- put the WWE Title on Christian then Christian will defeat John Cena & The Rock at Rumble then defend against CM Punk at Wrestlemania

- award Triple H the WWE Title then sucessfully defend at Royal Rumble then goes on Wrestlemania

(as champion) against CM Punk and Brock Lensar.
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No Dragon "novel" necessary on this one.

NO! Do NOT vacate the title. The WWE has spent a solid year building this thing up. It's pretty much the basis for every promo Punk has done the past few months. To have this "epic" angle fizzle out and die because of an injury and a "time limit" (for defending the title) would be a colossal mistake. We have the biggest wrestling star in the world and an indestructible juggernaut rookie trying to end his reign. If there is no way Punk can get in the ring at TLC just tell the fans Punk's hurt and the defense will have to wait a month. Let 'em boo.

BQ: I'd have Punk come out on RAW with a "doctor's note" excusing him from TLC. Of course, everybody will laugh at that, including Vickie. If Vince is available, have him laugh at it, too. Then I'd have Heyman plea for Punk's case, appealing to the "humanitarian" and "good sport" that, um, Vince is. Vince will hear him out then laugh and say "are you kidding me?" Heyman will appeal again, suggesting to Vince that the "WWE universe" decide. Vince agrees. They put up one of their polls to let the fans decide. If the poll is in favor of Punk, then Vince agrees to postpone the match and Punk keeps his title. If the poll goes against Punk then Punk can angrily protest and say "you're going to let those morons decide MY fate? I don't think so." Heyman jumps back in and argues with Vince. Punk leaves. Cena, Ryback, Ziggler, Vickie, hell anybody, comes in and joins the argument.

Punk reappears. "Ahem," he says. "A-HEM!" Everybody stops talking and turns to Punk, who's now wearing a big sh*t-eating grin. "Being smarter than everybody," Punk says, "I had the foresight to add a little something to my contract for just such an occasion." Even Heyman is confused. "Here, Boss, take a look". Punk hands the "contract" to Vince who reads the section Punk points out. Vince looks annoyed and exasperated. He shakes his head at Punk then smiles. "Very smart," Vince says. "Ladies and gentlemen," Vince announces. "Mr Punk has indeed covered all the bases. This contract states that in case of injury preventing a title defense he will be excused from defending the title until such time as he is medically cleared to compete, and will retain said title in the interim." Vince shakes his head in admiration. Heyman laughs out loud. Punk smiles angelically. Everybody else is pissed. Crowd boos Punk out of the building.

Punk keeps his title, gains even more heat, and becomes a bigger bastard than he already was.
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