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So Is WWE 13 Any Good?
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Default So Is WWE 13 Any Good?

Because i've been think about getting it so i was just wondering how is it.

Like would you say its one of the best, or total ****??
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WWE is never good
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Its alright but if you have wwe 12 i wouldnt get it unless you absolutley want to play attitude era mode.
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It's a great game! Definatly one of the best!
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- Attitude Era Mode: This is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative and dynamic season modes of all time. It lets you relive the best moments of the Attitude Era, and it actually uses real-life commentary and dialogue from that time, which adds to the realism of that game. It also goes in an organized timeline to avoid any confusion, and by the way, this is accompanied by a ratings table that shows the exact balance of WWF's ratings and WCW's ratings during the Monday Night Wars, highlighting the more important events such as WCW forming the New World Order and the triggering of the Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon feud. It's definitely something to invest in if you were alive during the Attitude Era or if you want to learn more about it. One nagging problem with it is that, in my opinion, it's fairly short and could've featured a lot more. I literally purchased the game in mid-November and finished it about a week after. But besides that, great mode.

- Create Modes: The creative crew behind WWE games usually rehash a lot of old material from prior games but this year, they added a lot more to it. The Create-A-Superstar features many more face details, such as new hairstyles and beards/mustaches, and the clothing on the game has definitely enhanced. They have new mask types that allows to create my favorite independent circuit stars (Super Dragon, Rubix, etc), unlike the last game where it was rare to find something that wasn't discovered in the archives of released or retired stars. Also, the Create-A-Story has added at least 100 new scenes to the game. This might be a personal liking but with the new scenes, I have a lot more freedom and can do a lot more. It's a really awesome feature.

- New Game Feel and "OMG" Moments: The feel of the controller in your hands, no matter the game system, it a lot more realistic. They make the moves feel authentic with the new "predator technology" thing (something I didn't look into enough to explain). The Irish Whips are probably the most notable change to the game, as the wrestlers actually grab their opponents and you can "feel" the whip. Also, they've added this feature called "OMG" moments, that allow you to perform this insane stunt that they haven't ever done before; they include tackling your opponent through the barricade and breaking the ring with a suplex (imagine Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar on Smackdown 2003. That, in a GAME). It may seem a little childish but they add a lot to the game itself.


- Universe Mode: This is definitely a personal negative because a lot of people like this but I for one hate it. It never keeps up with my rivalries, I can't pick and choose the scene that I want, and it has an annoying lag when you make a match, so creating an entire card can take up to 10 minutes which is ridiculous. I prefer General Manager Mode ten times more than Universe Mode.

- Reversal System: I'm actually good at reversing but from time to time, I either press the button too early or too late and they tell you when you did that, which distracts my eyes off the match and interferes with the game. I don't need to be told if I did something wrong.

I'd give it a 8.5/10.
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