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Why is WWE so lame now?
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Old 02 Dec 2012, 03:37 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Why is WWE so lame now?

Can someone please explain to me why WWE is so lame now?,Honestly it doesn't make sense anymore,can someone explain to me why is there RAW supershow and Smackdown! supershow why isn't it Smackdown! and RAW,and another thing,i want TV-14 to comeback like most people but WWE is PG at the moment,so why would you make a show strictly for kids when your company is PG in the first place (referring to Saturday Morning Slam),so to make it even more for kids,you go to TV-G...

so for you Die hard wrestling fans out there i wanna ask you some questions

Why is WWE so lame now?

Why doesn't WWE have separate rosters anymore?

Do you think WWE will go back to TV-14?

What's your opinion on John Cena when he first went to WWE and your opinion on him now? did you like him then?do you like him now?

Do you think Shawn Michaels will return to WWE?

Same for Triple H?

Do you think Saturday Morning Slam is stupid as well?
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I don't know what you're talking about I love WWE and I think it's just as entertaining now as it has been in the past. Do you watch Monday Night Raw? That's the best!
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Wwe suck @ss
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Ok, Blame Linda Mcmahon for PG era, However i would never say WWE is or was lame because for me it's the only entertainment i get from the most realistic programming on T.V.

Yes, it's scripted but the injuries and accidents are real.

I hope it has another attitude era or something similar.

I've no idea why it does not have separate rosters but WWE should ditch Smackdown and keep Raw.

I've loved Cena from the very first match he had to today. The Dr of thuganomics and chain gang soldier were the best gimmicks he had, but this girl will always love him regardless of his gimmick.

Shawn Michaels retired gracefully, no he wont wrestle again.

Triple H will return to the ring soon enough.

I never watch that, not even sure we can get it in the UK. I'm moving to Australia soon though so not sure what WWE i can watch there but will see.
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Because it to damn long 3hours they were struggling doing a good show with 2 hours what were they thinking going 3 hours
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Because you dislike it now
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I would'nt really say WWE is lame, it just is'nt as good as it used to be. it also gets boring to me after a while.
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I don't have a problem with WWE not having seperate rosters for each show, back when WWE was at it's peak they didn't have seperate rosters, so that isn't what has made WWE lame!

The writing, the PG rating, and the way WWE has limited it's content is what has made WWE lame, WWE could be a little edgier, stop having generic gimmicks!
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The Irish Curse asked a question like this about a month ago. Here was my exact response to it.

Well that's one of the reasons. Now I'm not going to sound like an attitude era fanboy or a ruthless aggression era fanboy, but I think the limited use of swear words can play a factor. Not only that but the segments and promos now are failed attempts of comedy and is usually not funny or too cheesy for the crowd to actually enjoy and say it was good. Only a select few can entertain on the mic and properly trash talk. Ric Flair who is one of the best at it can still talk trash. If he comes back to WWE , WWE fans would have that one more guy who can talk trash. Cena is capable of doing so as well along with CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Everyone else(like the Miz) in my opinion isn't capable.

Another big factor is the legnth of the matches. They are either squash matches or 10 minute main events that should be 20 minute main events. WWE has so many "jobbers" nowadays that it is frustrating. We don't see other promotions with the amount of jobbers as WWE. I am not talking about the superstars who lose alot , I mean actual jobbers(your local backyard wrestler).

Matches now are not nearly as entertaining as they once were. It is punch kick, a sleeper hold executed poorly and then a predictable finish at the end of the match with an RKO or something. Throw in a few arm drags like they use too, show us a dropkick for once, have your superstars develop actual movesets and change your moveset up every few months so it won't get stale. Do an occasional moonsault from your powerhouses(like Lesnar and Angle use to). Show some technical wrestling like Eddie Guerrero use to. Put together an actual match. The superstars in WWE today are more stationary in the ring than they are mobile.

Another factor to some fans is the lack of blood. Now you don't need blood to have a good match, but theatrics are always nice and gets the crowd going. I realize with the PG rating they are trying to stay clear from it , but it doesn't mean you can't do it every now and then.

Another factor would be the lack of gimmick matches. Whatever happened to Iron Man matches, Cage matches, Submission matches, etc. Why do we have to wait until a PPV to see one?

All of these things can contribute to the decline of WWE. I think I can speak for everyone here that WWE is definitely in a rebuilding process and it is a horrific cycle for the WWE right now
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??e prop?e? o? ?a?e is on a distinguished road

Here we go again, blaming the ratings and the era. You guys never change and you never understand. JR said it best, people who dwell about TV-14 and the Attitude Era are misguided people. The only reason the AE was so good, was because of the TALENT.
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It's Not lame but its not that really entertaining like it use to be

WWE Was really entertaining In 2008,2009,2010

Then next thing you know its not that entertaining Nomore ! but its not lame , and i still watch it
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People blame the PG ratings and Linda McMahon, but the fact is it's really Chris Benoit's fault for the WWE's current state (well, it is indirectly his fault).

Since Chris Benoit's death was said to have been caused by too many bumps to the head from all the dangerous stuff he used to do (suicide dives into announcer tables, diving headbutts off ladders, etc...), the WWE created the Wellness policy that stopped wrestlers from doing dangerous things and took away all the drugs some of them used to do (including steroids for some).

Since the WWE was becoming less edgier by the year, they thought they would pull the ultimate and switch demographics, so they can cover up this fact. Since the demographic changed, all "hardcore" matches have been tamed down so mildly that they aren't hardcore anymore. The closest you'll get to it is at PPVs, but even these matches are extremely limited.

As far as other things go, management has been awful. The booker should be fired, the creatives team should be re-evaluated, the WWE should learn how to deal with situations right (eg. AW being fired over a 10 year old Kobe Byrant reference, CM Punk fined for blading, etc...), and most importantly, the social scene is terrible. RAWactive twitter polls is a redundant concept, it takes away all creative/strategic power from the wrestlers, and then the fans would vote for something extremely stupid (ex. when they made Kane and Daniel Bryan hug in the ring).
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