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Why wwe sucks @ss....?
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Default Why wwe sucks @ss....?

This is facts by Observation.

1. Creative team sucks.

2. Boring gms

3. Boring tag and womens divisions.

4. Being predictable

5. Its boring

6. They can not make stars

7. 3 Hours to long

8. Their fans suck

9. No cruserweight division

10. Linda McMahon

11. Being pg

12. They have no direction

13. They force u to watch a certain person

14. John cena

15. They use to many old guys like the rock, foley, hhh, hbk and undertaket, instead of using their current or future talent.

16. They have to many shows
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mike is on a distinguished road

eh its ok now but i agree with you it was way better like a decade ago and this isn't even a question so thanks for the 4 points
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"8. Their fans suck"

yup and you're one of are part of the problem
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Agree with some, disagree with some. Kudos for actually providing reasons instead of just saying "WWE SUCKS" like some people do. I'll go down the list.

1. Creative team sucks - Agree. Right now, I could come up with better stuff for WWE and you probably could too.

2. Boring gms - Neutral. GM isn't a legit position in the WWE, it's just for storyline. Booker T is useless as a GM, but Vickie is actually a wonderful heel. People love to hate her, so she's doing her job right.

3. Boring tag and womens divisions - Disagree/agree. The tag division has recently improved tremendously. Reportedly, Triple H was very influential in this movement. There are some teams that seem thrown-together, but they've worked out well; Rhodes and Sandow work great together, and Bryan and Kane were the best storyline in the WWE for a while. Mysterio/Sin Cara are fun to watch, and it's greatly helped Sin Cara's in-ring skill to work with Rey. Then you've got teams like Kidd/Gabriel, PTP, Primo/Epico, the Usos, and CoBro. That's eight tag teams right there that I've listed. I think the tag division is the strongest it's been in a long time. As for the divas, I agree. They don't know how to use them and the division as a whole sucks.

4. Being predictable - Agree, for the most part. Although, they really threw a curveball at us with the finish to the Punk-Ryback HIAC match with Brad Maddox.

5. Its boring - Disagree.

6. They can not make stars - Disagree. That's just ignorant to say. They are full of stars. Several of them are even known to people who don't follow wrestling.

7. 3 Hours to long - Agree. A PPV should be three hours, but not a weekly show.

8. Their fans suck - Disagree. Watch Brock Lesnar's return. That's enough to disprove that statement.

9. No cruiserweight division - Agree. They've got enough people to do it, too.

10. Linda McMahon - Agree. Enough said.

11. Being pg - Agree.

12. They have no direction - Neutral. With a few things, they do. Like they know the basic outline of the WWE Championship picture until WM29. Most other things, though, they don't have direction.

13. They force u to watch a certain person - Disagree. If you mean they have the same person/people in major storylines/main events every week, so does TNA and ROH. Plus, anyone can turn the TV off at any time. Nobody's forcing you to watch anything.

14. John Cena - Agree. If they did it by skill, he would be a mid-carder at best.

15. They use to many old guys like the rock, foley, hhh, hbk and undertaket, instead of using their current or future talent - Disagree. Although you have a point there, they're just doing what's best for business. The Rock main-evented WM28 and it set a record for attendance and PPV buyrate. Also, Triple H vs. Undertaker at WM28 was IMO the best match of 2012, and in the top 3 matches for the vast majority of fans. I also wouldn't include Foley and HBK in that argument since they don't wrestle anymore.

16. They have to many shows - Agree. They should get rid of WWE Superstars. Main Event and Slam are doing fine in the TV ratings, so start by getting rid of Superstars. Also, put NXT on TV because most of the time, NXT is better than Raw and Smackdown.
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Cause it is fake and an act. Not a good one.
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Ok, i agree and disagree with some of your statements.

Yes, creative team can do better but some storylines are actually cool right now.

(AJ and Cena, also Punk and Ryback)

2: Booker T Yes, because the matches could be better. Vickie No, she actually makes an excellent GM and i think she is also does her job well. Vickie is actually am improvement. Gm's are just storylines and only there in place of Vince Mcmahon anyways. GM's are basically the puppets, Vince does the talking while they do the acting.

3. Disagree totally. We are seeing a huge improvement here all thanks to Triple H. And the womens division has improved in recent weeks.

4. Again i disagree. It is sometimes surprising. like the Ryback-Punk match at HITC.

5. No, it's actually entertaining and exciting. If you don't like WWE then why watch it?????!

6. Yes, they have made stars. Edge and HBK for instance. HBK is a huge legend and now has his own show, Edge is acting on a T.V show on sci fi. Also look at Steve Austin and Rock?! film stars.

Yes, we have huge stars in WWE right now so what you on about?????!

7. 3 hours is not too long. We have like 50+ superstars so Raw had to go 3 hours to fit all talent in one show. Although they should ditch Smackdown and just have one 3 hour show every week with superstars at one hour a week.

8. Some fans don't know what they are talking about, yes i agree there. You are a fan too though.

9. No, and this is a good thing. Cruiserweights are rubbish and boring. This is why we have a USA champion and an I.C champ. Cruiserweight title would of been too much now.

10. Yeah i agree there, stupid PG era and it's all her fault.

11. Yeah, it's not the end of the world though.

12. Yes they have direction. WWE champs and good storylines always have a direction.

13. Yeah, Cm Punk at the moment.

14. There's nothing wrong with Cena. Blame the WWE creators and writers not Cena himself. Yes he needs a gimmick change. But WWE wont give it to him.

15. That's false because we no longer see any of the guys you mention. (Foley was just making a few appearances that is all)

16. They don't have too many shows, they just need to ditch Smackdown.

Overall, if you don't like WWE, then don't watch it. And quit complaining.
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