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What do you make of The Shield?
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Default What do you make of The Shield?

I actually agree with them, the 'WWE Universe' is just a stupid PG name for the fans in the ring and around the world, the WWE could just use the fans but nooooo that had to be separate and different to other pro wrestling companies and promotions, even in other sports like football, the stars say 'the fans'. The popularity contest is just based on what all the little kids want, not what is for the 'greater good'. If anyone didn't get that then go watch Hot Fuzz...

Those 3 are the Shield of Injustice in the WWE and we need these guys to 'legitimise' what is right and wrong.

Lol who else thought their interview was good? i really liked it. "No were not the Nexus, if your looking for the nWo..go buy the DVD. They won't ever be as good as those stables but it was nice of them to mentioned them

Who else thinks Seth is scary! Normally the most silent ones are killers....I bet he likes to watch spiders drown in a, I bet he is a nice guy with an abnormally large heart

I was actually meant to say Roman Reigns, not Seth, my mistake!

Yes WWE and TNA do look like their trying to create more crappier stables, but who do you think will win? I think WWE, 3MB? WTF...a red head who is supposedly meant to be King of the Jobbers, an Indian who for some reason likes American country music yet disagrees with the whole American society and culture, he should be listening to Rick Astley's One hit Wounder song. And Drew? Well he is the Chosen one, should be a WHC, not stuck in some crummy band.

If you think of Nexus this way I think WWE are trying to send a message to people. Nexus was run under a Dictatorship, I.e Wade Barrett as the sole leader. He gave the orders and the people listened. When they screwed up they had to face separation due to them begins to weak and holding back the group. Eventually the group disbanded as a new leader was seen because The leader was way in over his head. That's what happens, people don't like the regime he was running under and thus the group excepted a new leader.

The Corre

I don't no who has given thumbs down to any of you because I respect all your views and opinions and there must be some idiot who hasn't read them like useful, well that's Yahoo answers for you...

Anyway as I was saying before my paragraph got cut off I was about to say that The Corre had communist ideas. All the members started off as equals. But slowly Wade snuck his way into leadership again. But Ezekiel didn't like this and tried to bail out of the group but its the groups decision to give the final say. He was also excluded from the group. This may sound like BS but it's very possible that the WWE are sending messages to people that these 2 ideologies don't work, ever.
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I think the name "The Shield" is ridiculous. Nothing will change though. This is just a storyline like CM Punk wanting to change wwe but then nothing really changed. I do like that their is a heel faction in wwe again but I'm afraid that in the end all 3 of them will get fed to goldbe...I MEAN, RYBACK, ryback
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Seth Rollins, aka Tyler Black is awesome.But The Shield sucks.I'm getting tired of all these stables, in WWE & Impact Wrestling.Lately, WWE & Impact Wrestling are making me think they're trying to see who can create the more crappier stable, & so far, it's tied.This makes the fourth WWE stable in the last two years, & even Nexus got generic.Then Corre, then 3MB, & now the Shield.I like Tyler Black, & I don't know much about Ambrose/Reigns, but The Shield, their gimmick, & the overall logic, as to why they're interfering in matches, sucks! This is coming from a Tyler Black fan, btw.
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WWE needed a way to introduce the new talent.....this is the best they can do. Everybody already knows how good Tyler Black and Jon Moxley are they have nothing to prove. They will get over on their talent alone the same way Damian Sandow and Antonio Cesaro have done recently.

The roles are not hard to figure out: Dean is the talker aka the new HHH, Reigns is the muscle aka like every other Samoan, Seth is the new CM Punk, duh.
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They are good, I like them, their my style, as you can see I liked Nexus and CM Punk (alogn with Rhodes) is my favourite superstar in WWE at this time, since stupid MIZ turned face...Anyway, I like the shield, need a new look, this black riot shield stuff needs to go, they need to start being in matches, they don't reall need a leader, need to be a bit more charesmatic maybe. I love their gimmick and have agree'd with that for s while now, 3MB is a joke of a stable and Slater is an embarrassment to Nexus.

Its too early to tell, their new, we aught to give them a chance, they can do a lot on WWE if the freaking writers would just focus on them and not screw them up like what they did with Nexus, and good lord do not even get me STARTED on The Corre, you might as well have called them job squad, they sucked so bad
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how are they are a shield anyway
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I liked Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose when he wrestled in Dragon Gate USA and COmbat Zone Wrestling. I liked Former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black aka Seth Rollins when he wrestled in Ring of Honor and have been waiting to see them move to The WWE Main Roster for awhile. There are otther Dragon Gate USA Wrestlers and Ring of Honor Wrestlers that I have been waiting to move to The WWE Roster. Roman Reigns is soneone I did not know a lot about as far as Professional Wrestling, because he has been playing Football most of his life and only recently decided to start Wrestling. As you know he is part of The Anoia Clan, which means Jimmy Uso Jey Uso and The Rock are cousins of his. I think he is a work in progress and will improve the more he wrestles.
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