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Would 3 straight (dirty) losses at WWE Title shots to CM Punk hurt Ryback's invincibility + BQ?
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Default Would 3 straight (dirty) losses at WWE Title shots to CM Punk hurt Ryback's invincibility + BQ?

I mean Ryback was suppossed to be an unstoppable and invincible bad@ss, but I don't think he can remain having that image if he lost 3 straight times, no matter clean or not. A loss is a loss.

If Ryback was that good, he could have still won despite the cheatings and interference. So, it would hurt him.

So, what do you think?

BQ : In all honesty, where do you see Ryback go after his feud with CM Punk's over? Will he remain a main eventer, become a World Champion and a WWE Legend like Batista and Goldberg (in WCW). Or will he become jobber to the stars like Umaga and Vladimir Koslov? Back then Umaga and Koslov were built invincible, once they failed in their WWE Title shots, they would soon turn into jobber to the stars. The same also happen with Tensai now, who went undefeated for some time, and later turn into jobber to the stars who can be beaten by the likes of Kingston, R-Truth.

Where do you see Ryback would go?

BQ2 : Do you like Ryback?
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he did loose and it will hurt his invincibility just like all the others soon he will be just like tensai wrestling once in a while because he jumped from starting to wwe title matches too quickly maybe they might be building him up for something bigger like sheamus
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It changes everything, RyBack loosing clean or not, he is no longer undefeated and I don't think the WWE wanted him in this position yet. They were forced into it when Cena was hurt and there wasn't a suitable replacement for him. So RyBack was thrown into the mix and now they don't know how to get him out of it.

BQ: If RyBack can continue to improve I see him winning the Rumble and facing the Rock at Mania. If he stumbles at all he will be squashed and forgotten like Tensai was for not being able to work past the "Albert" chants.

BQ2: I think he has potential but the jury is still out to me.
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The fact that the so-called "best wrestler in the world" CAN'T beat a rookie with little experience without a lot of help and a lot of cheating just makes Ryback seem more invincible. Punk claims to be the best, most skilled, smartest, etc etc wrestler in the world but the only way he has been able to beat Ryback IS with a lot of help and a lot of cheating.

The fact that Ryback hasn't been able to neutralize Punk's outside help and cheating just shows Ryback's inexperience. It's not weakness, it's just plain inexperience. Ric Flair used to confound and foil every challenger to come his way simply because he had so much experience and knew every trick in the book (and had the Horsemen and/or manager JJ Dillon to help). Punk is just following that example with Ryback. Ryback IS a rookie who doesn't have much experience or know all the tricks, so Punk continually exploits that. Everybody watching their matches knows Ryback can tear Punk apart and they boo when Punk cheats or has help to retain his title.

Ryback still tears through everybody he gets in the ring with and Punk is scared of him. Punk knows that without help, cheating, crooked refs that Ryback would have beaten him for the WWE Title. Since everybody likes to compare Ryback to Goldberg, it should be noted that Goldberg had the same problem. He destroyed everybody he got in the ring with, but against the very experienced big-name Champs his inexperience was exploited and the Champs cheated and had help to beat him.

We can call Ryback "inexperienced" or "dumb" but he's still a monster who can tear anybody apart. And nobody wants to get in the ring with him...including the WWE Champion.

For the most part a loss IS a loss, but when the Champ can't beat a rookie without lots of help and cheating, that loss (to the Champ) just makes him more feared BECAUSE the "best wrestler in the world" Champ couldn't beat him fair and square.

BQ: Umaga and Koslov couldn't talk. Umaga didn't say anything intelligible anyway, and Kozlov's accent made him nearly impossible to understand (same with Khali). Ryback CAN talk. Tensai's problem is he couldn't live down his "Albert" gimmick. Fans never took the Tensai samurai gimmick seriously and they just heckled him. Ryback didn't have a previous gimmick (the Skip Sheffield he was in NXT doesn't really count) the fans could heckle him about, and the Goldberg chants are because Ryback is a LOT like Goldberg, a fast-rising rookie destroyer who became a legitimate main eventer and superstar. The only other performer in the WWE even remotely like Ryback is Sheamus but they are different enough that Ryback doesn't get overshadowed by Sheamus. So Ryback is the WWE's new resident "destroyer", the new "Batista" so to speak. Batista improved over the years, working with the WWE's big names, though he still can't promo worth a damn. Ryback can only get better, too, and he's already a better promo-er than Batista ever was. Where do I think he'll go after his feud with Punk is finished? To Smackdown to challenge the Big Show for the WHC. Ryback has "it", I believe. He just needs more experience working with the top stars in the WWE. It's way too soon to write him off just yet. Punk's his first feud.

BQ2: Yep. I like watching rookies with potential get their shots and opportunities to become better performers.
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