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Why did the WCW owner sell his company to Vince mcnamhon?
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Default Why did the WCW owner sell his company to Vince mcnamhon?

I mean WCW was at that brink point in popularity they were making WWE out of business! But why did they WCW owner sell it when he knew he was being in a better than Vince was it the money Vince offered ? Would WCW still be around today if Vince never bought it ??
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You need to read The Rise and Fall of WCW then you will understand. By thwe time Time-Warner sold WCW to Vince McMahon Television Ratings and dropped horendously for all WCW Shows, attendance at Live Events had plunged, Pay Per View Buys had plunged. Ratings for WWF Monday Night Raw is War were beating WCW Monday Nitro by a 3 to 1 Margin. WCW lost more money in 1999 than it had lost in any 15 years in it's history.

AOL Time Warner no longer wanted to own a Wrestling Company or even to have Professioanl Wrestling Shows, so they practically gave it away to Vince McMahon. Time-Warner flushed decades of covering Professional Wrestligng down the drain. All The generations of Wrestling Fans who grew up watching Georgia Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions NWA and other Wrestling Promotions on WTBS and later TNT saw Professional Wrestling leave The Time-Warner Empire. If you know anything about Time-Warner, then you know that they sold The Atlanta braves, The Atlanta Hawks and The Atlanta Thrashers Teams in the years after that. Time-Warner doesn't mind spending money broadcasting Sports, but they do not want to own any Sports Teams and they have not shown any interest in broadcasting Professional Wrestling since then either.
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Ted Turner was the only person who liked pro wrestling......once he was removed from his executive position the new owners decided to dump the money pits that was in the television department.

...guess what will happen when Vince is officially retired from WWE -- no more body builders, no more gay male models, and no more actors pretending to be wrestlers.
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lol well they weren't at that time in 2000/2001 WCW were no where near getting WWE out of business 1996 - 1998 yes but not during that time at all. The founder of WCW was Ted Turner and he would of kept it if it weren't for WCW's parent company TBS which merged with the Time Warner Company and well to cut it short added with the fact WCW wasn't doing so well in 2001 and with the fact TWC didn't have any interest in wrestling they sold it to WWE and that's all history now.
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Everything "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan" said ^^^^^
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From what I understand, WCW was owned by a company that wanted absolutely nothing to do with Pro wrestling, and since the ratings were dropping like a bombshell (I believe the nWo and Russo was a fault), they sold WCW to Vince McMahon.
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There are many versions of what happened...the Truth and the WWE's version. The truth is....

Time Warner was about to merge with AOL. Ted Turner who was the Chairman and majority shareholder of Time Warner refused to allow the merger to take place. The board then voted Ted Turner out of power and forced the merger with AOL. Thus appointing AOL President Steve Case as the new Chairman of Time Warner/AOL. Case has always been anti pro wrestling and in retaliation to Turner trying to kill the merger. Case sold off all of Turners prized Time Warner properties like WCW, the Falcons, Braves and Hawks. Case also did not want AOL to have anything to do with pro wrestling which at the time had a very negative shadow cast on it in part due to WWE's attitude era.

After Case demanded the sale of WCW Eric Bischoff led by the media group Fucient offered to buy WCW for 60 million dollars. Just before the deal could be signed Case demanded that TBS and TNT drop all of their wrestling programming and that WCW would be forced to find a new home for TV. Fucient and Bischoff were irate that AOL/Time Warner would remove TV from the deal and thus backed out.

Enter the Jarretts, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett offered to buy WCW without the TV but what the Jarretts didnt know was that the WWE had a court order from a previous court case they had won years earlier saying that if and when WCW ever was "FOR SALE" that the WWE would have the right to match the any offer. The offer on the table was a mear 7 million dollars since TV was no longer part of the deal and so the WWE swept in and matched the offer and walked away with WCW at a steal of a price. Thanks to the dumb AOL/Time Warner folks who refused to allow wrestling on TNT and TBS anymore.

So there you go, this is the truth as to how the WWE bought WCW and how the Jarretts after losing out on WCW the Jarretts started TNA.

Some other facts you may not have known....The WWE and the McMahons were getting beat by WCW for 89 weeks in a row...during this time the WWE nearly went under. Vince Mcmahon was forced to take out a huge loan to keep his company a float.

Also, in 2002 Vince McMahon was worth 1 billion dollars as was the WWE which he souly owned at the time. Since then, the WWE's value has dropped to under 450 million and Vince McMahons value has dropped to under 300 million. Both he and the WWE continue to lose value every year.

Kurt Angle and his great lie....Kurt Angle asked for his release from the WWE to recover and heal his body. Vince McMahon granted the release trusting that Kurt would return when he was ready. What Vince didnt know was that Kurt Angle had already been in talks with the Carters who own TNA Wrestling and they had a deal in place to pay Kurt Angle 250k more a year than the WWE was playing him for half the amount of days worked. Once released, Kurt called Dixie from Vince McMahons own limo that was giving Kurt a ride back to the Airport to let her know that he was free and clear to sign with TNA. Kurt screwed Vince.

Lastly, Christian Cage.....

Many people dont know this but TNA offered Christian more money to stay in TNA than the WWE offered him to jump ship. The only reason why Christian left TNA was because of Christians wife. She convinced him to go work for TNA because it was closer to his home in Florida and because it would allow them to be together more often. Come to find out that being together more often was a bad idea. Christians wife filed for divorce and left him thus leaving Christian with no reason to stay in Florida near his ex wife. So it was sign with the WWE and go back on the road for 300 plus days a year...Lastly, Vince McMahon had to be convinced to sign Christian as he has always disliked Christian and has often called christians look boring. Edge and HHH helped to convince Vince to sign Christian.
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