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John Morrison and M.V.P. Montel Vontavious Porter both expected to sign new contracts
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Default John Morrison and M.V.P. Montel Vontavious Porter both expected to sign new contracts

with the WWE in 2013? WQ What are your thoughts on both John Morrison and Montel Vontavious Porter

quite possibly returning to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2013? With the Royal

Rumble 2013 approaching could either one of them be surprised entries in match?

BQ What role would they have in this modern structure of the WWE? In the mid

card, main event scene or low cards? Where would you like to see them in Wwe?

Montel Vontavious Porter - M.V.P. has been wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling

where Tensai (Albert) was wrestling not too long ago. M.V.P. won a Intercontinental

Championship in NJPW and has had a good outing during his stint in NJPW. WWE

is interested in hopefully, bringing him back to work full time at World Wrestling Ent.

John Morrison was wrestling on the indy circuit using his real name John Hennigan.

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Dont believe what u read
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I hope John Morrison doesn't come back. He's boring, repetitive, lacks tons of skills, and I strongly dislike him.

MVP is awesome and I'd love to see him again! I kinda miss the "Power Ranger" chants .

MVP would probably be mid-card. I doubt he'll ever become world champion, unfortunately.
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Clark W-Angel Buffy Chosen is on a distinguished road

I'd heard an interview with MVP not too long ago where he talked about planning to eventually return to the WWE. He didn't give a specific timeline but he said that sooner or later, he was confident it would happen. Both MVP and John Morrison have talked since their respective releases about how they departed from the WWE on good terms and anticipate someday making a return to the company. I've always been very much of a "believe it when I see it" mindset when it comes to the WWE and professional wrestling at large, but this makes me happy. I'm a big fan of both guys.

I think I mentioned this in an earlier question of yours, but I always saw main event potential in both MVP and Morrison. I was really disappointed when they were let go, both of them. I never really understood why they were booked into nothingness, and they both were. It always seemed like wasted talent and potential to me.

But then again, maybe the WWE brass just ran out of things to do with them. That happens from time to time. A change of scenery, some time away, and things might be different when they come back, which I really hope they do. Assuming they still have the same ability as when they left, I could see both of them jumping back into the WWE as upper echelon mid-carders, and possible main event stars in time. Between the two, I'd say Morrison has more top level potential.

The Royal Rumble is the perfect place for a return to happen. It's such a natural environment for it (plus, I'll be there). The crowd is pumped beyond belief, there's this huge feeling that something huge is going to happen, returns always happen every year, that countdown clock works brilliantly. Put it all together and it's the perfect avenue.

For MVP, if he returns as a face (which is what he left as, and almost every former star is cheered as a good guy when they return), I could see him feuding with Alberto Del Rio. I don't know why really, maybe because Del Rio is next to useless and has nothing going for him right now, which makes him the perfect candidate to spring board MVP back into relevance. With Morrison, I would have said a feud with The Miz, but he seems to be turning face. Morrison was a big fan favorite (and a crappy heel), so I can only really see him initially returning as a hero. A rivalry with Antonio Cesaro might work (but that's just a thought). He's been running a very boring and meaningless feud with R-Truth that has already stretched on for too long (and which no one cares all), and a change of pace from that would be welcome. Plus, Cesaro has been boasting about how no American can win the title from him. That's a natural set up for a feud against Morrison, and to get the crowd behind him again quickly.
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I don't think MVP will return anytime within a year. He seems happy with where he is now in Japan.

The only problem with Morrison I have is that they will maybe have to bring Melina in with him. Melina and the WWE don't have a great relationship anymore after what happened backstage at Wrestlemania 27.
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The Irish Curse is on a distinguished road

Both are great talents and I would love to see both return, either one could be exciting to watch and I'm sure I'm not the only fan who has missed seeing them in a WWE Ring!

Yeah, they could become surprise entries!

BQ: I would like to see them in the upper mid card/main event scene, I always thought both would be great world champions, it probably isn't likely to happen but I'm not going to count them out if they do return because both MVP and John Morrison are talented and have their own exciting styles!
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Metal Gear: RAIDEN is on a distinguished road

I believe both stories, due to the fact MVP and JoMo have both been rumoured to come back and I hope so because to me, those two were two of the most underrated people in WWE. Esepcially JoMo, he should at least be a WHC at one point. His mic skills are not perfect, but whose are these days? I don't see them coming back in the rumble, it's too early for JoMo, maybe MVP but I doubt JoMo will come back in the rumble, but maybe in the summer...

I could see them in the mid-card level if I am honest. I think WWE are too focused on Ryback, Cena, Punk, Sheamus and Big Show to have JoMo and MVP contend in the big leagues...
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__Jim Crockett Promotions Fan__ is on a distinguished road

I've spoken to MVP at a New Japan Pro Wrestling Show and while he hasn't ruled out one day signing a New Contract with, he hasn't set a Time Table for signing a New Contract with WWE. If WWE is going to give MVP a decent push and give him title opportunities at The Wrold Heavyweight Title then maybe he would consider returning. Right now, MVP likes working both in The United States and Japan when he wants and how often he wants.

John Morrison seems to be pretty happy wrestling when he wants and where he wants. He also enjoys doing stand-up comedy and acting. He has no timetable for signing a new Contract with The WWE. That article in fact is wishful thinking on th epart of WWE Personnel.
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That's great. Always liked both of them and thought they should have gone further up the ranks. WWE does need some more "stars" to add to their lackluster and stale roster. I see they're throwing in some talent from NXT, which is awesome. Why not add in those who have WWE experience and already familiar with the "system"? Would be a nice mixture and be fresh since most fans haven't been caught up with both MVP and Morrison.

BQ: I'd expect MVP to be in the high mid-card scene, while Morrison stays in the mid-card for awhile. That's the way I'd like it to be also. MVP has more going for him due to his mic skills. He's got charisma and all that. He's easily someone you can insert here and there to fill in for the main event scene. Morrison can help be a main star in the mid card for a little longer than find his break in the main event.
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