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Friday Night Epic + When will Ziggler Cash in? When he does do you think he'll win?
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Default Friday Night Epic + When will Ziggler Cash in? When he does do you think he'll win?

Scene 1:

Paul Heyman is standing in the ring accompanied by XT, (Kid Kash and Aaron Gunz). Boos are being yelped as far as the eye can see. Heyman roles his eyes and raises a microphone to his mouth.


The boos get louder.

Paul Heyman: We have a show in store for you tonight! We have Kid Kash and Aaron Gunz facing "The Human Beasts" Rob Terry and Ryan Anderson! And we have our World Heavyweight Championship build up! Starting the 8 man tournament! And our main event The Radiation Champion will be announced in a 20 man over the top rope battel royal.

There are now "Heyman blows!" Chants.

Aaron Gunz grabs the microphone and rips it out of Heymans hand.

Aaron Gunz: Why don't y'all show this man some damn respect?! Do you realize how many chair shots to the head this man has took? How much time and money this man spent on y'all? The least you can do is give positive chants instead of negatives. Kids these days.

Aaron hands the mic back to Paul.

Paul Heyman: Why thank you very much Aaron. At least SOMEONE in this arena has decency. Unlike all of you stuck up shits! As I was saying before I was RUDELY interupted. The Radiation battle royals contestants will be, Jey Dash, Matt Sydal, Curt Hawkins, Robbie Elm, William Regal, Wade Barrett, Brutis Magnis, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Kamacho, Hunico, Kid Kash, Aaron Gunz, Ryan Anderson, Rob Terry, Kane, Black Hole,Ted Dibiasi Jr., Kurt Angle and a mystery contestant. HAVE A GREAT... NIGHT!

Match 1:

Triple H: Up next we have a good match, it will be Mr. Anderson vs Robert Rude.

Mr. Anderson def. Robert Rude via James Storm shows up wearing long tights and in a ski mask with beer, he goes to smack Anderson over the head with it, and he ducks, the bottle gets smashed over the head of Rude.

Scene 2:

James Storm rushes away, as Robert Rude chases him screaming, don't run. It'll only hurt alot! then the screen fades away to commercial

Triple H is standing in the ring as the screen fades back

Triple H: I'd like to address a problem during the commercial break watch this:

A clip rolls on the titantron.

Robert Rude walks around backstage when he spots James Storm. Rude runs over to Storm, grabs him by the neck and throws him against the wall.

Robert Rude: What the hell were you thinking?!

Rude grabs James by the hair and throws him into the wall.

James Storm: What the hell are you talking about!?

Rude kicks Storm in the face leaving him knocked out

Match 2:

Paul Heyman: Up next! We have Ryan Anderson, and Rob Terry vs Aaron Gunz and Kid Kash.

Aaron Gunz and Kid Kash def. Ryan Anderson and Rob Terry via Paul Heyman spits in Andersons face. Gunz takes advantage with a spear.

Screen fades into a commercial.

Match 3:

Triple H: Next we have a no brainer, Sheamus is going to beat Ryback and advance to round 2.

Paul Heyman: Hunter, it could go either way. Ryback looked pretty impressive in his Epic try outs. Although Sheamus destroyed Hunico... I don't even see why Hunico made it.

Triple H: He was impressive in my eyes.

Ryback def Sheamus via United Kingdom walks out, surrounds the ring and jumps Sheamus.

Scene 3:

Robert Rude is dragging James Storm around backstage whenever he stumbles apon a masked man, the same masked man that smacked Rude with the beer bottle. Rude looks at Storm, and slams his arm down, and takes off after the mystery man.

Match 4:


Elimanations in order:

1. William Regal : Matt Sydal

2. Matt Sydal : Rey Mysterio

3. Wade Barret : Kamacho, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Hunico

4. Black Hole : Kane

5. Kane : Black Hole

6. Curt Hawkins : Kid Kash

7. Kid Kash : Batista

8. Jey Dash : Ryan Anderson

9. Ryan Anderson : Brutis Magnis and Kamacho

10. Brutis Magnis : Kamacho

11. Aaron Gunz: Batista

12. Kamacho : Rey Mysterio, Hunico, and Chavo Guerrero

13. Rob Terry : Robbie Elm and Batista

14. Rey Mysterio : Chavo Guerrero

15. Hunico : Robbie Elm

16. Chavo : Batista

17. Kurt Angle : Batista

18. Robbie Elm : Ted Dibiasi Jr.

19. Ted Dibiasi Jr. : Batista

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Scene 1-7.5/10

Match 1-7/10

Scene 2-6/10

Match 2-5/10

Match 3-7/10

Scene 3-7.5/10

Match 4-7/10


I think it'll happen after a Big Show/Sheamus rematch, if one takes place.Sheamus defeats Big Show to win the championship, then Dolph Ziggler successfully cashes in, becoming the new World Heavyweight champion.


119th RAW-

119th Smackdown-

120th RAW-
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