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On a scale 1 to 10,rate how much you like watching this in a match?
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Default On a scale 1 to 10,rate how much you like watching this in a match?

1. Grappling(MANY different suplexes, takedowns such as Firearms Carry,high impact slams, countering hold for hold on the mat)?

2. Different weapons, and been resorcefulul with them?

3. Supernatural, no selling, but habing superhuman strength and superhuman tolerance for pain,and been able to push themselves harder than normal men?

4. Highspots( Hurricanranas from anywhere, Swanton Bombs from the ladder into a table,Moonsaults off steel cage, outside dives and springboard dives,double moonsaults,etc)?

5. Stiff hits,full of aggression and unbearable intensity(Not the punch-kick the WWE wrestlers do. The japanese hard hitting,"Bruce Lee" style", and high impact)

6. Two-out-of-three falls matches?

7.HARDCORE( Using a barbed wire with fire and cutting somebody open. Chokeslamming someone on thumbtacks,Spearing someone through the cage and from a ladder. Piledriving someone on concrete:anything they did in the ECW)

8. Highflying,with no psychology, or any ground attacks.Those wreckless flyers,with no purpose, just for crowd reaction.

9.Face and Heel dynamics

10. Technical Wrestling(Hold for hold, ground attacks,submission, transition from one counter to another, in the air or on the ground. Great execution and wearing someone down)

11.Do you like smaller rings, or bigger rings better?

12.Brawling a big part of the match- Brawlers?

13. 300 pound bone crushing monsters having matches with one-another.

14. Matches with strong bases. (Having a a very large move-set of holds/moves,high impact, martial arts background,been as good on the mat as in the air;having a well-rounded moveset)

15. Near pins/falls,between two high caliber wrestlers?

BQ: Are lightweights with the skills,underdogs to you against the much bigger and much stronger guys?

BQ: What type of suplex is your favorite?

BQ2- What type of martial arts/japanese kick,lariat,forearm,etc is your favorite?

BQ3- What is the most important attribute to have IYO(Example- I think the most important is your match quality; your workrate)

BQ4- Are entrances important to you?

This is a poll and this is from Quizfarm.
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1. 10

2. 7

3. depending on what you mean, John Cena type 4.5/10, Japanese strong style no selling type 9

4. 7.5

5. 10

6. 7

7. 7

8. 7

9. 6.5

10. 10

11. bigger rings

12. 6.5

13. 6

14. 10

15. 9.5

BQ: Tiger, Exploder and Dragon

BQ2: Roundhouse kick, Rolling Elbow and Rolling Liger kick

BQ3: In-ring psychology

BQ4: Not that much
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