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When do you think its appropriate for WWE to mention Chris Benoit again?
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Default When do you think its appropriate for WWE to mention Chris Benoit again?

We all know that what he did caused major controversy with WWE and the media, but when do you think WWE lets the incident blow over and recognize Chris Benoit again ? There are so many moments in his career that can one day make an excellent "best of" or "top 100" DVD that WWE can make loads of money off of. WWE mentions The Von Erichs and we all know about the suicide there , but not Benoit ??

BQ: When you saw John Cena debut, did you ever think that he would end up being the face of the company 10 years later ?
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bigboss113 is on a distinguished road

I think it would be fine for them to do so now, but they'll never mention him or anything related to him again.

BQ: He sure didn't seem like it back then
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richard is on a distinguished road

i dont think they should i mean he did kill his wife and kid then himself. i do agree with you he was very popular and i think he did suicide because wreslting can bring alot of stress or it could be steroids.
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Mr is on a distinguished road

WWE will never mention him again, For the reason it will make them look bad, it will ruin their image if they are seen glorifying a murderer.

BQ: When Cena made his debut in 2002 I never thought he'd be the face of the company, but in 2003 with his rapper gimmick I thought he could make it big
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HaIpmeh is on a distinguished road

Probably a long time from now. I don't know exactly when, but it's not anytime soon. Vince doesn't want the constant stream of bad publicity he'd get from supporting Benoit, and if you were the CEO of WWE, you'd probably do the same thing.
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?????h ? ???l???? is on a distinguished road

WWE's issue with Benoit isn't his suicide. It's that he killed other people with him. The Von Erichs offed themselves = legends Benoit kills himself and other people = monster. So it'll never be appropriate until like 50 years from now when nobody even cares or remembers it.

BQ: No I thought he'd job his whole career.
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Jerry is on a distinguished road

sure Benoit career doesn't have anything to due with his death.

BQ: no but in i would say the Summer of 2003 i took note that Cena had tremendous potential and was going to be a star i had no idea how big.
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I remember once i came to ur house(while ur father was missing).I took ur mother to the bed room,but she didnt want to cheat ur father,so i told her *its not cheating from behind*.
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TJanssen411 is on a distinguished road

the question is loaded,.

if you were paying attention Owen Hart gets 'nearly' teh same treatment, and in both cases the matter is as much about Family members being litigious, as it is about PR

Benoit is also a matter of 'honoring' a Killer... (Hitler was a vegan and a Dog Lover yet you're not going to see him in any Peta or ASPCA ads.. well maybe Peta they tend to be @$$hats)

Owen is about where WWE's responibility lays as far as being an 'Unsafe workplace"


and the Von Erichs is a whole other Bucket of worms... Kerry had 'fallen from grace' and was running from a drug Charge... Before the MURDERS (Kerry only killed himself) Benoit was a recent Main eventer, and had no serious legal issues... and last I checked WWE hasn't exactly been breaking down any doors to release a Von Erich DVD package... and even so it would be about the Family, not the man

The only way I see Benoit getting any kind of mention again... other than a highly editted matches on other guys' DVDs is if his Surviving Son or Daughter ever gets to WWE should they choose to get into the Business... (another thing that makes Benoits death in a whole other level of Horrible is that he KILLED HIS SON... if Child killers get treated half as bad in prison as TV shows imply , Benoit is somewhere at the 10th circle of Hell right now having unspeakable things done to him by assorted demonic Beings)

BQ: I definately saw him as having the potential to be A force in the Business, I didn't see him as THE face of the business... note I saw this Before he Rapped, and thought that the Rapper gimmick would trap him in the mid card
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Jayson Kane is on a distinguished road

The WWE will never mention Benoit again at least as long as any of his family survives and probably not even after that. It's too hot a topic to touch. Do you see the University of Southern California talk about or celebrate OJ anymore? And OJ wasn't even convicted. The Von Erichs story doesn't compare, they only killed themselves, Benoit killed his wife and child, I wish it wasn't true but it is.

I saw him at a house show in Knoxville when he was the Prototype he beat D'Lo Brown and I could tell then he was the real deal.
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Mr. Yaw is on a distinguished road

They should just do it now. Yeah, I know that Chris Benoit killed his family and committed suicide, but Vince is acting kinda immature by trying to "erase" him from WWE history. Even if he doesn't mention him, that doesn't erase the face that he was an important part of WWE. It's Chris Benoit, not Lord Voldmort.

BQ: When I saw him debut, I thought that he would just be a mid carder. When he first started his rap gimmick, I absolutely HATED him. Now he's my favorite current wrestler. It's funny how 10 years changes things, lol.
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Allen is on a distinguished road

Never. As much as it pains me to say this because I am a Chris Benoit loyalist fan, they should never mention him. Chris Benoit played a good role in the Attitude Era, and was one of the top guys of the Ruthless Aggression era and he was considered a veteran when he first made his WWF debut with The Radiclez. He did so much in WWE history like the being the 2nd man ever to win the Royal Rumble from the #1 spot (which cannot be erased). Main eventing a Wrestlmania against two of WWE's huge names (Which also cannot be erased), and working with the younger guys to make todays product good. But what he did to himself and his family is a tragedy and cannot be brought up. The Benoit tragedy almost put WWE out of buisness because of lawsuits here and there and bad reception from the media so it would be bad to bring it up and start all this media bs again.

Chris Benoit is one the best and certainly one of my favorites still to this date. I forgave Benoit for what he did I'm pretty sure his family did too. It really sucks to see Benoit die because ECW was getting exciting having Benoit as champion. There were works of a Benoit heel turn and it sucks to see that it didn't happen.

RIP Chris Benoit

BQ: 2002 Hell no but I sorta saw a main event level guy in the 03-04 Cena
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???? ??g?? ????? ????????g g? is on a distinguished road

You know something brother I think someone needs to explain to all of you on WHY WWE wont mention Benoit. They aren't trying to erase him from history. What they are doing is keeping away from him because its wrong to mention the guy and promote him for what he did. But at the end of the day hes still there in the archives, hes still there on the WWE site. You marks just need to realize that its wrong to promote him. HH.
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Brian is on a distinguished road

I guess in 5 years

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Well, let me address this in the reverse order that you wrote the question. If memory serves right, the Von Erichs suicides only affected 1 person (the person who comitted suicide), directly. On the other hand, Benoit's death involved him murdering 2 people before committing suicide. Benoit's death was more brutal in comparison. Also, Benoit's death brought up and exposed the issue of head injuries wrestlers get, as well as flaming the whole steriods in sports issue. Those 2 issues were almost entirely blamed on Vince and the WWE. I do believe that Benoit will eventually be mentioned again, but not for another 10 years, because it will if it happens any sooner it would re-open the wounds of the death. I mean look at the Von Erichs. Some 20 years after the lastest suicide in their family, the WWE put out 1 dvd specifically about them, plus various other dvds about the promotions they were involved in. Also, I could almost swear that I've seen some clips of them on the opening sequence for all WWE shows.

BQ- Back in 2002 I didn't think Cena could be ask big as he is now for several reasons. 1) The Rock, Austin, Taker, and Triple H were all still pretty active and I didn't think that their careers would be where there are now. 2) There were several other mid-carders that had some following that I thought would get a push ahead of Cena, such as Edge and Christian, the Hardys, the Big Show, Kane, Test, Jericho, Angle, plus several others from ECW and WCW such as Booker T, Buff Bagwell, Lance Storm, Rhyno, etc. 3) Roughly around the time that Cena debutted, the "Next Big Thing" Brock Lesner was being heavily pushed, so It seemed like he'd be te face of the WWE for some time. In the end, what happened happened, and unfortunately, there's no changing the past.
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