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Kane is the last attitude era wrestler who is still full time. What is it about him that has
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Jayson Kane is on a distinguished road
Default Kane is the last attitude era wrestler who is still full time. What is it about him that has

made him last? What is it about Kane that keeps him able to still wrestle and still be relevant?
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__Jim Crockett Promotions Fan__ is on a distinguished road

Glen Jacobs is younger than most of those guys were. He didn't wrestle as many years in other Professional Wrestling Promotions as many of those Wrestlers did. Glen Jacobs has not suffered the number of serious injuries in matches than many of those Wrestlers have. I can look at Triple H for example and pointed to a Torn Quadricep Muscle torn away from his Hipbone and this happened to him twice. I can also point out a torn bicep that Triple H suffered just 2 years ago. glen Jacobs managed to avoid Spinal Fusnion Surgery that John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Edge, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Lita and many others have had.
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Clap clap clap clap, Crockett you have once again exceeded expectations on answering questions. Would you like a sticker for your effort?
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Koumidiator WRW VLR OS is on a distinguished road

Wow yeah, i never thought about it like that. The Undertaker is not even a part time wrestler the past 2 years. Same goes for HHH almost. Mark Henry is inactive as well and Big Show took a few big hiatuses, as well as he wasn't part not even half of the attitude era. So yeah, that leaves Kane as the only pro wrestler that took part of the Attitude Era, still full-time wrestler. I have stated my opinion many times about Kane's personality and ethic, and it pretty much explains why he is still around.

So, what's the factors that make Kane keep going after all those years?! In my opinion, the following:

*His love for pro wrestling.

You cannot be doing something for SUCH A LONG PERIOD of time, if you don't love it. Actually you can do stuff that you don't want to, but only to survive and make your family live as comfortable as they can. But as far as pro wrestling goes and with the amount of money that Kane have made for 17 years now, i don't think that surviving/payment is really a factor that he takes into consideration. He could retire of right now and live himself, his kids and his grandkids in class. Amazing how he dedicates himself to the business and 17 years speak by itself. What more can i say?

*His real life humble personality.

Let's face it. Many wrestlers have screwed up and have given up their dreams because they didn't get the rightfull push, and they jumped in a rival company or at independent circuit, to get the titles and the treatment they deserved. Kane is exactly the opposite. He never had problems to job to someone, to put over younger guys, and to sell corny -for his gimmick- promos that the creative team decided to hand him over. So, with him enjoying every single script that he is being handed over, and never complaining about his status, gave his career a healthy run.

*Lack of career-threatening injuries.

Even though i am not completely sure about this one, but as of right now i cannot recall any HUGE injury that Kane has suffered. Pro wrestlers are very pron to serious injuries, with all the training, all the high risk maneuvers, it is almost impossible to have a complete pro wrestling career with less than one seirous injury. Others are even leaving their soul literally in the ring, like Owen Hart, or the great late Mitsuharu Misawa. Kane has been lucky in that category, but credit goes to him also.

*His gimmick/size/skills.

I'll be honest here. Kane is one of the best pro wrestlers that have ever lived, IN HIS SIZE. He can pull off an excellent match and to execut very unique moves that you could not easily see by many wrestlers that tall and big. That's the one thing that made him last among the fans. WWE needs and pushes giants like him. Although, how many giants have become stale after a while? Guys like Khali, Giant Gonzalez and many many more. His gimmick and his in ring skills, made him last that long. Same goes for Taker.

*Work ethic.

Like i mentioned above, Kane is an excellent worker. He is willing to sell whatever his boss will ask him to do. He is THE EPITOME of a professional WORKER, not just wrestler. If i was a wrestling promoter to be honest, Kane would have been one of the first guys that i would like to sign into my promotion. Also, have we ever heard that Kane got caught with drugs? or that Kane got involved in a serious controversial incident? I can't recall of anything. Other wrestlers are around for 3-4 years and they are screweing up easily and multiple times. Kane has been a total professional in his entire life.

That's the most key factors that have made Kane relevant for such a long period and have made him the legend that he is today. He is the prototype of a PROFESSIONAL worker, for any kind of upcoming wrestler that his dream is to last long and to have a healthy career full of success.
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The Dragon is on a distinguished road

I think it can be summed up in two sentences:

1. He wrestles a very safe low-risk style.

Except for the occasional flying clothesline thing he does from the top rope, he stays on the mat, and his style is slow and deliberate, not fast and reckless. That's kept him comparatively injury-free over his long career.

2. His sense of humor.

Unlike his "brother" who is always dead-serious Kane can mix things up and throw the fans for a loop with his sense of humor. Six months ago would anybody have dreamed of Kane in "anger management" classes and doing comedy skits with Daniel Bryan? Kane has the unique knack of being a completely believable "sadistic monster" everybody should fear AND not losing any credibility by going the comedy route from time to time. In a few weeks/months Kane will drop the comedy and be the monster destroying everybody again. Go back to the Attitude Era and we saw The Big Red Monster throw us a curve with his hilarious backstage imitations of Hulk Hogan (in front of Hogan, no less). His uh, "superhero" tag team with The Hurricane. His Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd thing with Edge when Edge kidnapped Paul Bearer. Kane is the most fleshed-out and complex character in WWE history and his sense of humor is a big part of who he is. It makes him unpredictable enough (and charming enough) that the fans keep wanting to see him.
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His career is just awesome overall. While his career may not arguably measure up to his brother, his career has been more unique. He can involved in comedic storylines, like the one he is in currently, and yet he still executed Shane McMahon's testicles lol. Remember when he basically explained his career during anger management? It was hilarious. The Undertaker's career isn't as unique as that. Now include numerous championship reigns and its no surprise why Kane is still relevant. Hell I remember wrestling in a 3 way tlc tag team match where his partner, Hurricane, was injured. He wrestled alone and still won the damn thing.

Answer mine please?

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Lower Risk moves than someothers

his own health and body meaning he takes care of it
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He was the monster in WWE. Whether you agree with that or not, he would be a vital part of WWE before and possibly still is today.
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