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On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Jushin Liger on each of his stats as a wrestler?
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Default On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Jushin Liger on each of his stats as a wrestler?












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1.Technical- 7. He's a very innovative with some good psychology and string together in the ring

2.Speed - In his prime, maybe 8. He based a lot of his offense off of lucha along with puro.

3.Aerial- 10. ahead of his time when it came to aerial work.

4.Submission- 4. I don't think submission when I think Lyger, but he's slapped on a pretty figure four a few times.

5.Strength- 5. Considering the running powerbomb, it's amazing how powerful he is for his size and stature.

6.Force/Stiffness/Impact- 2. Again, he's based a lot of his ring work off of lucha, and lucha works light.

7.Toughness- 7. He can take some punishment.

8.Work-Ethic- In prime, I'd say 10, and I'm not the biggest Liger fan in the world.

9.Agility- 5. He's not very fleet-footed when it comes to scaling the ropes, but he's got some agile moves.

10.Hardcore - 0 I don't think Hardcore when I think Liger.

11.Pyschology- 8. Good psychology in the ring, knows how to tell a story, which is saying a lot coming from a guy who doesn't speak a lick of Japanese.

12.Conditioning - N/A. I can't really determine how much stamina the guy has because I couldn't tell you how much of his younger years I've seen compared to now. These days, I've seen him blow up in the ring though in things I can tell are recent. But yeah, the plus to a body suit that covers every inch is that you don't tend to visibly age.
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what promotion? this is the wwe/ tna section. with some high school wrestling questions.
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1.Technical = 10. He can go hold for hold with the best of them( LIKE CHRIS BENOIT) and if i'm not wrong he was one of the first to come from an amateur wrestling background to pro wrestling

2.Speed = 8.5 maybe compared to today's high-flyers, but in if we lived in the 80's he'd b a 20!

3.Aerial = 9..just like the above, He'd be a 10 in his time

4.Submission = 9, he has a mean looking surfboard stretch and underhook prison lock, when he used his the simple or known submissions he did them well ( like the bow and arrow hold)

5.Strength = 8.5, running powerbomb, sithout powerbomb, brainbuster, several suplex variations

6.Force/Stiffness/Impact = 8.5, I freaking love his Shotei, I really love those simple yet effective

moves ( like Wade Barrett's new finisher the souvenir)

7.Toughness = 8, since he does have an amateur wrestling background, he must be a tough guy, and like some daring moves like avalanche electric chair drop and the diving headbutt, made me say " wow he's tough "

8.Work-Ethic = 10

9.Agility = 10 , he was very agile and quick as a cat in his moves, he had a lot of spring board movies

10.Hardcore = 4, he could take bumps, but I haven't really seen him in an all out blood bath

11.Pyschology= 9, he's a very smart and dangerous guy, will focus on the weak part of his opponents

12.Conditioning =10 , honestly I think he could easily pull off 40-50 min match

like ( and that was 3 years ago only)
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