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Wrestling poll;based on overall skills?
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Default Wrestling poll;based on overall skills?

Chris Jericho vs Austin Aries

Billy Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera

Chistopher Daniels vs Homicide

Low Ki vs Ricky Steamboat

Gregory Helms vs Kid Kash

Alex Shelley vs Tyson Kidd

Jushin Liger vs Kenta Kobashi

The Great Muta vs The Undertaker

Sonjay Dutt vs Aj Styles

Paul London vs Chris Sabin

Dean Malenko vs Nigel McGuinness

KENTA vs Prince Devitt

Jay Lethal vs John Morrison

Rey Mysterio vs Teddy Hart

Eddie Guerrero vs Jerry Lynn

Jamie Noble vs Petey Williams

Ultimo Dragon vs Bret Hart

Tyler Black vs Edge

Everyone is at there best stage,btw.
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Chris Jericho

Juventud Guerrera

Christopher Daniels

Low Ki

Kid Kash

Tyson Kidd

Kenta Kobashi

The Great Muta

AJ Styles

Paul London

Dean Malenko


John Morrison

Teddy Hart

Eddy Guerrero

Jamie Noble

Bret Hart

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Chris Jericho, but very close.

Juventud Geurrerra

Christopher Daniels

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

Both suck!, but I'd say Kid Kash

Alex Shelley

Kenta Kobashi, but very close as well.

The Great Muta, but I don't see him defeating the Undertaker in a match.

Sonjay Dutt, he is very underrated.

Chris Sabin

Dean Malenko


John Morrison, also very underrated

Rey Mysterio

Eddie Guerrero

Petey Williams

Bret Hart

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-Chris Jericho

-Juventud Guerrera

-Christopher Daniels

-Ricky Steamboat

-Gregory Helms

-Alex Shelley

-Jushin Liger

-The Undertaker

-AJ Styles

-Chris Sabin

-Dean Malenko


-John Morrison

-Rey Mysterio

-Eddie Guerrero


-Bret Hart

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Aries. I like Jericho, but Aries is a supreme athlete in the ring and a rare specimen in wrestling.

Juvi. Juvi's held up pretty well with age. Kidman was OK in his prime, but he's gotten fat over the years and sloppy.

Daniels. I've never seen Homicide as a finesse guy. I tend to think ROH fans overrate him when it comes to intimidation factor and in-ring prowess. At one time, I would've said Daniels was probably one of the best wrestlers in the world, and he hasn't really depreciated all that much with age.

Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat didn't have to throw a stiff kick (or forty) to make a match look good.

Gregory Helms, and I'm a fan of both, but I'm hard pressed to find a bad match from Sugar Shane. He kind of left the business when health and age became a factor. Kash hasn't.

Alex Shelley: Both are phenomenal athletes, and Kidd's probably a better wrestler in most people's eyes, but Shelley's got a great look and some awesome charisma to back him up.

Kobashi. Never been huge on Liger. I admire and respect his contributions to wrestling, but I'm not a fan.

Muta. Hard to call. Both men are old as sin and can still put on a classic bout here and there. Both have also evolved in character and appearance over the years. Both are definitely phenoms, but I'll give Keiji Mutoh the edge.

AJ Styles. Sonjay's an underrated commodity, no doubt, but Styles is a better worker. In 10 years, people will still pay to watch AJ because he can adapt to adge. Sonjay's got the game of a young man, and I don't think he'll transition well into his 40's in ring.

Chris Sabin. Both are the Jannetty's of their respective pairing, but I recall liking Sabin as a single way before Machine Guns. London's impressive, but his demons will inevitably hold him back in this business.

Nigel McGuinness. Dean's probably the best worker ever, but if I were booking a promotion, I'd likely hire Nigel in his prime over the Ice Man. Nigel's charismatic, has a great look, throws a mean lariat, and works a clinic in the ring.

KENTA. Devitt is a great worker, and I hope he makes it to the states someday so I can see more of the guy, but KENTA's a monster in the ring. Great work ethic, innovative, and the exact personification of everything good about the Puro style.

Lethal. I'm meh on both guys, to be honest, and I like Morrison more, but I think Jay's got a cleaner in-ring game, and definitely more charisma and range on the mic.

Rey Mysterio. Teddy's an innovator, but he's also a liability that's full of himself. Rey's the reason guys like Annis work the way they do in North America.

Eddie Guerrero. And no, it's not a pity pick because he's dead. I love Jerry in his prime, but Eddie had a lot more flavor to his bouts than Lynn..and personality in general.

Jamie Noble. I think Petey's biggest asset and stigma may be the canadian destroyer, because people overlook how really awesome he truly is in the ring because of the flashy video game move, but Noble's always made me smile, whether it be playing a ninja in WCW, working as white trash in WWE, or headlining in ROH. Noble knows how to talk, he knows how to wrestle, and the only thing that holds him back in my opinion is Vince's hatred of the south and his size.

Ultimo Dragon. It's back to the whole Eddie vs Lynn thing. Dragon had a lot more flavor and flash to his matches than Bret.

Edge. Tyler Black was destined to be a WWE wrestler. Even in ROH I thought the guy was essentially 5 moves.: Buckle Bomb, Super Kick, Peroxygen, God's Last Gift, and the occasional Phoenix Splash. Not to knock the kid, because he put on great matches with those five moves, but he never fit the ROH mold to me. Edge has great psychology, great range in the ring, and constantly changed his arsenal of finishers, be it the Edgecutioner, the Edgucator, the Downward Spiral, the Spear, or even the Canadian stalwart submission of a Sharpshooter. Edge kept people on their toes and made matches interesting.
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