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how much is Raw boring?
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Ricky Milanista Sfegatato 92 is on a distinguished road
Default how much is Raw boring?

MNR since was raised on 3 hours has become too much boring. the boredom sets up on every single episode of MNR. CM Punk's promo and his match are the only actions who are saving in the actual Raw. the rest is: match too boring, storyline too boring, ridiculous segments. Brodus Clay makes each person ''sleep'', a ridiculous personage. Ryback is an unstoppable gladiator and I think that everybody are tired to see his match that finish every time in the same way. some squash matches, some ridiculous promos, a bad quality in fight on the ring. the same Divas match between Eve and Layla/Kaytlin every week. Alberto Del Rio OMG how much is boring with this gymmic, he has that gymmick since 2 years half, a main eventer with a clown-ring announcer and millions of cars who says every time the same words is hell hilarious, and then Del Rio even in ring in uncrediblely repetitive. Orton should be a heel, not a face, Orton face is scandalous and a very bit credible.

about tag teams, except the team Hell No(the only great tag team in the WWE), the other teams are so shameful and more than boring, 3 tag team matches every episode is not acceptable. Ziggler is still humiliated, he's a MITB and so he should not be introduced by Vickie Guerrero(STOOOOOP PLEASE) he's a great athlete who deserves to be a world champ, not a clown-jobber, maybe ''nobody'' remember who he's got the briefcase cause the bad way he's utilized, he doens't seem a danger for Shamus' title. Wade Barrett would deserve to have a title shot against Sheamus and not Big Show. about Cena, so, I think everybody can't stand his gymmick, it's hell repetitive. except Punk Raw is an average show. Raw must returne a show of 2 hours and not 3, when Raw was long 2 hours it was enough spectacoular and far better than now

I agree. a hours and then I no more can support that. Raw's ratings are setting up. sooner or later Vince'll notice that Raw long 3 hours is letterally a flop. STOP IT PLEASE
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willie mammoth is on a distinguished road

its no so boring as it is pathetic

i try watching with my kid but can only take about an hour because my sides start hurting from laughing at all the stupidity
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I agree, it is to long now and they are trying to over do it, which is making it not as enjoyable.
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I think that was a long time match.
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I've noticed that a lot of the 3 hours is filled with recaps of things from either last week (or further back) or things that happened in the last hour. I get that some recapping is needed, but they take it too far.

The Diva division needs to be revamped. As it is right now, it is stale and boring and only useful as a nice time to go walk the dog or grab a snack.

I heard a rumor that Brodus Clay's gimmick is going to be redone so we won't see anymore dancing and silly behavior from him, but that remains to be seen.

I don't mind Del Rio, but they are having him do the same thing over and over. Give him a new feud, give him an insult other than "you are beneath me," and put him to good use!

I would love to see Ziggler ditch Vickie. I don't think he can rise to the top with her holding him back. I'm hoping that they have him ditch her either just prior to cashing in the MITB briefcase or immediately afterward.

Overall, I don't mind having 3 hours of MNR, I just mind having too many minutes of that 3 hours filled with nonsense, recaps, boring matches and stale storylines.
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RAW is boring as it has increased their match lengths.....and making stupid matches.....and appearance of some unpopular shit heads....its becoming only about john cena , CM PUNK , etc.....
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I agree that Monday Night Raw is a drag for the first hour or so. The third hour for the past couple weeks have really picked up and kinda made up for it. I think Hell No is funny but Kane does not need to be treated that way. ADR is probably the worst person in on the mic that has ever got a push. RYBACK is amazingly inconsistent. They play him like a beast in the main event but they have him doing squash matches about people I can care less about in the first place. CM Punk is a wrestling legend in the making for sure. Cena is just the face of the company. But I agree that WWE needs to go back to 2 hours. Or even go to 2.5 hours just to see how it works. 2 hours is not enough 3 is too much.
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