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nWo Hollywood vs. nWo Wolfpac WarGames Match?
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Default nWo Hollywood vs. nWo Wolfpac WarGames Match?

nWo Hollywood: Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, The Giant, Scott Steiner and Curt Hennig vs. nWo Wolfpac: Kevin Nash, Macho Man Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger and Konnan

War Games Rules:

-1. 7 Periods in War Games. 1st Period - 5 minutes. All other periods - 2 minutes.

-2. One man from team during first period.

-3. After 1st period ends, head ref flips coin. Team winning the send in second man.

-4. After 2nd (2 on 1) Period ends, other team sends 2nd man, making WarGames 2 on 2.

-5. After 3rd period, team which won coin toss sends its 3rd man.

-6. Teams alternate during remaining periods until all 10 men are in.

-7. Surrender or submission is the only way to win.

-8. No pinfalls, countouts or disqualifications.

-9. Official time kept at ringside. Head referee has final say War Games.

Who Would Win WarGames Match?

Besides...All 5 nWo Hollywood Members and All 5 nWo Wolfpac Members in there prime also.
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wolfpac baby! god i wish those days would come back good times!
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Lets assume they go in the ring in the reverse order you listed them.

First two in are Konnan and Curt Henning. Henning would wear down Konnan in the first five minutes with superior mat skills and by the time 5 mins is up team Hollywood wins the flip and in comes Scott Steiner. This is not good for Konnan after having already had to deal too long with Henning he is slapped into the Steiner recliner and is forced to tap wit 10 seconds left till his next team mate comes in. So now we have a still fresh Steiner and Henning awaiting the entrance of Lex Luger. Steiner goes at him power vs power as Henning recuperates for a moment and Luger gets the upper hand but Henning comes from behind with a chop block behind the knee of Luger. A perfect plex followed by another Steiner recliner. It looks bad for Luger and team wolfpac is about to go two men down but finally the next coin toss and lucky for Luger wolfpac wins the toss. In runs the Macho man and he is absolutely on fire he clotheslines Steiner in the back of the head and he lets go of Luger, while Steiner is stunned Macho Man turns on Henning and is unleashing a furry of offense. Henning having been in the ring too long already cannot withstand it. Luger struggles to his feet Macho Man delivers Henning to Luger while Steiner still is struggling to his feet and its a torture rack. Even Henning cannot withstand this and he taps out. Now Its two on one for team wolfpac Macho Man and Luger start to surround Steiner but its 3,2,1 and The Giant runs to the ring, Macho Man and Luger retreat out of the ring. Neither man seems willing to want to step up the the plate as The Giant and Steiner hold court in the middle of the ring. Two minutes go but no one is willing to make a move. 3,2,1 and Hollywood wins the coin toss and in runs Scott Hall he grabs Luger throws him to the wolves and The Giant KO's Luger in the middle of the ring Steiner slaps on the recliner once more while Hall and Savage trade blows outside the ring but its all quite academic here as Luger is unconscious the ref lifts his hand up 1,2,3 times it drops and Luger is eliminated.

Now we have a 3 on 1 situation here as Macho Man is thrown into the ring with Hall, The Giant and Steiner, they have him surrounded and there is no way out but then Stings music hits he runs to the ring like a man possessed. Stinger Splash to Steiner, Stinger Splash to Hall Stinger Splash to the Giant. Giant seems less than stunned but a top ring elbow from Macho Man brings him to the ground as Sting slaps on the death lock on Steiner and he quickly taps. Sting sprints over to the Giant while Hall is still stunned Macho Man puts the Giant in a headlock while Stinger slaps on the death lock, even for the Giant this is just too much and he is forced to tap.

Two on one Sting and Macho Man vs Hall as we await the final coin toss. Hall is backed into a corner, he needs this toss to go Hollywood's way but alas Wolfpac wins the toss and as Hall is backed into a corner Kevin Nash slowly stalks his way to the ring. He enters and the three men close in on Hall Hall seems worried Nash grabs him by the throat and just as he is about to put him in the Jacknife power bomb he smiles at his old friend and they hug it out. This doesn't look good for Hogan as 4 men now await him in the ring. The time counts down 3,2,1. Hogan appears through the curtains and stalks down the the ring almost defiant. He has Sting, Macho Man Hall and Nash awaiting him, how can he do this?? Out of know where the Disciple appears from under the ring but the four men do not see him as he slips in and pulls Hall out of the ring. Then a familiar music hits... It's the Ultimate Warrior he tears down to the ring with Hogan trailing after. Both men enter the ring the other three try to exit when they notice Hall is gone and the Disciple is right behind them. They are trapped Warrior Hogan and the Disciple enter the ring, it is mass chaos. Warrior goes after the Giant, Hogan after Macho Man and the Disciple after Sting. One by one the other men drop, Hogan Makes Macho tap with a chicken wing, Warrior torture rack the Giant and he taps and the Disciple puts a Texas Cloverleaf on Sting.... Its all over Hollywood is your winner, but wait Scott Hall is back in the ring but the ref rings the bell because Hall was a member of team Hollywood. Hall is destroyed by Warrior Hogan and Disciple as the WCW logo rolls and it fades to black.
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