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How would you rate TNA's Bound For Glory?
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Default How would you rate TNA's Bound For Glory?

Rate it out of 10

BQ - Favourite match?

BQ2 - Least favourite match?
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0, Because Jeff Hardy won the World Title.

BQ: Storm vs Roode

BQ2: Main event. good match till the stoned enigma won. No one wants to see that burnout be a champ. he sucks. seriously, am i the only one that saw victory road 2011?
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I would rate it 8/10. It was a very solid show. Although it did serve us some minor let-downs, there were some very good matches and even the worst match wasn't "bad". The opening match had me wonder if it was The best choice to open with mainly because RVD really didn't bring his "A-Game". He was proved that he can still go, he just chooses when he wants to. It was an average match and the title change caught me off guard. Not to mention, the crowd wasn't heavily into it.

Magnus versus Samoa Joe was good, but not great. I would have made it longer and paced it a little better. Start with Chain Wrestling, go into some hard hitting exchanges, then a series of finishers before someone gets the pin. It was still pretty good, but it will be heavily over-looked compared to the rest of the card.

Bobby Roode vs James Storm. Wow. Boy, was this a full out fight. These two really tore apart. Between the kendo stick, the trash cans, the beer bottles, and the thumb tacks, they went through Hell. Not to mention the homicidal spear through the table, Roode going back first in thumb racks, and the series of merciless super kicks, they took each other to Hell and back. It was a great way to wrap up an amazing, history making feud.

Now to Hardy vs Aries. It was really something. It may not have been the 5 Star Match I expected, but it was a strong 4 Star bout. They pulled out each and every stop for this match, including a Brain-buster on behalf of Hardy, and the double kick reversal on behalf of Aries. We even saw a double suicide dive from Aries, and Hardy bringing back my favorite Flap Jack to Aries, which landed beautifully. It was a great match, although I do not know what to think of Hardy'a title win nor where it will go.

I initially intended on reviewing each match, but ended up reviewing just the important ones. The tag team match for the titles was very good. It was awkward at first, mainly due to the style of a 3 way tag team match. It really did take off though, and it did not fail to impress. Ryan vs Snow match wasn't great, but it really wasn't meant to be. At least we have Matt Morgan back. Oh, not to forget the Knockouts match either. It was pretty solid as well. All in all, a very good pay per view. The Crowd wasn't as hot as at Slammiversary, but they gave life to the ppv when needed. I also wish that Bobby Roode vs James Storm took place later on the card, but we can't have everything. A great ppv that marked a milestone in the growth of the company.

BQ 1: Bobby Roode vs James Storm.

BQ 2: Ryan vs Snow or RVD vs Ion. Neither were bad, just not good.
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10 out of 10. Awesome show from start to finish.

Great wrestling matches, some great brawling, lots of championship matches, lots of new champions, a very bloody hardcore showdown between Roode and Storm that lived up to it's hype, a major surprise at the end of the Aces & Eights vs Sting and Bully Ray match, an awesome Triple Threat Tag Team Title match, an epic World Title match. Just a great show from start to finish.

BQ: Roode vs Storm. Holy crap! THAT'S how you do a showdown grudge match between two guys who hate each other. I haven't seen anybody bleed like Storm did, in ages! It more than lived up to the long build-up and hype.

BQ2: Least favorite? Hmm, I liked every match. If I have to pick one as least favorite I guess it would be RVD vs Ion for the X Division Title, only because I don't like Ion's gimmick. The match itself was good but Ion is not a likable character.
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