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My Predicted W-W-E Face and heel turns 2012, The Miz face, Randy Orton heel, Cody Rhodes face,...
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Default My Predicted W-W-E Face and heel turns 2012, The Miz face, Randy Orton heel, Cody Rhodes face,...

...John Cena heel.? Here's my predicted face and heel turns of 2012, so here goes:

Cody Rhodes (Face) He can be funny calling out his opponents and still hold his own in Main Event


The Miz (Face) Has been ever since joining up with the now injured and released John Morrison,

Remember Show-Miz? Anyway, he can hold a really great promo with his catchphrase I'm The Miz

And I'm awesome!!! Everyone will still chant just like they do right now; but only much more louder

And he will get a great pop from the fans whenever he comes out and name drops every town the

Superstars are in.

Dolph Ziggler (Face), He can drop Vickie Guerrero as his manager and stand out by himself as a True Singles Main Event star and win the w-w-e title and the world title.

Jack Swagger (Face) Because let's face it and you know I'm right, he doesn't get much of an

Response from the crowd whenever he comes out, he should have already turned back in May

On Raw when Michael Cole said no one remembered him as a world champion and stayed

That way. Everyone can chant along to his All-American-American-American, catchphrase

And that will get him over really well and into the main event.

Then, There is Christian. Who I barely see anymore, except for him probably being on Superstars

And doing house shows. Yes, Christian (Face) Turn him back, after the injustice done by Teddy

Long and the fans to vote for him to go into a match against Randy Orton for his world title; just

Five days after he won it; after fifteen years like Mark Henry of not getting a shot.

Then let's go into the heels list:

Jerry The King Lawler (Heel) turn him back to the loudmouth behemoth who was really great at

Shooting his mouth off and making color commentary very decent unlike Michael Cole; who sucks

Up to, well anyway whoever he sucks up to, he does a bad job at it!

Kofi Kingston (Heel) Maybe Kingston will turn on his Air-Boom Tag Team Partner during a draft;

Since Tag Teams and mostly factions split up during then anyway. Kingston can complain about

How Bourne keeps messing them up in matches and he needed to get the monkey off his back.

Randy Orton (Heel) So, what if he got into a feud with The McMahons that was a nightmare for

Him, HHH can make anyone look good in storyline feuds and matches, Orton can be more

Creative and Inventive with his new character other than just the Legend Killer, And The Viper,

Like back in the past? Plus, he can finally put one of his former Legacy members and other

Young talent over, sort of a passing of the torch; before he goes.

Note: Daniel Bryan (Heel) won't work, because the last time, he was a heel and was forced to

Apologize to Michael Cole by his former NXT Mentor The Miz, he got over with the crowd and

No one brought that apology stuff from him and The Miz, Please?!?!?! Plus, it nearly got him fired

For choking out Raw Announcer Justin Roberts.

Those are all the faces and heels I can come up with. Another added note: You can, thank me for

This one, I didn't add John Cena, because I'm so very, very, very tired of his constant heel teases

Like when he gave Teddy Long an f-u before on Smackdown for costing him a match which I still

Can't find until this very day. Then, There is Randy Orton assaulted his father and he in turn fu

William Regal, and his two most recent stories with the nexus and The Rock. The Only way he

Will ever turn if he leaves the company and go elsewhere like Hulk Hogan did in the late 90's.

Now on the Divas side:

Kharma (Face; if she returns) She can be very dominant and take on The evil Bella Twins again.

Maryse (Face; when she returns) She can return to a really great pop from the fans, she can still

Toss and flip her hair, but only to a minimum and still focus on her matches against opponents and

Great by her coming out to that purple robe she wears. Feud with Kaitlan, Beth and Natalya; along

With Alicia and Kelly Kelly.

Alicia Fox (Stays face) I remember her heel turn, trust me she should stay face.

Kelly Kelly (Also stay face) No one will ever buy her as a heel (Bad girl).

Eve (Face or heel) I will let Vince McMahon and HHH decide that one, because it's very confusing,

I will laugh; if she starts going around telling everyone that they suck, plus her real-life boyfriend

R-Truth was once face, then heel and now face again. How would that look for them? Need I say


Vickie Guerrero (Face) Everyone should start recognizing her for the true and dedicated worker

That she really is for taking in the likes of Mr. Ziggles, and Jack (Push-ups) Swagger under

Managerial wing, she can get them to lose and win some really great matches, yeah she does

Give great heat to the crowd, but I saw a glimmer of promise while Teddy Long was out on an

Taping of Smackdown, due to attacks by Nexus or her and Dolph; until she f
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you must have taken a long time to write this
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Dude, ur Predictions are Awesome,.. But u got one Detail Mistaken... R-Truth and Eve never went out... Eve already has one... Rener Gracie... check out their tweets in Twitter, Youtube Vids, and More
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