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Do you believe Daniel Bryan is going to wait until WrestleMania to cash in his MitB contract?
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Default Do you believe Daniel Bryan is going to wait until WrestleMania to cash in his MitB contract?

Ever since CM Punk won his second Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania 25, the element of surprise that has accompanied his world title opportunity has been severely tarnished. People began counting down the days until Punk would ultimately cash in the contract, because as history had proven, Money in the Bank winners did not go many months without using their briefcase. As a result, the instant Punk, The Miz, and Alberto Del Rio walked into a Pay-Per-View with their MitB briefcase in hand, there would always be a certain amount of people who predicted there would be a MitB cash-in that night. Regardless if a superstar like The Undertaker was the current world champion, or if it was a throwaway PPV like Over The Limit, as long as someone had a Money in the Bank contract in their possession, there was always a small but realistic chance that a fallen champion would be victim to Money in the Bank.

In other words, Money in the Bank has lost A LOT of it's prestige. It may be a one-way ticket to a world championship, but as someone like Jack Swagger or even CM Punk will tell you, cashing in the briefcase does not cement you as a main-eventer for life. Furthermore, I'd argue that not only has the outcome become stale and predictable, but the timing of the cash-in has as well. Faces and heels wait until a world champion is nearly beaten to death, competed in a gruelling match, or sustained an injury, and then they pick the bones to win the title. It was cool the first few times (Punk cashing in on Edge is still a mark-out moment for yours truly), but it's the same formula being recycled over and over again.

Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, has taken the Money in the Bank rulebook and has flipped it upside down. Rather than taking the cheap way out and keeping his cash-in a secret to win the world title when no one expects him to, he has openly stated he wishes on cashing in at Wrestlemania 28. If Bryan follows up on his promise, he'll have held onto his Money in the Bank briefcase for a grand total of EIGHT months. In the world of WWE, that's a lifetime. Some people's careers are made and lost in eight months. Bryan, however, wants to be in the main-event of Wrestlemania. He doesn't want to be like all the other MitB winners before him. Bryan wants to win his first world title on the grandest stage of them all.

There's only one problem with Bryan's little plan, though:

I don't believe him

No matter which way I look at it, I cannot picture a scenario of Bryan competing for the world heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 28. This isn't a knock against him in any way, of course. I just think there's a lot more guys who I can realistically imagine fighting for both world titles in April instead of D-Bryan. Hell, I'll even be a bit surprised if both Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio are involved in world title matches at the big event. Granted, a lot of things can change between now and Wrestlemania, but if Bryan is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase that night, and Henry AND Del Rio are still in the title picture, than only one or two of these names will have a world title match as well: Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes. Those are a lot of main-event or quickly rising superstars right there. For Orton to not have a world title match at Wrestlemania for the third year in a row sounds ludicrous to me.

The reason I believe Bryan won't cash-in at Wrestlemania 28 is because he's using his announcement as a red herring. Basically, Bryan is trying to surprise the massive wrestling audience by telling them to expect a Money in the Bank cash-in at Wrestlemania, when it's not even true. Call it a super-swerve if you will. How do you make the fans stop guessing which Pay-Per-View the MitB briefcase will be used at? Give them an exact date and then use it beforehand, completely out of the blue. Fans have become so conditioned to seeing MitB cashed in on fallen champions that when a babyfaced, good guy promises to wait until Wrestlemania 28 to do the deed, they believe him. Whether Bryan cashes in on a heel like Henry or a face like Orton, at RAW, Smackdown!, or a PPV before Wrestlemania, they'll never see it coming. Whether Bryan wins the world title or not, Bryan will have shocked the world.

There's still five months to go until Wrestlemania. A lot of things can happen before then, including another Money in the Bank cash-in. This time, the fans won't be ready for it. If I were you, I'd even go as far as to bank on.
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He might cash his money in the bank briefcase before WM if he receives a push right now.but he will probably wait till WM because right now if he became the WHC he would not be a credible champion.
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Hope he waits!!!!!

If he doesn't wait it will be one of the stupidest things WWE has ever done.

I want CM Punk to win the WWE title before WM28 and have Daniel cash it in. Punk Vs Bryan main event for the WWE title. One of the best and refreshing main events WWE has ever done at WM and if they give them enough tv time it will be a great match
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Great little read. If he cashes in before WM he'd turn heel, which isn't a good move for him. I want to see him as champ, which requires a steady progression through the card (worked for Miz, and it's why Punk and Swagger failed). He's been booked so weak that they can't save his credibility by Wrestlemania, so have him lose the briefcase to Wade Barrett who'll cash in at Elimination Chamber, have him feud with Rhodes and book Rhodes strongly, to the point where it feels like it's an easily win for Cody at TLC Rumble. Have Bryan win there in a 20+ minute match that shows off what he can do. Let him look strong in the Rumble and in Chamber matches, and get him in a match with a Mark Henry (assuming he drops the title) at WM, let Henry dominate there, repeat at Extreme Rules letting Bryan barely pull off a submission victory after a beating to show his heart and toughness, then repeat with a resurgent Christian, then Daniel Bryan wins the title from Wade at Summerslam.
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My prediction WrestleMania main event The Rock just beat Cena in an hour long exhilarating match! At that point if they make him cash it in , he will become the biggest heel of all time! That could be good folr business because WWE is running out of heels , i mean think about it

1 -Cena - Face

2 - CM Punk - Face

3 - Triple H - Face

Only good heels are miz r-truth and henry , it could be good to have a great heel on RAW! It will be good for business i think!
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Holy crap dude that's a lot
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nooo more like at the royal rumble
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