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Ideas to Reform WWE: Philosophy of modifying it with an old-school feel? What do you think?
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Default Ideas to Reform WWE: Philosophy of modifying it with an old-school feel? What do you think?

the slogan for this reform should be We are back

steps in this reform:

1) old-school IC title being back is a good start. There should be a division for it with good throwback wrestlers: like Dibiase, McIntyre, Morrison, D Bryan, Sheamus etc.

I say this division should have a specific segment on both RAW and SD!

2) Have a face-rebellious group of past Attitude Era stars and a few modern wrestlers, who want to make WWE cool again.

Group should consist of: HHH, Undertaker, Mick Foley, Stone Cold, CM Punk, Mason Ryan (muscle), Vince McMahon (being the founder and visionary he is), etc

note: they can have a storyline where mason ryan destroys the set like big show and stone cold did back in the attitude era

they should go up against heel group The New Corporation: ADR (corporate champ, international market propaganda), Vickie Guerrero, Laurinitis and the Board of Directors, Miz, and Michael Cole. Keep Michael Cole on commentary part-time and give him a GM role, being the next douchebag manager much like Eric Bischoff

3) make Sin Cara the next Phenom, having him appear sontaneously like the Undertaker, rescuing faces and sending heels running

4) make the WHC the most prestigious title in WWE, more than WWE title, making it main-event most PPV's with Michael Buffer doing all the ring announcing for those matches

5) modify HD stages with some Attitude Era stage components: ex. for RAW, have the two old structures you would see on the RAW stage back in 1999, for SD!, install the old archs of the original SD! stage. only difference is on the HD stage, but what can you do, you still gotta go with the times somewhat

also, bring back the original SD! techno intro, and the RAW intro theme from the Attitude Era

6) For the Divas, i would bring back the partnership with Playboy on the Road to WM. Have the rivalry of the true wrestling divas like Beth Phoenix Natalya v. w/e divas pose for Playboy. like have Kelly Kelly pose for Playboy

7) give WCW their own One Night Stand show, The idea should be to put under the old Starrcade PPV name

8) bring back the hardcre title for humor, so the audinece stays entertained with the low card guys

9) bring in more masked wrestlers: masked luchadores or put the Doink the Clown costume on hunico
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too much for me to go through each point and tell you what i agree and disagree with on each issue. but i see positives and negatives to all of those points.

i would like to see fewer title changes... if the wwe wants a constantly changing championship, then the hardcore title would be a great way to do that without sacrificing whatever dignity remains of the 'real' championships.

i'd like to see better developed fueds, with stronger plots, storylines, more unexpected climaxes, etc... these performers are good at delivering the trash talk, the writers suck at giving them any material to deal with

a new mysterious superstar needs to shake the foundation of the company. some rumors have already begun about a paradigm shift in wwe, perhaps some of your concepts are already in the works for this shift
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1. I completely agree

2. That one could work, but the group shouldn't have Vince McMahon in it as a face. Vince is one of the greatest Heel's of all time, and he should be on the side of the New Co. And have Triple H as the leader for the Attitude Era Side, but in order for that to work out, you would have to get someone to probably replace the Undertaker in it. Because he's got so many injuries.

3. I seriously doubt that other wrestlers would be afraid of a 5 foot 11 inch luchador. So I don't think that would work out too well.

4. The reason that probably won't happen, is because that was a WCW title first, before the big merger. At least that's what I think, I'm just guessing on that one.

5. Don't know how that would work, but I'd like to see it.

6. Pretty descent idea.

7. I'd like to see that, but most of the WCW guys are either retired or on TNA.

8. The Hardcore title for humor? I don't think most of the Hardcore fans would like to see that championship downgraded to people like Santino.

9. I agree with that 100 percent, and they should bring back the Cruiserweight Championship as well.
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