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Is WWE preparing an opponent for the Undertaker?
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Default Is WWE preparing an opponent for the Undertaker?

The Deadman, through rumor, is supposed to come back to continue defending his streak. With John Cena already slated to face the Rock at WM, this leaves a pretty big decision for the powers at be. Someone has to face the Undertaker. The easy choice would be to have him face Kane, Triple h, or HBK. Except he has already faced them twice already. The other big names that would be believable are Orton and Big show. Except they have already been beat and well lets face it does anyone really wanna see Taker fight someone AGAIN?

So who is on the roster that would sell tickets against the Deadman?

A. CM Punk? He lost a no holds barred to Triple H, who lost to Taker. I think not

B. Sheamas? He did beat Trips. The win would cement his legacy.

C. Henry? Could the Deadman quell this aggression and close the House of pain?

D. Sting? They tried getting him last year, but sting is pretty adamant against working for WWE.

E. Kurt Angle? HE has made noises about returning to wwe. Would they reward kurt for this?

Who is your pick?
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Undertaker is dead
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?????????: SOTD^_^ is on a distinguished road

I say CM Punk right now is too hot to let that pass them up
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Orton's the legend killer and what bigger legend than a man who has gone 19-0 at WM. With UT being beat up at last years WM against HHH he looks a little weaker and Orton is in his prime. I would be interested in this match.
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Kurt Angle if he comes back because hes been on the WWE for years and years

Hope it helps

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We all know that this is probably Undertaker's last match so it would only be right if he faced the guy who he brought in and that's Kane. Kane deserves to take his brother out of wrestling.
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Right now I think the leading contenders are Sheamus, CM Punk and Mark Henry.

All three of those guys have made major strides this year, and in the cases of Punk and Henry, have completely reinvented themselves from stale characters into dynamic new stars. Sheamus going face is shaping up better than I think anyone expected, and he seems to be attached to a rocket ship up the card right now.

Of those three, the only one I really don't want to see facing The Undertaker is Henry. Outside of the ring now, he's great. His new character is really working and he's been a great champion. But inside the ring he's still the same old Mark Henry. Passable, but not capable of putting on that lasting, transcendent match like The Undertaker has had in the last few years with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Edge and Batista. Even though I'm more entertained by Henry now than I ever have been by him in the past, inside the ring he's still very limited, and I just don't think he's capable of having that type of incredible match like certain other big stars on the roster are.

Sheamus seems like the best bet at the moment. He's young, strong as a bull, fresh off a great face turn and is really cementing himself as a blue-chip main event player for the WWE. A really telling moment came on RAW a couple of weeks ago when he stood by Triple H during the walkout. He was right there with Punk, Triple H and John Cena, the three best talkers in the WWE, bar none, and he wasn't out of place at all. And, as anyone who saw his ladder match last year with John Morrison knows, Sheamus can put on one hell of a match.

With Cena and The Rock facing one another for the WWE Championship and Daniel Bryan claiming he'll be challenging the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania, that leaves a pretty big hole for the Royal Rumble winner. I could see Sheamus (or Punk for that matter) winning the Rumble and saying he won't be challenging for a title at Wrestlemania, but he'll damn sure be in the main event against The Undertaker for The Streak. Sheamus/Undertaker would be a match I'd want to see, especially with Sheamus where he's at now.

Punk is another likely candidate to face The Undertaker. He's at his pinnacle in the WWE right now, and with him being the anti-establishment guy, he could easily take aim at the most entrenched thing in the WWE: The Streak. Personally, while I would prefer Sheamus, Punk could have one hell of a match with The Undertaker. Previous losses, like his defeat against Triple H, don't really factor in all that much. I mean, HBK lost to Lance Cade once upon a time, and he still faced The Undertaker twice.

Despite it having the high possibility of being a flop, Henry is a real threat to face The Undertaker as well. Character-wise, he's red hot right now, and he's defeated just about everyone. Randy Orton, The Big Show, Sheamus and Christian have all fallen to him. However, I think that The Undertaker will indeed face Henry, but he'll return to face him before Wrestlemania.

The only other wrestler I can really see facing The Undertaker is Randy Orton. After Cena, he's the biggest star in the company, but like you said, he's already taken on, and fallen, to The Undertaker. It could very well happen, and to be truthful I'd like to see it, but I think Sheamus and Punk are better bets.

From outside the WWE, and they're real darkhorse picks, the only two that spring to mind are Sting, who is highly unlikely, and Brock Lesnar, who has said he is planning on one more match in the WWE, but again, he's a long shot.
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i'm sure they are, but i don't know who.

i said in a question earlier today that i thought it wold be mark henry vs. taker at WM, but i also said that i'm terrible at predicting these things 5 months in advance... sheamus would be a good match. i'd prefer to see taker's opponent be one of the younger, every-week superstars, as oppossed to someone older like kane, show, sting, etc.

kurt angle would be exciting. he was one of my favorites about 10 years ago. but i think the opponent will be someone who the wwe wants to give a strong push to... which is why i'm thinking youth
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it is sting
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