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So what now :\ ? ( Spoiler Alert if you didn't see BFG)?
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Default So what now :\ ? ( Spoiler Alert if you didn't see BFG)?

Well I don't know about you people but BFG left me with a lot of questions.

1) What happens to Immortal now ?

2) What happened to Fortune ? ( I think they split up)

3) Most importantly what happens to Hogan and Sting I mean Hogan turned face and he was really the only one on the same level as Sting the equivlant to this year's HHH vs. Undertaker at Mania so what are Hogan and Sting going to do now?

4) Last but not least what happens to TNA the main story all this time has been getting the old Hulk Hogan back and the company to Dixie Carter so now what ?

Completely unrelated BQ: What does Cm Punk say when he cuffs his hands over his mouth during his entrance.

Note: Person with the most answers get BA if a tie I'll let the people choose.
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1. Immortal will most likely continue without Hogan, they'll most likely work against him, String and Dixie Carter and try to gain back control of the company.

2. Fortune will be gone within the next month, properly.

3. Nothing, the feud is over.

4. The story will continue with Immortal trying to gain back control of the company. It'll last another while most likely.

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TNA sucks period. They have the same matches on PPV that you could've seen on WCW Thursday Thunder and Sunday Night Heat years ago!
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What the first person said.
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My opinions (and a bit of wishful thinking):

1. Bischoff takes over as the boss of Immortal with Flair moving into Bischoff's old spot as # 2. Angle is still World Champ and as they keep saying, whoever has the World Title calls the shots. Just because Hogan left doesn't mean Immortal is done; they still have Bully Ray, Gunner, Jarrett, Steiner, and the rest. The wild card appears to be Abyss. He doesn't like Bischoff but Bischoff is his boss so he kowtows to him. Abyss still seems to be awestruck (or maybe starstruck is a better word) about Hogan, and he's been abused by Immortal. Which is the stronger force for Abyss, his sense of loyalty to Immortal, or his near-worship of Hulk Hogan? With the apparent return of the red yellow Hulkamania Hulk Hogan, will Abyss' child-like hero-worship of the Hulkster cause HIM to switch sides?

2. I believe they're still a team. Much like the Four Horsemen, even though we don't always see the four of them together, they ARE still a team. A lot of it hinges on what they do with Bobby Roode. Will he get more shots at the World Title? Or was that his only chance? One of the things that TNA does better than everybody else is Tag Team wrestling, but with Chris Sabin out due to injury and Roode going after Angle, we've been without two of the best Tag Teams in the business for quite a while, and the Tag Team division has suffered for it. As much as I want to see Roode as World Champ I'd still rather see Beer Money as a Tag Team. Mexican America and Ink Inc can't sustain the Tag Team division anywhere close to what Beer Money and the MCMGs did.

3 and 4. Sting will probably present Dixie with the keys to the store, maybe on Impact this week, and might want to form some sort of team with Hogan. Bischoff won't just take Hogan's defection and leave it at that; he's going to try everything he can to get Hogan to snap out of it and come back to Immortal. So I'm thinking we'll see a tug-of-war (for Hogan) between Sting and Bischoff. Immortal (led by Bischoff and Flair) still want control of TNA and aren't going to roll over and die just because Hogan turned his back on them. I've always believed that this angle (and Hogan and Bischoff being in TNA in the first place) was always going to lead up to a (face) Hogan vs (heel) Bischoff feud over control of TNA. Hogan has Sting on his side, and presumably Fourtune and Matt Morgan as well. Bischoff has Angle, Bully Ray, and Flair. Jarrett and Steiner, too. But where do Samoa Joe and Mr Anderson fit in? What about Jeff Hardy? This could be a very interesting direction for this angle.

BQ: I don't think he says anything; it's just his way of showing that he believes the WWE doesn't want him on the mic saying things they don't want him to say.
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