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Perfect way to Unify the WWE Championship World Heavyweight Championship.?
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Default Perfect way to Unify the WWE Championship World Heavyweight Championship.?

It will happen when they do the annual promo where the Royal Rumble winner selects which Championship they will challenge for.

Let's say the 2012 Royal Rumble winner (Hopefully CM Punk) says he wants to challenge both of the champions, making a triple threat match at WrestleMania XXVIII for the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship.

This has a few complications considering Daniel Bryan vowed he will cash in his Money in the Bank at Mania for the Heavyweight Title.

As it is, all of WWE's chips at WrestleMania is on the John Cena-Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson match-up.

They could add a HUGE match if the Royal Rumble winner challenged the World Champion and the WWE Champion in a winner take all match. This would make WrestleMania a hot ticket and quite possible one of the best Mania's ever.

Plus, if this happened they would merge the titles and come up with a new Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship belt. I am all for ousting that blasted spinner title. It would bring the prestige to the WWE's top prize if they went back to having one sole World champion.

Odds are this would be tough to book and wouldn't pass. I for one HATE the brand extension and think it is stupid to have 2 world championships in one Wrestling promotion.

All of the people that will jump on the defense that there are simply too many wrestlers vying for the world titles for them to drop one of them I say nay.

Wrestling promotions should have only one true World Champ. I say they keep both mid card titles United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship (but make them relevant damn it!) Also, why not utilize your lightweights by bringing back the Cruiserweight Championship?

All things WWE should consider. Sorry for the rant. What do you guys think?
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no its not a good idea to unify the wwe and world titles
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If they are unified; And the winner is John Cena!
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Easy make both champions face each other at Night of Champions
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Funny you should mention this because I was on the WWE creative team before they fired me whilst keeping my final idea. So here is how it's going to go.

Randy Orton vows for revenge against Mark Henry, he is going to interfere in the match at Vengeance between Henry and Big Show, making Henry keep the title. The next Smackdown they will wrestle for the title and Orton will beat Henry because of a Big Show interference that the referee does not see. Now Orton and Del Rio are champions. Now on the way to the Royal Rumble Cody Rhodes and Orton will feud intensely, ending in Rhodes beating Orton and dropping his disfigured gimmick.

No on to RAW. Alberto Del Rio is an aristocrat, so he loves nothing more than gold, lots of it. But he will get more than he bargained for with the anticipated return of Goldust. After months of feuding Goldust will take the title from Del Rio at Royal Rumble, this will set up 2 months of appreciating the legend of Dusty Rhodes.

Now Cody and Goldust will start to fued over who is the golden child, Goldust is still gold, and out of jealousy Cody will trade his mask for all gold attire like his brother, that is, until Wrestlemania when they have a fatal 4 way with the royal rumble winner and Daniel Bryan. Who will win, well I wouldn't want to ruin it for you.
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I wouldn't unify them b/c I like the seperated storylines. It makes it more entertaining to have two seperate stories going on at once. If I were to unify them this is how I'd do it.

On Smackdown: Big Show defeats Mark Heny to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Vengence. He then defeats him again at Survivor Series to retain and Henry is sidelined w/ an injury for at least 3 months. Then Big Show will begin a feud w/ the returning Undertaker. Taker wins the belt at TLC and fights Big Show in the rematch at Royal Rumble. Undertaker retains the title and Randy Orton wins the royal rumble.

Meanwhile on RAW the Del Rio vs Punk vs John Cena feud continues. The titile can exchange hands at every ppv from now until Elimination Chamber. The holder is irrelevant.

On the first Raw after the Royal Rumble, the GM calls out Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton and asks him which title he'll be challenging for. His reply is both and that the title will be unified so there is one undisputed WWE Champion. The GM agrees and the match is set at Elimination Chamber. Undertaker and I'll say CM Punk (will be WWE Champion at this point) aren't thrilled but love the competition and want to prove they are the true champ. The GM picks Cena and Del Rio from RAW and Big Show from Smackdown, since Undertaker and Orton are already in the match. At Elimination Chamber, Chris Jericho returns and screws CM Punk so that Undertaker walks out as Undisputed Champion. Jericho reveals to the Undertaker that reason he helped him win is so he could end the Streak at Wrestlemania and become the Undisputed Champion once again.

It would work b/c Jericho and Undertaker have never faced at Wrestlemania.
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