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Agree or Disagree: After Undertaker, WWE should Stop with WrestleMania Streaks? + BQ?
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Default Agree or Disagree: After Undertaker, WWE should Stop with WrestleMania Streaks? + BQ?

Should a wrestler continue a WrestleMania streak tradition, or should WWE stop to avoid a repetitive style (where he'll obviously start winning).

BQ: IF they did have another wrestler and a Streak (such a The Miz), would it be more or less exciting, intense, etc, than Undertaker's?

**NOTE**: Make sure you actually read this... before, several users (one of whom is 6) didn't read it at all and thought I was making a statement, and that I agreed wrestlers shouldn't use submissions, etc.

READ - I am asking you if there should be another WM streak, I'm not saying (yet) whether there should or shouldn't be.
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Agree. If they continue the longevity after Undertaker's possible retirement, it will be a disgrace. This guy has done so much in this industry, as the senor competitor in the WWE and his persona and moveset are just phenomenal. He actually uses mind psychology, meaning that he knows how to get an opponent from an angle. I don't think there should be another Wrestlemania streak because in my opinion, I think they should keep Undertaker's streak intact, just to show his legacy he will leave in the WWE. WWE is also preparing for John Cena to. He is 6-0 in Survivor Series, and it is a minor equation similar to Undertaker's but not the same.

BQ: It will be stale because it is just a rip-off of Undertaker's streak. But if they gave a mini-streak to Miz then it will be fair.
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i agree, i don't think there should be anymore streaks after the undertaker because say if the miz did that's like saying the miz is on the same level as the undertaker nd he never will be close to the undertaker and also i think it would be to repetitive as it has already happened and also it would be less exiting or intense it would be too predictable if there was another streak because he would keep winning and then people watching would get bored of it very easily.
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I totally Agree, The Undertaker's legacy probably can't be overtaken by other superstars today..
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I agree they should do away with wrestlemania streaks after undertaker retires. It would be an insult to his legacy if they allowed someone else to do it.

BQ: If they decided to have someone else start a streak, they would have to be as imposing and dominating as undertaker and currently no superstar fits the bill. Also they would have to wait a few years until the undertakers legacy was nothing but a memory to the fans but it would never be as good.
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Disagree, while I agree Taker's streak probably won't be matched I feel Wrestlemania Streaks are actually pretty entertaining because once you get to a certain point at a streak people will start liking that wrestler and they'll end up buying Wrestlemania to see what he does next and if he loses or wins. However the only problem with that is that if he wins, wins and wins then it'll just be like Undertaker, but I feel it provides that Wrestlemania feeling.

BQ: Yes, Undertaker's streak is probably going to be the only one (Unless somebody else does a more exciting streak) that was exciting because not only did he face rookies like Randy Orton but he fought legends like Jimmy Snuka, and Shawn Michaels. Should I mention he was in plenty of Match of the Year candidates at Wrestlemania, including his last 4 Matches which shows that Taker could keep his streak alive while having a good match in the process.

If somebody were to break Taker's streak or start a long one then it has to be somebody who's already undefeated at Mania or in their mid 20s so they can attempt to make history by breaking Taker's streak, but it would have to be somebody who's good in the ring because if you had somebody who sucked going undefeated at Mania then it wouldn't be as intense and it'd be a big borefest.
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at the moment the only one who even seems close to starting a streak is The Miz they fired him. I see nothing wrong with someone else having a streak it catapults their career without ending The Undertaker's, however there are only 23 credible guys left on the roster who can actually have a believable streak most of them have probably already been defeated at WrestleMania.

BQ: i think it would be a bit more exciting at first because it is a change of pace since it is a different wrestler after the first couple of wins he doesn't seem untouchable at 'Mania yet, but soon enough he will be right on track to where The Undertaker was it should generate the same level of excitement because they can they be a huge star without that championship they can also have some incredible matches with the streak on the line.

word to the wise
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Agree, everything after will just be a copy of something no one will ever touch.
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I agree and here's why: WrestleMania is supposed to be the biggest, the most entertaining and (at least in my opinion) the most unpredictable event of the year. We all know that WM isn't always the most entertaining because some WM's are a success and some are bad or an EPIC FAIL (like WM 27). But it's also not the most unpredictable show (even though it should be) and there's only one reason for that: The Streak. Undertaker always gives us great matches at WM and therefore steals the show at almost every WrestleMania but the results are always the same. Don't we all like unpredictability? I believe most of us do and even though the match was great, the results however doesn't come as a surprise at all because we were all expecting Undertaker to win. The predictability takes away the fun or the excitement a little bit and that's why Undertaker's matches are always 4.5 stars or lower. There was only one time where Undertaker had a 5 star match at WM and that was against HBK at WM 25. HBK made it unpredictable when he kicked out of the Tombstone Piledriver! HBK actually made me believe that he was good enough to end the streak.

BQ: Lol...a WM Streak from The Miz wouldn't be exciting at all!!! But in all seriousness, another Streak from another wrestler would never be as exciting, intense and successful like Undertaker's Streak because it would be TOO DAMN predictable and the fans would get tired of it. Undertaker is kinda lucky that fans haven't got tired of his Streak and that's because of the amazing matches that he gives us every year and because of how great his character/gimmick is but there's the possibility that another wrestler wouldn't be able to give us great matches every year like Undertaker does and even if he did the fans would still get tired of it. Everyone would start calling that wrestler an Undertaker wannabe or whatever. Plus the chances are that it wouldn't be believable at all if some other wrestler is undefeated at WM. For example The Miz, he's FAR from being one of the greatest of all time, we all know that there are a lot of people that are better than him and he doesn't even look like someone who could beat everybody so it would not be believable at all but Undertaker's Streak is somewhat (not completely though) believable because he's just that damn good.
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undertaker is a legend even if its scripted he is a great actor and no one can copy him NO ONE
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I think Undertaker's should be the only real streak, Someone could go undefeated for a few years but I don't think they should make a big deal of it, not unless it's a heel trying to get heat by comparing themselves to The Undertaker. I don't see it working again, someone would have to be new to the company and the WWE already has faith in them to be booked to be undefeated at Wrestlemania. Undertaker's only happened by accident and I really don't think anyone else could have pulled it off.
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