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My Dream Wrestlemania Card! YOUR THOUGHTS?
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Default My Dream Wrestlemania Card! YOUR THOUGHTS?

Here's mine let me know what you think! And who's ever I like more will get best answer! Let me know who wins and how!

Tag Team titles match Air Boom (c) Vs Rey mystieo Sin Cara Hardcore match! Air boom retains by bourne with a shooting star press off the top rope on to Sin cara on a table

US Champ Match Dolphin Ziggler (c) Vs Christian, Christian Reverses the sleeper in to the kill switch for the 3 count!

MITB Justin gaberial Vs Heath Slater Vs Wade Barrett Vs Tyson Kidd Vs Jack Swagger Vs Drew McIntyre Winner: Tyson Kidd

Triple H Vs Kevin Nash: No holds barred match The lights go off towards the end They go back on Scott hall is In the ring the crowd pops he goes to nail Nash but turns around and hits HHH with the razors edge only to get Super kicked outta no where from HBK Nash lays out HBK But turns around to a peddagree Winner: HHH

WWE TITLE MATCH Fatal 4 way Cena (c) Vs Randy orton Vs Del Rio Vs Sheamus, Sheamus Gets AA on to the Tabe Cena turns around to a nice rko while del rio Thorws orton out and pins Cena! Winner: Del Rio

WHC MATCH CM Punk (c) Vs Daniel Bryan it's a perfect 30min match that just goes back and forward Punk sets up the gts picks Daniel Bryan up in mid air Bryan counters in air with the lebel lock Punk taps! Winner: Daniel Bryan

Mainevent He'll in the cell last man standing match Undertaker Vs Cody Rhodes Taker lays Rhodes out with three tombstones but won't quit Cody Rhodes nails the cross Rhodes outside They go on top of the cell Taker Sets up the chokes slam Rhodes counters with a DDT threw the cell both men don't get up Vince comes out says the match must go on Win by Pin or submission Rhodes runs in to a tombstone but kicks out again Nails the crossrhodes on a steal chair for the win And SNAPS the streak the crowd is in shock Winner: Cody Rhodes

Let me know what you like and don't like!
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So g.a.y especially the whole evan born beating cara by a dumb shooting star press??? Bourne couldn't beat cara if it was hunico under the mask
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It looks average. Some of the matches you posted looks realistic, like the World Heavyweight Championship match and I like how you arranged matches due to future storylines. So, (8/10)
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Thankfully, none that will ever happen or I'd think I was watching TNA.
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