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How come no one has complained about Alberto Del Rio burying John Morrison?
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Default How come no one has complained about Alberto Del Rio burying John Morrison?

I come to this section quite frequently, and it seems that whenever John Cena or Randy Orton win a match, the online wrestling community goes crazy that they're burying their opponents. Cena winning against Del Rio at Night of Champions is a perfect example. Cena wins a balanced, fast-paced, 20 minute match, and he's buried Del Rio. Yet the next night Del Rio squashes Morrison in less than two minutes, Morrison gets, literally, zero offense in, and no one bats an eye.

Yes, Cena and Orton win a lot, no one is disputing that, but you rarely see them absolutely destroy their opponents and make them look like fools. Hell, Orton had a match a few weeks back with Dolph Ziggler, a guy WAY down the card from him, and it was a WWE match of the year candidate. Orton won, but Ziggler looked fantastic.

I know that the IWC despises Cena, and will no matter what he does. Ditto for Orton most of the time. I'm not thinking I'll change anyone's minds with this, but anyone looking at this objectively has to admit there's a double standard there.
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Zack Ryder's dad complained...
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I think it was good, he destroyed him in like 5 minutes
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You know, I honestly think the same as you. I'm shocked there weren't more questions about it and I'm ashamed I didn't post one myself but Im glad you pointed it out.

I think WWE messed up alot when they had ADR debut his new aggresive behavior on a guy who needs to be built up to become a contender for the WWE Title. He beat a guy who he had a great, COMPETITIVE match with a few weeks ago and he beat him this week in UNDER TWO MINUTES. I mean, if the WWE was going to feed someone to ADR and make an example of that guy, then they should've fed him Alex Riley. Riley is being de-pushed somewhat so I don't get why they didn't just do that.

But now, Morrison looks incredibly weak and its sad because RAW has NO LEGIT WWE TITLE CONTENDERS RIGHT NOW, and the way things look right now, there won't even be a WWE Title match at SSeries!!

So yes, this, in addition to K2 and Eve dominating the Divas of Doom, really irritated me!
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As of right now it seems alot of top talented wrestlers are being buried. I wonder what is going on with creative team and Mcmahon. Just to name a few.....

Alberto Del Rio lost the title at NOC after 4 weeks as champion to John Cena rumors have it that Del Rio is running his mouth giving away hints and spoilers, like at Summerslam he told everyone he is cashing in before it even aired, and then on Raw he mentioned he had an altercation with Bret Hart before it aired. Mcmahon was high on Del Rio but is now furious that Del Rio mentioned him returning on this past Raw. End result could lead to Del Rio jobbing at Hell in a Cell

John Morrison when was the last time he won a singles match. April? I see him getting released once his contract expires.

Drew Mcinytre this guy hasn't been on one of the main shows raw or smackdown in such a long time, now he is jobbing on superstars. Mr. McMahons Future World Champion nope, McMahons Future Endeavored

Heath Slater, the guy had potential with the Nexus and Corre, now he is the one man rock band jobber.

Jinder Mahal, wwe was high on this guy thats why they paired him with Khali, now he is on a losing streak and jobbing to Khali

Zack Ryder- WWE is bipolar with him, has so much potential and he hardly is being utilized. All you see him are in backstage segments or getting beat up

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks- Great team when will they be on Raw or Smackdown. Are you kidding me teams like Khali and Mahal are getting tv time but not Hawkins and Ryder.
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You'll probably recall during the first Undertaker - HBK go 'round right before Wrestlemania 25, Taker came out on Smackdown and absolutely destroyed TWO tag teams in mere seconds (Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty), squashing and burying them in such a shocking manner that it irritated me enough to post a question about it here. My question asked that very thing: why was nobody angry that Taker squashed and buried FOUR wrestlers at the same time. Based on the tremendous responses to that question, a lot of us WERE angry's The Undertaker and nobody dared to complain about something he did. And like that question, you're asking why aren't we complaining about a true burial, rather than another Cena/Orton win.

Cena and Orton are the supermen who are shoved down our throats and always win. They do deserve some criticism for that, and I do that myself. This is two cases of over-exposure and the WWE stretching our willingness to suspend our disbelief a little too much, and we complain.

You aren't asking WHY Alberto was booked to squash and bury Morrison; that CAN be explained as Alberto being embarrassed over losing the WWE Title, his destiny, being angry about it and making an example of whoever they put in the ring with him. Cheesy, but acceptable in the WWE. The win, not the squashing. Alberto is a main eventer/world champion and Morrison is not. Alberto is expected (by us) to win.

But the why does factor into the answer. Because so many of us religiously read and believe what the spoiler sites tell them, a lot of that stuff gets posted here. We know all about the Morrison/Melina/Trish/Snooki bullshit that happened at WM27 and afterward. According to the spoiler sites Morrison is lucky to still have his job. The spoiler sites have reported Morrison's dissatisfaction with his lot in life (in the WWE) several times before. The WM27 nonsense seems to have put Morrison permanently in the doghouse, thus we know he's in trouble and we EXPECT him to be punished by having to job and not get pushed for a while. Really, nobody is complaining about Morrison's jobber status and lack of pushes anymore. So, he must have really pissed off Vince or Triple H for some reason, thus he got squashed and buried on TV. Yeah, some of us don't like it but because Morrison IS in the doghouse we know he's being punished so we can't really complain about it. We don't look at things in the WWE and accept them at face-value (Alberto was angry about losing the title and took it out on his next opponent), the way they are intended; we believe everything that happens has some secret hidden meaning and we look to the spoiler sites to tell us those hidden meanings BEFORE they happen.

Everybody knows Orton is a prima donna who abuses backstage power to get any- and everything he wants, and Cena runs the WWE, so we just complain about them for being who they are.

Another subtle factor that plays into this...and I've pointed this out many times before but most users seem to see it as just The Dragon bashing the WWE again...are the commentators. All of them, Lawler and Booker included, bury matches and performers on a weekly basis. How many times each week (RAW and SD) is there a match going on, with mid-card performers trying to impress the fans and management, that is ignored by the commentators while they talk about the last PPV or the upcoming main event, or MUCH worse, put Michael Cole over by validating his whining and complaining by even acknowledging anything he says? Lawler and Booker, more so than anybody, should be dead-set against that, being that they are wrestlers. THEY know how important it is to have the commentators pay attention to the match and sell the damn thing and the wrestlers in it. Seems more often than not, the commentating sinks to a stupid pointless argument between Cole and anybody at the table with him, and the match gets ignored. THAT'S a burial. Cole buries more performers than everybody on the roster combined because HE'S got the mic and everybody listens to him. AND the cameras are pointing to him quite frequently, putting him over as somebody who's opinions and comments are very important. We play right into that by turning our attention to whatever idiotic things come out of his mouth and the other commentators' responses to it. Our eyes may be on the match but our attention is on that idiot and whatever he says. Whether you love his ranting, or hate it, you're paying more attention to him than the match, unless he's actually talking about the match. And that doesn't happen very much anymore.
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