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Has the wrestling business changed for the better,worse, or hasn't really changed at all?
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Default Has the wrestling business changed for the better,worse, or hasn't really changed at all?

I sometimes think that maybe yeah the wrestlers have changed but the rules are still in place and its still face vs heel for the most part.With the good guy winning most of the time just like its always been.Instead of the Gorilla or Gordon Soley calling the action, we have Tenay and Ross and Cole.

I kind of think Cole fits into the Tony sovany role from WCW. I mean most of the WCW fans didn't like Tony too much but they enjoyed heenan and the other guys that called the matches with him.

BQo we have better promotions and choices today with ROH, Impact, and WWE or was the trio of WCW,ECW, and WWE better in terms of quality matches and such?

To the guy that says its more for kids now then it was.I mean no disrespect, but wasn't the era of Hogan, Warrior,Sting,Luger,Dusty and many hall of famers built around children too.So whats the difference between a Cena fan lets say and the Hulkamaniacs which probably most fans on this site was at one point in their life.
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I think as a whole the industry hasn't changed much. it has just evolved to be a more family oriented display where WWE is concerned and tna are just basically re-living the attitude era,.
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For me it has changed because now it's more about the kids and family, which is good and all but that is not was wrestling was all about when i was younger. so its just kinda different, guess im going through that stage where i miss being a kid
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they are doing a 360 and starting from the begining again so to conclude this it is the same old stuff
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For worse, it doesnt keep us on the edge of our seats anymore, im not always excited to see whats going to happen

The only recent time Ive been excited for the next show was after Money in the bank when CM Punk won the WWE title

The only thing that i think have gotten better are wrestlers health, and whatnot
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Professional Wrestling was better before The WWF signed away top wrestlers from other Professional Wrestling Promotions and expanded into every market in The United States and destoryed all the Other Professional Wrestling Promotions. During the 1980's many Wrestling Fans could see Memphis Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, The American Wrestling Association, The National Wrestling Alliance, The World Wrestling Federation and other Wrestling Promtions across the United States and Canada.

Wrestlers could wrestle in one promotion for several months, travel to all those ciries and then go wrestle for another wrestling promotion. Wrestler could learn their craft working in front of all types of audiences and wrestle on television programs that were synidcated across The United States. The Wrestling Promotions that exist today outside of The WWE and Impact Wrestling are much smaller and are not seen in many markets in the United States. even TNA is far smaller than The WWE and is not seen in as many countries as The WWE.
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It has reverted back to Pre Attitude era now, which I cannot quite understand the thinking behind that when the first 5 years Post Attitude, when Lesnar, Angle, and Evolution were the top guys, was fantastic and better then the Attiude era in my opinion.. Now they have dumbed things back down so much its almost as unwatchable at times as it was in 1995.
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I think it's changed alot and totally for the better. WWE is now cool and has that it factor. It keeps you glued to the tv from week to week. HHH is doing an awesome job. He's making things happen.
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The wrestling business has changed considerably from when I was a kid in the late 60's and 70's to now. Vince McMahon Jr turned wrestling into Big Business and that means advertisement-driven commercialization and a product dumbed-down for the masses. We once had a sport that was, for the most part, believable athletic competition with the goal of winning championships to now, where it's all storyline-driven melodrama (written by people who've never been in a wrestling ring), with the emphasis on characters who get caught up in exaggerated scenarios and punch kick each other periodically. Nobody wins anything anymore; we know it's decided by the aforementioned writers. And we complain about the writers'idiocy.

The indy promotions haven't changed nearly as much. They still, for the most part, present their shows as athletic competitions for the goal of winning championships, and we don't see nearly as much storyline-driven melodrama. They still wrestle in the indys, as well.

It doesn't matter who the product is targeted for; the bottom line is believability. Because we know the WWE and TNA are fake (and they don't even try anymore to pretend otherwise), and are planned out and written sometimes weeks in advance, there is very little believability. We watch the shows (and/or read spoiler sites) then complain about everything. Didn't use to be that way. In the old days when the business and the wrestlers protected kayfabe it was considerably more believable because we didn't know about writers and storylines. The wrestlers were much better actors in that they were believable AS pro wrestlers and they could incite the fans to the point of rioting (for real).

The largest promotion in the world is the WWE, a merchandise-driven company that tailors their characters TO sell merchandise. Inside the ring they are pretty much interchangeable cookie-cutter punch kick brawlers with very little to differentiate them from each other. The WWE assigns them catchphrases and mannerisms and distinctive costumes to sell merchandise. If a character doesn't sell enough merchandise he/she is tweaked until sales pick up. Wrestling skills do not matter because the WWE doesn't wrestle or even care about the art of wrestling. It's all just short brawls in-between the melodrama and backstage segments. The audiences are frequently bored and silent during the matches and only come alive during the talking parts. That's not pro wrestling. Contrast that with the indys where the wrestling match is the emphasis and the focus, with wrestling skills at the forefront, and you see rabid screaming fans going nuts during the matches. The indys are neither Big Business nor commercialized and they don't attract the mainstream masses. The indys are pro wrestling and the size of the audiences they attract prove that pro wrestling is NOT mainstream entertainment. Vince threw out the wrestling match and wrestling skills and pushed commercialized characters, melodrama, and merchandise to attract the mainstream audience. The WWE doesn't even call what they do wrestling anymore.

BQ: Pro wrestling was better before 1984 (when Vince Jr took over the WWF); we had a huge variety of promotions all over the country, and thousands of wrestlers to watch. Each promotion had it's own distinctive flavor with wrestlers traveling all over the country working for various promotions for various periods of time. We didn't have promotions shoving wrestlers down our throats for years at a time; the wrestlers moved around the various markets and audiences and rarely, if ever, got old. The variety pre-1984 was incredible. We don't have anything like it today, which can explain the boredom and complaints from the fans (most of which only watch the WWE) that is so prevalent today.
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