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do you agree what chavo have to say about john cena?
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Default do you agree what chavo have to say about john cena?

All the quotes below are credited to Cena closed in on Ric Flair?s record 16 World Title reigns with his victory over Alberto Del Rio Sunday night at Night of Champions. The master of the Five Knuckle Shuffle has now won 12 World titles; the WWE Championship a record 10 times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Cena?s latest World Title victory has former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero steamed, as the third-generation grappler has vowed to stop watching professional wrestling if Cena breaks Flair's legendary record.

He stated Monday night on Twitter, ?If Cena brakes the great Ric Flair?s 16 time champ record, I will never watch wrestling again. I call a boycott of Cena matches if he does!?

With that, Guerrero almost read the minds of many WWE fans around the world.

John Cena has collected a massive number of WWE championships, currently holding 10 of them. With his two Heavyweight titles, he is only four behind the all-time great, Ric Flair.

Chavo did not stop there, as he continued on his Twitter account with this?

?How many of u are tired of John Cena being champion? Don?t get all excited, it?s just a question.? He wrote moments later, ?Wow?it?s an overwhelming ?tired of Cena? response! It?s not me, it?s all the fans. I could literally retweet hundreds of tired responses!?

It was not enough for Chavo, because he then decided to make another jab at John Cena by saying, ?Now, my opinion?Cena is better than me on the mike,but I could out wrestle Cena with my eyes closed and 1 hand tied behind my back! Truth!

It is no secret Chavo has had problems with John Cena in the past, and he left the WWE because he was tired of jobbing to lower class wrestlers. He has not signed with any other wrestling company but has performed for independent promotions.

Chavo would continued by commenting with people who said John Cena is a better athlete than Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. He responded by calling them retarded, but also expressed no offense to people who are mentally challenged.

Am I surprised that Chavo said these things or should anybody else be who has followed him? The answer is no.

But if WWE wants to input more reality into their brand, and put John Cena in another interesting feud, they should contact Chavo Guerrero. That is a feud many people would want to see.
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Yes he is right on everything. Cena breaking the record would be a big joke on the wrestling business as a whole. If he was to do it, I'd be in a loss of words.
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Yo Yo it's me Joe
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Cena does what the boss tells him to do. I don't get fans who have this personal hatred toward the guy. Yeah, watching him win again and again sucks, but he's just an actor doing his job.
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As they say A man who creates controversy must lead. I like Cena's odds of breaking it I like the idea of him breaking it, because all good things must come to an end.
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yes i have to say i agree on a lot of points there so he is correct mate there i hope it does not come true
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yes i have to say i agree on a lot of points there so he is correct mate there i hope it does not come true
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Wasn't Ric Flair recently acknowledged as 21-time world champion by the NWA? If that is the case, then Cena has a long way to go. Ric Flair is considered the best world champion of all time because he held World titles from the NWA, WCW, and WWF; and not to mention, he made his challengers look good. Sting and Ricky Steamboat won their first world title from Ric Flair.

Comparing Cena to Flair is like comparing ice cream to horse manure. Cena is Hulk Hogan of the WWE. Cena's priorities is draw fans and make money for Vinny Mac. Plus, I've heard rumors that many wreslters (like CM Punk) have to limit their arsenal to work with Cena.
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Wow. I agree with everything Chavo said but come on, shut up. Just because he's related to Eddie he thinks he's all that.
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Chavo feels how we do, he doesn't hide the true facts like the other superstars. Him deciding to leave was probably the best choice to do and I believe so too.
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While some of what Chavo wrote does make sense, the sad part is he has bought into Vince's line of propaganda just like the greenest of marks, believing the WWE is bigger and better than the whole wrestling business, and only the WWE's version of history matters.

Vince and the WWE can call their company championship a world title all they want but that doesn't change the fact that their company championship is defended only within the confines of the WWE and is further limited by the fact that only a small handful of wrestlers ever get to challenge for it. Further watering down and devaluing that company championship is the fact that Vince claims to have TWO singles world titles within the WWE. The reality is neither the WWE Title nor the WHC Title are world titles; they are company championships defended only in the WWE and only amongst a very small handful of wrestlers.

Contrast that with the globe-trotting Ric Flair defending the NWA World Title all over the country in various promotions, in other countries, and against dozens of different wrestlers all over the world and the WWE/WHC Titles/Champions pale in comparison. Flair defended the NWA World Title more times in a month against more different challengers than both the WWE and WHC Champs combined do in an entire year! Ric Flair was the last true World Champion the wrestling business had. Champions in the WWE are only company champions, nothing more, defending against a very small handful of the same challengers over and over and over, and never against wrestlers from other promotions.

Cena, Orton, Edge, Triple H, even Kurt Angle can win 100 championships but they aren't world titles defended against all-comers. Those guys are just company champions.

Ric Flair's record of (officially) 16 World Titles will never be broken because there are no more real world titles anymore. If we eliminate the two WWE company Titles he still has 14 World Titles to his credit. Flair traveled the world defending those championships against a wide variety of wrestlers. No WWE world champion does that. WWE champs are just company champions. Ric Flair was a WORLD CHAMPION. Cena, Orton, etc may get more WWE company titles but Ric Flair is the greatest world champion in history with a record that will never be broken. WWE fans can believe Cena/Orton/whoever defending a WWE title against 3 or 4 guys a year makes them world champions all they want. Flair did that every WEEK as NWA World Champion traveling the world defending that title.

I also don't get Chavo harping on about Cena being over-exposed and everybody is tired of him. Not that that doesn't have merit, but WWE fans have proven over and over and over that THEY DON'T WANT ANYBODY ELSE. Fans may complain about Cena but they still buy tickets and still watch RAW. They spoke loudly that they didn't want Orton, Sheamus, Triple H, Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and every-damn-body else the WWE has given a push to the top. Chavo, being IN the WWE, should know that better than anybody. The fans complain about too much Cena, the WWE pushes somebody new, the fans complain about the new guy, the WWE puts Cena back on top, the fans complain about that, over and over. Through all that wishy-washiness one thing remains constant: Cena sells tickets, keeps the TV ratings up, and puts @sses in seats. If Cena really was the buzz-killer so many fans (and Chavo) whine about, TV ratings would plummet, PPV buys would drop off, and nobody would buy his merchandise.

Chavo complaining about Cena's limited move set is completely irrelevant. Chavo, being IN the WWE, knows as well as anybody that wrestling skills do not matter in the WWE. Chavo wrestled; where did that get him? Cena, Orton, Batista, Triple H, Kane, etc etc etc just punch and kick. The higher up the card they go the less they wrestle, the more they just punch and kick. Case in point: Dolph Ziggler. Go back and watch him a couple of years ago. Look at him now. The closer he gets to main event level the more he just punches and kicks like all the WWE main eventers. Even the godly CM Punk does more punching and kicking now than he did when he first got to the WWE.

And lastly: Chavo is a great all-around athlete, yes indeed. Cena is not. But compared to Hogan and the Warrior, Cena IS a great all-around athlete.
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