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Invasion 2001 card REMADE?
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Default Invasion 2001 card REMADE?

Main Event:

WWF/TNA/WCW/ECW Unification World Heavyweight Championship:

WWF Champion: Kurt Angle(when he had hair and was apart of the WWF!)

TNA Champion: AJ Styles

WCW Champion: Was supposed to be Booker t but after a match at Friday night Smackdown, it is now Sting and Booker T joined Stevie Ray to reunite Harlem Heat on Sunday Night HEAT

ECW Champion: Rhyno

Winner: Kurt Angle but he defects to TNA by attacking the WWF ref and after the match shakes hands with AJ Styles.

4 Team No DQ Elimination War:

WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin The Rock

TNA: Christopher Daniels Kazarian

WCW: Goldberg Hulk Hogan (with the nWo (Nash Hall, who get booted out)

ECW: Taz The Sandman

Winners: After everything the final two are Stone cold and Hogan, Stone cold gets a stunner but then Goldberg comes out again and spears Stone cold and Hogan gets the leg drop and wins and Nash and Hall come out along to Goldberg and Hogan to celebrate Team WCW's win

WWF/TNA/WCW/ECW Unification Tag Team Championship TLC match:

WWF Tag Team Champions: Hardy Boyz(with Lita)

TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money with Jacqueline

WCW Tag Team Champions: Steiner Brothers

ECW Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz with the duchess of Dudleyville Stacy Keibler

Winners: Dudley Boyz after a 3-D through a flaming table to Jeff and Matt Hardy

WWF/TNA/WCW Unification Lightweight/X Division/Cruiserweight Championship:

Ultimate X

WWF Lightweight Champion: Christian

TNA X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

Winner: Samoa Joe

WWF Hardcore Championship: Barbed Wire

WWF: Kane

TNA: Abyss

WCW: Vampiro

ECW: Sabu

Winner: Kane - with the help of The Undertaker. After the match Kane Undertaker go against Abyss, Vamprio Sabu in a non-scheduled 3-2 Handicap Casket Match. After they throw the 3 in the Casket, Kane lights it on fire.

Six Sides of Steel Hardcore 8 Man Tag:

WWF: Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly Steve Blackman, Big Boss Man

ECW: Raven, Axel Rotten, Balls Mahoney RVD with Shane Douglas on the outside

Winners: ECW

Owners Elimination War:

WWF: Vince McMahon

TNA: Jeff Jarrett

WCW: Eric Bischoff

ECW: Paul Heyman

Winner: Paul Heyman got the pin after RVD interfered but the ref got knocked out by Eric and Eric hit paul with the chair and got the 3 count after the ref got up

WWF/TNA/WCW/ECW Unification Intercontinental/TNA TV/US//ECW TV Championship:

WWF: Test

TNA: Amazing Red

WCW: Billy Kidman

ECW: Tajiri

Winner: Amazing Red

WWF/TNA Unification Women/Knockout

WWF: Chyna

TNA: Awesome Kong

WCW: Torrie Wilson

ECW: Jazz

Winner: Awesome Kong

#1 Contender for the Unified Tag Team Championship Texas Tornado Tag Team Match:


TNA: British Invasion

WCW: Harlem Heat

ECW: Lance Storm Mike Awesome

Winners: Harlem Heat -- due to the fact that KroniK come out to help

Falls Count Anywhere

WWF: Chris Jericho

TNA: Homicide (with Hernandez)

WCW: Eddie Guerrero (with Chavo Guerrero)

ECW: Tommy Dreamer came out with Chris Benoit and he said that Benoit would be taking his place and he would be at ringside

Winner: Chris Benoit wins by making Homicide tap out to the crippler crossfacebut after the match Eddie gets a cheap shot on Benoit and attacks him with Chavo and the two leave the arena during the PPV after being hunted down by Benoit and Dreamer

5 on 5 elimination match

Team Wcw:Chris Kanyon, Shawn Stasiak Hugh Morrus Ric Flair and Konnan

Team WWF: Road Dogg K-Kwik Scotty Too Hotty Grandmaster Sexay and Albert with The Godfather and his hoes

Winner:Team WWF and the sole survivor is K-Kwik by eliminating Flair

WWF Ref vs WCW Ref

WWF:Earl Hebner

WCW:Nick Patrick

Winner Nick Patrick by a rollup pin

20 man battle royal

5 men from each company will compete

WCW: DDP, Chuck Palumbo, Billy Kidman, Buff Bagwell , and Scott Hall

WWF: Rikishi, Billy Gunn, Edge, Big Show, and William Regal

ECW: Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, Justin Credible, Spike Dudley,and New Jack

TNA: Suicide, Kid Kash, Mr. Anderson, Alex Shelley, Eric young

Winner: DDP by last eliminating Alex Shelley and The Big Show at the same time

WWF European championship


WCW:The Hurricane

ECWean Malenko

TNA:Brian Kendrick

Winner:Brian Kendrick after a superkick to The Hurricane


Opening match

is a TNA vs ECW match

ECW:Johnny Swinger

TNA:Shark Boy

Winner:Shark boy
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it does not blend
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TNA didn't exist until 2004, which would make this 2001 card tricky...
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TNA did not exist in 2001 and therefore none of the ideas and concepts from TNA should be included in this. There are too many dead people and retired people across too many timelines for this concept to make any sense..
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is cool but does not makes sense
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You've been asking the same question for the past week.
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You have an amazing detailed card, but if that was a ppv I would make that ppv 6 hours in that way the matches won't be rushed. Wow thats alot of great talent under one ppv.

Email me so we can discuss more about wrestling. You know alot about wrestling history which is good.

BTW I have been trying to create some good storylines with wwe svr 11 and with the dlc and caws I downloaded from community creations. Maybe some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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