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Raw/Smackdown tapings SPOILERS
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Default Raw/Smackdown tapings SPOILERS

**SPOILERS** Combined RAW/SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to for the following:

They taped the matches right in order with no openings so it's going to be hard to tell which matches will air where. Nonetheless, the matches will be inserted into both shows.

The show started up with the crowd chanting "Eddie, Eddie." Many fans in the building have signs dedicated to Eddie Guerrero. On the stage, as a tribute to Eddie, they have his car set up. Lilian Garcia opened the show by saying this would be a special tribute show for Eddie Guerrero. There was no pyro, and no special introduction of any of the announcers.

(1) Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Val Venis in about five minutes. Kennedy got major heel heat for being from Green Bay and playing that up quite a bit while in the midst of Viking Country.

Afterwards, all the wrestlers came out. Chris Benoit was crying from the moment he came out of the curtain, and was perhaps more emotional than anyone. Vince McMahon then said some words about Eddie: "Eddie Guerrero has passed away. Eddie was in the prime of his life, in the prime of his career. Tonight we celebrate the life of Eddie Guerrero. He loved the business. He had a passion like no one else. Whether cheered or booed, he loved to perform for the fans. Eddie Guerrero's goal every night was to steal the show. He would want the show to go on. And so we shall."

They had a 10-bell salute for Eddie, and the crowd was silent for it. After this, they aired a tribute video set to Johnny Cash's rendition of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt." When the video was done, Vince said, "Viva La Raza!" Pretty much everyone was out for this, including Shane McMahon, who was crying as well. The fans chanted "Thank you, Eddie!"

John Cena then had some words about Eddie: "Eddie was a father figure. Eddie was a man of faith, but selfishly, we'll all miss him."

(2) Big Show & Kane defeated MNM in about four minutes. This wasn't technically a squash match, but it was pretty close to it. The finish came on a chokeslam. Before the match, they showed the angle where Eddie sprayed Big Show with raw sewage from a past Smackdown show.

(3) Kurt Angle defeated Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin got a near fall with a wicked looking back suplex off the top rope. Angle was able to kick out of that and apply the anklelock for the submission victory.

After that, they showed a bunch of old Eddie and Chavo comedy skits from over the years. Chavo on the big screen then gave an emotional speech about how Eddie was like a big brother to him. He talked about how much he looked up to Eddie and how much teaming with Eddie meant to him.

It was confirmed that Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman are doing the commentary for the Raw show. The show is being presented in such a way that there are no angles whatsoever. It's simply matches and video segments.

(4) Rey Mysterio defeated Shawn Michaels in about 10 minutes. Michaels went for the sweet chin music, but Mysterio was able to avoid it. Mysterio then hit the 6-1-9 and dropped the dime to get the pinfall victory. During the pin, Michaels' legs sort of flailed about, but they still counted the pin. After the match, Mysterio and Michaels hugged. It should be noted also that during the course of the match, Mysterio paid tribute to Eddie by doing his little celebratory dance, which was a nice touch.

The announcers (Styles, Lawler, Coach) were shown talking, but the fans live in the arena could not hear what they were saying.

(5) Melina (from MNM) won a diva battle royal. All active divas on the roster, excluding Lita, participated in the battle royal. Maria was said to have done very little during the match, and spent most of her time in it avoiding physical contact.

(6) Eugene defeated Simon Dean. Eugene won it with the Rock Bottom.

They then aired a video of Chris Benoit and Eddie together. Benoit gave a speech about how close he and Eddie were. He broke down during the speech, as this was clearly a very emotional time for Benoit. He said, "Thank you for everything you've given me. I'll never forget you. I love you."

After this, Triple H gave a speech about Eddie. This was an inopportune time for Hunter to give his speech, following Benoit like that. It was said that a skeptic might have questioned Hunter's intentions. Hunter said Eddie was well liked by everyone in the locker room, and that no one had a bad thing to say about him.

(7) Ric Flair defeated William Regal. The finish came when Flair made Regal submit to the figure four leglock. Flair had an Eddie Guerrero arm band on, and played it up for the crowd and got a nice ovation for it.

They then aired clips of Eddie Guerrero and his relationship with Chyna, and things that went on during that time period.

(8) John Cena defeated Randy Orton by disqualification. The finish came when "Cowboy" Bob Orton interfered on his son's behalf. The match was said to have been not very long and not very good.

Overall, the best match of the taping was Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels, but in general the focus was on Eddie Guerrero, and in no way would that be considered a match of the year candidate. There were no promos (other than the tribute speeches for Eddie) and no angles whatsoever. Just video packages and matches.
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Monica this is wrong. I was there live, and that's ony Raw. Smackdown has 5 matches, and one promo.

Batista came out first for Smackdown and did a promo about Eddie. He drown Eddie's car, and had his music.

Matt Hardy beat Carlito.

Flair beat Reagle

Chavo beat JBL

Cruiseweights all fought, Juvie won.

Benoit beat HHH.

At the end, Benoit talked, shouted out the crowd and Dean Melenko(sp..) came out and him and Benoit were in the ring hugging, and having the crowd chant Eddie, over and over.

The show was good, and the wrestling was all pretty good for the most part. I'm on TV a lot too, good seats.
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heres the rest from

They had a low rider on the side of the stage during raw (did the announcers broadcast from it) and moved it to the middle of the aisle for Smackdown.

Smackdown world champion Big Dave Batista is in the ring to start Smackdown. He put over how much Eddy loved his family and the business and was very teary eyed. "He found peace in this ring." He said he would make sure no one would forget Eddy.

1. Another Smackdown vs. Raw INTERPROMOTIONAL~! dream match: Carlito vs. Matt Hardy. Hardy wins with the Twist Of Fate. From Kyle "it was what you would expect, it was passable." Notice they are doing all of these interpromotional matches tonight, when the Smackdown vs. Raw video game comes out this week? Or is it the 27th Annual Survivorl Series in a few weeks?

Vince McMahon package. From Kyle "He chokes up, either for real or for show." Eddie loved everyone according to Vince, and he was a good man. "A damn good man."

2. Yet Another Smackdown vs. Raw INTERPROMOTIONAL~! dream teag-team match: LOD 8000 vs. Cade & Murdoch. Yes, the former tag team champs of both brands fight. You know what's the greatest shame about Cade and Murdoch team? They never ever got a collective team name or vinyettes. From Kyle "the kid behind me thought Hawk died from falling off the TitonTron." I shouldn't find that funny. Also, watching this Kyle realized its not 1984 anymore." Anyway, LOD won with Destruction Device on Cade for the win.

Big Show speech (much like the Owen Hart tributes, there will be no angles, or storylines tonight, Kyle also notes the wrestling isn't the level of Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit on Nitro). He was crying but happy all of Eddie's pain is gone and he is with god.

3. Yet Another Smackdown vs. Raw INTERPROMOTIONAL~! dream match: Chavo Gurrerro (non-Jr) defeated JBL. Who can forget the JBL vs. Eddie feud of 2004? Chavo was not dressed like Kerwin White tonight. Chavo died the Eddy chair spot were he threw it to JBL and played dead. Man, I think it goes without saying but I really am going to miss Eddie. Match continues. Chavo hits 3 amigos and the frog splash for win. Good heat. Lots of eddie chants. Chavo gets on the mic afterwards and says eddie died for us (but in a nice way). The kids behind Kyle noted "Jbl opresses the black man." Which at least is making Kyle laugh on this tragic day.

4. Smackdown vs. Raw INTERPROMOTIONAL~! Cruiser battle royale: Tajiri, helms, london, kid kash, Brian Kendrick, Scotty 2 hotty, Nunzio "Who somehow is 30 pounds lighter than tajiri", Mexicools, Funaki. Juvi won. No dicks, minis or Porky in this one, sadly. The New Talent Inititive (NTI~!) isn't as over as you would think.

5. Smackdown vs. Raw INTERPROMOTIONAL~! dream match: former US Champion Chris Benoit pinned Triple H with rollup of a crossface into a cruifix for the pin. They hug after the match. Good for what it was. After the match Dean Malenko (the other radical left in the WWE) hits the ring, him and Benoit cry, hug and point to the sky.

That was the show. The world title situation will be addressed next week.

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