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Reason why WWE intentionally doesn't build big stars?
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Default Reason why WWE intentionally doesn't build big stars?

I think TNA is the reason that WWE doesn't build big stars

when I say big stars, i mean guys that get over with the fans, sell a lot of t-shirts, PPV's, and any other merchadise.

WWE intentionally doesn't build big stars is because of TNA

back when it was WWF vs. WCW

WWF had BIG names leave to WCW: Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, etc. WWF had spent time working on their characters and making them household names only to have them leave.

Now since WWE are ahead of the competition with TNA (for viewers and buyrates) the company INTENTIONALLY refuses to have only 2 or 3 guys at the top and only build new stars if they retire. They have the money and incentive to stay.

So they have all these mid-level guys that if pushed properly can become top level, but if they become big level guys TNA would make drastic reaches to get them.

So WWE intentionally hold the midcarders and upper midcarders to a ceiling, and if they feel that their popularity is rising they must bury them back down.

WWE has that no-risk policy. and that's part of the reason WWE is not as good as it once was.

They INTENTIONALLY have these medium level guys that if TNA had them they wouldn't know what to do with them.

It's like if a football team

gets themselves a top tier QB and a top tier Linebacker

and surrounds them with mediocre and average talent and keep them to a contract that will satisfy them and satisfy their top-tier players because they are not as paid or as talked about as much as them (being the top-tier guys).

If you had a team like that you would normally always finish with an average, mid-level record and wouldn't ever soar to great heights.

And that's how the WWE is right now, two top guys (one who doesn't deserve it) and being just average instead of soaring to great heights.

I don't think Cena doesn't deserve a spot at the top, I don't think he deserves one either

I agree he's not a good wrestler, but from the business aspect he's a safe choice, Cena doesn't react harshly from the $hit he hears, and sees talked about him everyday. He does not go out and assault fans or disrespect fans, he is a very charitable guy. He's good a playing politics, which all top guys in wrestling history are.

Whereas Orton on the other hand, is supposed to be a top babyface, and babyfaces are supposed to be the ones NOT REACTING harshly to naysayers, babyfaces are supposed to treat all fans alike, and care about the fans even if they treat them bad. Top draws are supposed to be charitable and not be selfish.

Randy Orton is

- Selfish

- Arrogant

- Doesn't care about what his fans, co-workers, or even employees think. As long as he gets his way he is fine.

And don't compare Orton to Steve Austin. Steve Austin was a estranged babyface in front of camera, but off camera he was
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Both of the top guys don't deserve it, Orton and Cena both suck, Christian and Punk both outclass them in the ring and the mic by a country mile and a half.
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Once TNA Starts catching up with WWE (If it ever) that's when they will step up their game.
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They do the bare minimum to make money but putting up two main guys with heels. They don't have to build 10 to 15 guys. The two guys at the top are more over than anyone no matter how bland they have become. They draw money, so WWE uses them without anyone else. Basically, if WWE was a student in school, they would do what they could to get a C and nothing more.
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All I got to say about that is its like basketball the Cavs have Lebron and a bunch of nobodies......Lebron is promoted as a goat bwhaaaaaaaaaaa best ever bwhaaaaaaaaaaa remember the 80's? Anyways Lebron did not deserve to be promoted as the best player and since he lacks certain skills such as leadership and teamwork he has not won a ring. So what does he do he runs away down South to Miami where once again the media hype begins....and yet its still the same result he makes it to the big game then *pukes* everywhere and chokes on his own vomit.

Holding people down for the sole purpose of the possibility that they might draw for the other company is insanity I tell ya......but than again said other company has no idea how to promote talent so yeah this strategy works. But its bad for business.
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Cool Theory, something to think about..
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As I was reading this I was all set to fire off a rebuttal, but the more I read (and considered what you wrote), the more sense it started to make.

While I'm not 100% in agreement that TNA is the reason for this, the fact that TNA is there does play into it. Let's keep in mind that Vince has a long history (from 1984 forward) of taking top stars from promotions all over the country, sucking them up into the WWE, erasing their non-WWE careers, assigning them WWE gimmicks, and making stars of them (some of them, anyway). It stands to reason that Vince would fear the very thing HE'S done for so long.

But also consider that Vince pushes one top babyface over everybody else (like Hogan and Cena; and Bruno Sammartino before them, Vince's father pushed him) to establish HIM as the man to beat then throws a seemingly endless supply of villains at him. The top babyface is already established and doesn't need any more work to build him up. Cena can handle anything the fans throw at him, and continuously adjusts his performances on the fly to give each fan what he/she wants from Cena. The writers don't have to do much work with Cena, he's already over and established; they give him a villain to battle and Cena does the rest. They can just think up nefarious deeds the herd of villains can do to Cena; when one villain starts getting stale they swap him out for another. If you notice, the WWE villains really aren't very deep, their characters aren't fleshed-out very well (except for Kane, and even he is a rather stock teen-slasher-movie monster character); they're really only given a series of nefarious deeds to do, one after the other.

This is rather a form of indentured servitude. Yeah, TNA is an option, but TNA would be a gamble. TNA MIGHT turn a WWE villain into a bigger star, or they might not think he has what it takes, that's the gamble. But by being in the herd of WWE villains, they make good money, they get good amounts of TV time (off and on, sharing with the other villains), and it's a steady job. Steady enough that the TNA gamble isn't quite worth it.

Randy Orton is the other top star only because there are two WWE TV shows each week. If there was only RAW then Cena would be the man to beat and Orton would be in the herd of villains.

It isn't a matter of Cena deserving the top spot, it's the fact that nobody else in the WWE can do what Cena does, and that's handle everything the fans throw at him (positive and especially negative) and NOT crack under the pressure. Cena is out there in front of large crowds most nights, responding to everything they do and say, adjusting his performances on the fly to give everybody in attendance what they want from Cena. Whether they want to cheer him or boo him, Cena makes sure to give everybody what they want so they CAN cheer/boo accordingly. Hogan couldn't do that; when he got booed, he got angry at the fans and turned heel. Guys like Austin, Flair, Edge, and HBK aren't the same because they were mostly heels who became so cool they got cheered. Cena is the only pure babyface I've ever seen who could handle getting booed by lots of people and NOT whine and turn heel.

Cena is the top star of the WWE because he can handle anything the fans throw at him and not crack under the pressure. Cena-fans want to see him win and cheer everything he does. Cena-haters want to see him lose and they boo him when he wins and hope the NEXT villain is the one who will take him out, and they'll keep watching to see that. They don't want to miss seeing some villain take Cena out, so they keep watching.
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and thats the bottomline cuz i think so too
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