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Do You Think the idea of accepting reality in the WWE is a good?
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Default Do You Think the idea of accepting reality in the WWE is a good?

I plan on being a wrestler but I wanna help make the WWE not just valued entertainment but a respected sport.And I've learned that you gotta listen to the customer but I also learned that you be creative.I had posted a question early about adding weight divisions to the WWE,alot of you did not respond wel.My plan was to help the wreslters that barely get the chance to perform and also add realism to the sport.Really think about do you think Cm Punk beat Bigshow?No thats impossible both men are trained professionals,sure Punk can use weapons but that doesnt mean Show cant take it a way respond back.
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Acctually, slower and bigger guys tend to be slower and not as quick in the ring.

Damn. Next thing ur gonna say is that we have to have certain moves banned from WWE, as if this was UFC or something. In the words of Stone Cold,........EH EHH!
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dude you already asked this question.

As I said, You have no reason to be in the wwe so don't even try.
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In the attitude era, they did try to make wwe a reality and now it seems that they're going with more of shoot angles rather than cartoon angles.
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I don't know when you started watching WWE but WWE used to have weight divisions.

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship (late 90's) - A championship title for light heavyweights.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship (early 00's till 2007) - A championship title for cruiserweights

World Heavyweight Championship (current world title on Smackdown) - It's actually a championship for heavyweights and super heavyweights only, but others have won it too.

WWE got rid of these divisions because they wanted to go into a new direction but i heard that WWE is planning on reviving the cruiserweight division.

And I also want to let you know that size isn't everything. A smaller guy is able to beat a bigger guy. Why? Because the smaller guy always has a few advantages over the bigger guy. And just because the guy is bigger, doesn't mean he's a better fighter or stronger than the smaller guy. So I think that sports like boxing and MMA care too much about someones weight and size.

No matter what you do, you will not convince non-wrestling fans to respect wrestling because it's scripted, or fake like they call it. The only way non-wrestling fans will respect wrestling is if its not scripted anymore and that won't happen.
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First of all, for the longest time wrestling included weight divisions. That wasn't noticeable in the WWE up until the mid 2000's, but it was one of the main factors to make WCW the global promotion it once was. That said, time's have changed, WWE decided to forget the Divisions altogether; wither it was weights, brands ... etc.

WWE is not about being realistic, it never was and never will be. It's about giving the fans something supernatural to witness, kind of like the circus but in a more violent fashion. Those supernatural moments are well known to be the most important moments in wrestling history; Hogan slamming Andre, Jimmy Superfly Snuka diving from the top of the steel cage and those things. That's what wrestling is about, in the ring it's not about being realistic (Except for selling moves and such). Punk VS Big show is a good example, but why can't punk win? Even in real life, a trained soldier can take out the mightiest brawlers. Punk has (Or had) the gimmick of a martial artist (A secondary gimmick though) a kick from him can put down show. Same with the superkick.

Bringing realism to wrestling is currently the new moment, just in the term of an entire era.
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Reality is something new to the WWE only. After years and years of a purely fantasy universe with rather non-believable characters involved in some pretty far-fetched storylines suddenly out of nowhere CM Punk breaks kayfabe and shoots all over the place, and WWE fans believe this is something new, never seen before, and they are calling it reality. More specifically, the Reality Era.

Truth is, since it was introduced into pro wrestling by Paul Heyman's ECW in the early 90's reality has never gone away. We just don't see it in the WWE. Most fans watch only the WWE so they don't know any better. We, ALL of us, have to understand that there is pro wrestling and there is the WWE. They are not the same thing. The most realistic pro wrestling promotion in North America is ROH; they don't try to BS the fans or think the fans are stupid. They try to keep things as realistic as possible and (almost) everything you see in ROH is believable. You don't see ROH fans complaining about anything that happens in ROH or damning the writers, because it IS realistic and believable.

But the thing with the WWE, and it doesn't seem that anybody is SEEING it, is only the Punk/Cena/Triple H angle is based on realism and that's only because Punk broke kayfabe and is doing those shoot promos. The rest of the WWE has not changed. That angle is getting over because Punk is saying things that aren't supposed to be said and we're enjoying the scandal. Reality is, other promotions have been doing this all along, TNA especially.Reality is good, it makes things seem more believable. But if you only have one reality-based storyline in the show it makes the rest of them look more non-believable and made-up.

To respond to your Punk/Big Show example: recently, Brian Kendrick (all 180 pounds of him) beat the 350-pound Abyss for the TNA X Division Championship. Looking at it on paper you'd say how is that possible? Abyss is a foot taller and nearly double Kendrick's weight! Well, Kendrick had a game plan, stuck to it, and wrestled a smart match. He stayed out of Abyss's grasp, used his speed, stuck and moved, hit and ran, and waited for Abyss to make a mistake. When that happened Kendrick capitalized and beat the enormous monster. Yeah, it was an upset, no question. But it was believable because Abyss underestimated Kendrick's skills and desire to win and Kendrick did wrestle smart.
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