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High school wrestling team?
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Default High school wrestling team?

I want to join my high school wrestling team, but my parents think its a bad idea. I weigh about 124 pounds but instead of gaining weight i always lose it. It seems like i can lose 3 pounds within 3 days if not 2. I'm also in the marching band and we practice like every tuesdays and thurdays sometimes monday, friday, or saturday. Plus the wrestling team practices everyday but I may be able to work it out. I also have a history of seizures and my parents are afraid if i hit my head something may go wrong ^^. Plus I can be a germaphobe at times... I had this daydream of having to wrestle someone with backne which would totally freak me out. And then there's injuries my parents are worried about, my uncle wrestled and has bad knees that ache horrible every day, a bad back, etc. and he's not THAT old...I haven't talked to him about it yet but, you know how parents are... I mean i definitely don't want any of those problems or broken bones so.. yeah.. What I'm RLLY RLLY worried about is getting weighed in front of everyone naked, taking showers with other people(naked of course), doing all sorts of things naked (it's like 1 huge shower with 6 different heads, its like a thick pole, kinda hard to describe... But anyway! I'm sooo scared that i may get a boner in front of everyone, and i really cant control it, even if I'm trying to think of something sad, something that makes me angry or anything... distraction doesn't work with me for some reason... But that's a huge issue. Idk if I'm bi-curious or its a stage everyone has during puberty.. (I'm a freshman) and I live in the south btw... I would just be so embarrassed if that occurred and it's most likely a 99.9% chance I will get a boner. So i definitely need some advice of some kind..

*****=Bon-er/get turned on/get hard etc.
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Hey kid,perhaps real wrestling aint for you. try join an efed where you make your own wrestlers carrer and pic who you want. ive got you a link kid sign up and youll be wrestling in no time and on the bright side your parents will be happy

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Sorry, but trust me, I know what I'm talking about!

Well, wrestling is an extremely tough sport. You should build up endurance, agility, the like within this next year. Try waiting until next year to try out. Are there any places close to your town that has a program for wrestling? That way you can get the feel of it. Since you said you're a germaphobic person, this may not be the sport for you. There are many skin diseases like ringworm that come along with being on the mats. THIS ISN'T THE WRESTLING YOU SEE ON T.V. Just putting that out there, but I'm sure you knew that. Anyways, the whole shower deal may be a problem since you said you may be bi-curious. There are going to be guys in your same situation with your.... *ahem* male issues. It's a normal part of puberty.
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ask scott hall he is always happy to give free advice (316) 660-7255
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Wrestling is a lot a dedication and hard work. The conditioning is arguably the hardest of any high school sport. But if you've had seizures i wouldn't recommend joining. However, wrestling teaches hard work and discipline. It's your choice.
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Wrestling did amazing stuff in my life. Theres nothing harder than wrestling so it makes the rest of your life seem easy. If you want to get good and go varsity, wrestling is a huge commitment. I was worried about all the naken stuff and uncontrollable ****** but Wrestling 4 years ive never had a problem. I've never gotten seriously injured. I'm a little bit of a germafobe too and i havn't had a problem with that either. I don't hit my head too often so thats not much of a problem. And when your wrestling loosing 6 lbs in one practice is considered normal. If your seriouse about wrestling that will take 6 days a week but if you do it as a side sport next to marching band I'm not sure you will like it and you will drop out after a while it's usually an all or nothing sport. When I started my parents sort of just went with it figuring i'd quit after a while and now they can't wait to get to my next wrestling meet. I have a lot more friends, I'm more fit and healthy and I have a passion and its all because of wrestling.

I hope you do join because its an amazing sport.
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