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*news* flair interview, Talks on bret, and more
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Default *news* flair interview, Talks on bret, and more

Show: The Interactive Interview (Courtesy of
Guest: Ric Flair
Date: 19th July 2004
Your Hosts: Daniel Edler & James Walsh
Recap by: James Walsh

[NOTE: You need the Real One Player to hear the show, which you can download by Clicking Here]

The Interactive Interview has become famous and infamous for our controversial interview content. We were at the center of the Teddy Hart situation with Ring of Honor and Steve Corino. We were in the middle of "The Queen of Extreme" Francine and Jasmin St. Claire's rivalry. And, who will ever forget when New Jack went ape on us? Guess what? We're at it again!

The Interactive Interview is back and we're out of control as usual! This time we welcome the 16 time Heavyweight Champion of the World, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and hit him with everything the fans want to know about up to, including, and especially the war of words between himself and Bret "The Hitman" Hart! You've got to hear this one to believe it!

’The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair

REMINDER: To submit your entry to win one of the 10 copies of the Legends of Wrestling 3: Showdown game, send through an email to or - more details available by listening to the audio.

-- The show opens up with the Evolution theme to get everyone in the mood for what is about to hit them. Before the interview begins, James and Dan hop in for a short segment giving fans in the UK the "heads up" on the "Phrase that Pays" with a chance to win Legends of Wrestling: Showdown for the Playstation 2 console. They then go to a Ric Flair package rounding out with his classic theme music as the interview prepares to begin.

-- Ric Flair joins the show and James expresses the pleasure of having Ric on. Ric appreciates the appreciation!

-- Flair feels his first and second title reins are the most important of his 16. The first because it was the first and the second because it meant he really deserved to have it in the first place.

-- Flair did not get along with Jim Herd, a promoter for WCW at the time. So, that is why he packed up and left for the WWF in 1991. Flair encourages people to read the book for the details on that story.

-- Flair feels there is no comparison between WCW at any point of its history and the WWE. Flair feels the WWE is the most professionally run company of all time and no matter who was in charge of WCW, nothing was ever even close to touching WWE.

-- Flair also feels there is no comparison between the IV Horsemen and the nWo. Flair says the Horsemen were the true elite stars of wrestling and the nWo was not in the same league.

-- James mentions Bret Hart's response to Flair's book posted on several websites last week. Flair claims to not have seen the article but states, "I feel sorry for Bret Hart." He then goes on to say Mark Madden, the editor of Flair's book and former WCW Nitro host, sent Flair proof that Bret talked about the incident on Montreal the day after Owen died which Bret apparently had always denied doing. "He ceased the opportunity to jump back into the lime light to express how bitter he was about the way the WWF handled his departure. This week I'm headed for Canada. I'm going to be on every national TV show in Canada and Bret Hart will be sorry that he ever opened his mouth!"

-- "Vince McMahon, as creative as he is, couldn't figure out a way to fire Bret Hart. He (Bret) couldn't draw a dime!"

-- "I never said I didn't like his style, I just said he wasn't a good wrestler," said Ric when talking about Mick Foley. "Falling off a ladder into a bed of thumb tacks has nothing to do with pro wrestling. It's certainly not the craft I learned." Flair then runs down a list of great workers through history and poses a question to James, "How many of them do hardcore wrestling?" James replies by saying, "None of them." Ric answers quickly saying, "Thank you!"

-- Flair "tolerated" Bonnie Steamboat. Flair feels she cost Ricky "a fortune."

-- The promo Flair cut the night he returned in 1998 when he screamed at Bischoff was a "100% shoot."

-- Flair indeed did believe his last match was on the final Nitro with Sting.

-- As for when Flair may actually retire, Flair replies quickly with, "I don't know. It will depend totally on what the company has in mind." James asks if Flair would like one last title run and Ric feels it would be nice but that is not his objective.

-- Flair enjoyed the "CO-owner" story. He says, "I wasn't sure I was ready for that level of responsibility but I liked it."

-- "I enjoy my role with Evolution tremendously," says Flair.

-- Flair feels he has worked with a lot of guys with Eugene type characters in the past. He has no problem with the gimmick at all.

-- Flair seems unaware of the "Plane Ride from Hell" story circulating on the Internet. Flair feels it is your typical Internet stuff.

-- James and Dan then roll into their famous Word Associations with names like Eric Bischoff, Dusty Rhodes, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and more!

-- James opens the floor for Flair to end by doing a "hard sell" for his book. Flair says he does not need to give a hard sell. "I'm the only guy to have wrestled everybody from Bruiser Brody to the Rock. Bret Hart never wrestled anybody except in the WWE. When the WWF was hot, he was in the Hart Foundation. He didn't have to draw any money. He rode around on Hogan's coat tails... Then, when they made him champion here, he couldn't draw a dime -- They couldn't wait to get rid of him. Then he came to WCW and he bombed. Would you say that's pretty accurate?" The question is attempted to be brushed off by James who attempts to use his Fifth Amendment right not to answer on the grounds it might incriminate him. Flair pressures James and James attempts to respectfully agree to disagree taking up for Bret. Flair hits James with some big questions like "Why did the WWE get rid of him?" and "Did he make any money in WCW?" James attempts to avoid answering as the two agree to disagree and James thanks Flair for being a part of the show.

-- James and Dan then do a recap of the show talking about the interview, the new Legends of Wrestling game, and they spin the new Dokken record "Hell to Play" playing "Escape" off the record.

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