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*news* Flair/Bret, Lance storm's thoughts
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Default *news* Flair/Bret, Lance storm's thoughts

Flair vs. Bret
July 14, 2004

I wasn't going to get into the middle of this but it seems I must. As you are probably aware, Bret Hart and Ric Flair are having a War of Words. Ric bashed Bret in his book, and Bret has retaliated on his website. ( ) I didn't want to get into this because battles like this never seem to serve any good. Bret Hart fans will remain Bret Hart fans, as will Ric Flair fans. The only thing accomplished is that the business gets a black eye. The reason I'm going to add the following words on this subject is that I received an e-mail after my commentary endorsing Flair's book. In my commentary I made the statement that I thought this book was the best wrestling book, "there is, was or ever will be." The e-mail I received was wondering if my use of the Bret ism, was a shot at Bret and an indication I was siding with Flair, on their battle of words.

Let me assure everyone that my use of the Bret ism was due to me being a big Bret Hart mark, and nothing more. I stole the line solely in an attempt at a cheap pop. The truth be told the one exception I did have with the book was Flair's bashing of Bret. While I certainly think everyone is entitled to their opinion, Flair's comments seemed very out of place and there simply to take a personal shot at Hart. If you haven't read the book, Flair is talking about his departure from WWE and states he was asked to drop the title to Bret, he did so, and then takes three or four paragraphs to state that Bret didn't draw, was repetitive, was a big mark for himself, and shouldn't be considered a great worker. This was only a few paragraphs and really seemed out of place. I choose to ignore it since it is such a small portion of the book, which is why it didn't detract from my enjoyment of it.

Bret has since rebutted Flair by calling him nothing short of a repetitive hack with no ring psychology, who was clumsy and dangerous. I think it is safe to say that these two individuals have issues with each other and I think it's best we all make our own judgements on their work. If you enjoyed Flair's stuff, great and if you enjoy Bret's that's great too. If you are like me and enjoyed them both, all the better. I know I will be asked a million times whom I consider the better worker, but to be honest I don't know. I've never worked with Bret (Likely the biggest regret of my career), and I've only worked Ric one time and according to his book, it was a time when he was at his worst.

This brings up another question I got about my Flair book commentary. I was asked what I meant when I said:

I now better understand why the one match we had together (A tag match with Christian and I defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against Flair and the Undertaker) was the way it was. If I knew then what I knew now, it could have been so much more an honour and special night for me, instead of the frustrating and confusing night it was.

In the book Flair talks about confidence issues and the mental state he was in after leaving WCW the last time. He said he was having anxiety attacks and was having a hard time even functioning in the ring for a very long period of time. It was during this period of his career that the match I mentioned took place. In that match Flair was a baby face with Taker and during the match Flair was constantly calling spots that made absolutely no sense what so ever. I was dumb founded and confused during the match because I was in there with a Legend and felt like I had to call over him to salvage a match. At the time I assumed that Ric was just a terrible baby face and so accustom to being the heel that he kept trying to shine us and take all the bumps. After reading his book I now assume that it was due to his anxiety attacks and confidence issues and that he was not mentally there for the performance. If I had known he wasn't at his best for the match I would have loved to have had the privilege of call the match for him.

Now I know this statement goes to endorse what Bret has said but I find it hard to believe that the performance he had with me is typical Ric Flair. He has had great matches with so many people over the years. I think quite probably they are both great workers, each with their own strengths and flaws. Like many things in wrestling it is all a matter of taste. I preferred Bret's matches, but preferred Flair's promos. I think Flair was a bigger part of the wrestling industry because his career spanned a greater number of years and Bret was on top far lesser a time and really only worked for the one company. (I refuse to acknowledge Bret's WCW years because he was so absurdly wasted.)

I think the best advice for everyone can be found in Flair's book when he says it is best to judge people on how they treat you and not how you've heard they've treated others. I know Flair fairly well and he has always been a class act with me, and I will judge him on that and treat him accordingly. I only met Bret three times and have nothing but respect for him, he too in my eyes is a class act, and will treat him accordingly. I think all of you should do the same, when looking at their work. You don't need us to tell you who you think is great and who you want to be a fan off. You've seen their matches you can make up your own minds. Don't let this battle of words tarnish either man's place in your heart's or this industries history.

Till next week,
Lance Storm

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Now that was probably one of the best things i've read lately! Very well said Lance Storm!
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Bravo Lance Bravo!
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good for him.
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