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Brutus Beefcake interview
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Default Brutus Beefcake interview

This week's GIR Radio featured former WWF & WCW star Brutus Beefcake. This special interview was pre-recorded and was never played on GIR Radio before. Brutus discusses his friendship with Hulk Hogan, his time in WCW and comments on the news stories that broke concerning him causing an anthrax scare after leaving cocaine lying around in his subway booth. You can listen yourself at and every Sunday 540 AM WLIE @ 7pm in NY/NJ, and live off

- Sir Adam and The Phantom explained the interview before playing it. Sir Adam brought up the news about Brutus Beefcake being arrested a few months back working as a toll booth collector at a subway in Boston. The Phantom brought up how it was more weird to find out what kind of job he had then what he was actually caught with. Sir Adam brought up how great it would be to run into Brutus in a subway of all places. The Phantom said the interview took place at the Fan Slam convention a few weeks back and many were surprised to see Brutus even show up considering the allegations towards him.

Brutus Beefcake (photo by Wade Keller, PWTorch)
- Sir Adam then bring ups how Brutus was just about to do a Q & A session when he pulled him to the side and asked him a few questions. The tape airs and Sir Adam asks Brutus how he met Hulk Hogan in the first place. Brutus said they are good friends and described themselves as brothers from another mother. (Sir Adam breaks in and reminds everyone that his goal was to ask the question everyone wanted to know about concerning the subway allegations, but eased in to the interview with a few questions about Hulk Hogan) The tape continues and Brutus reminds Sir Adam that they have been good friends for around 35-40 years.

- Sir Adam asks Brutus if Hogan has been both a friend to him in and outside of the wrestling business. Brutus mentions that Hogan is the godfather of his daughter. Sir Adam posed the opinion that many feel Hogan helped out only good personal friends instead of others who paid their dues in the business. Brutus said there is a lot of jealousy in the wrestling business and said Hogan was willing to help everybody. He said a lot of guys screwed him over and stabbed him in the back later in his career. Brutus said he made wrestling what it is today and says Hulkamania is far from over. (Sir Adam & The Phantom add in that it is over for good despite the comment)

- Sir Adam brings up his share of gimmicks and asks which ones he liked or disliked during his career. Brutus said he loved doing many of them and mentioned how he had some problems with carrying The Barber name after he left the WWF. Sir Adam asked if that was frustrating to him that he could no longer be Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake somewhere else. Brutus said it was very frustrating and said that is like telling Ricky Steamboat he can't be who he is anymore. Brutus said he had a legal battle with the WWF at the time over the rights to the name and ended up having to move on as a result. He said he isn't crying over spilled milk and is successful in whatever he has done. Talk turns to his stay in WCW. Brutus brings up that the general opinion was that he couldn't be used in the promotion because everyone would recognize him. He said when he thought of The Disciple character with Hulk Hogan, nobody knew it was him. (Sir Adam & The Phantom laugh at this comment and joke as to what the meeting was like to come up with the character)

- (The big question regarding recent allegations was next. Before Sir Adam played the segment, he mentioned that he was somewhat nervous about asking the question considering he was surrounded by many wrestlers at the convention) The segment played and Sir Adam asked Brutus what life was like outside of wrestling. Brutus said it was great to come see the fans at various conventions and mentioned he missed certain aspects about the business. He did say he has been involved in various independent promotions, charities and speaking at schools. (The Phantom pointed out that it is highly unlikely that Make a Wish Foundation was looking for Brutus Beefcake considering the recent allegations that made headlines. Sir Adam joked that if you have a cold, you might get Brutus Beefcake to come speak to you)

- The segment aired regarding the allegations towards Brutus. Sir Adam said many fans would like him to ask the question and not simply throw softballs the entire interview so to speak. Sir Adam asked if he would like to comment on the recent allegations that made headlines. Brutus said that you shouldn't believe everything you read. He said he had a few problems behind the scenes, but feels there is really nothing to talk about. (Sir Adam added that he was really surprised to the answer he was given, noting that he wasn't making up the stories because they made headlines everywhere in the local area. Sir Adam brings up how honest Eddie Guerrero was a few years ago on the show regarding his problems) In what was probably the most surprising line of the interview, Brutus claimed that he has never smoke, drank or done drugs and that he simply had a quote "bump in the road" recently.

- Sir Adam brings up how quickly rumors can be spread via the internet. Brutus said the entire situation got blown out of proportion and made him look really bad. He gave a message concerning those who reported about the incident, saying what goes around comes around. Brutus said many people wrote some very vicious things and is okay with it because those people will get what is coming to them in the end. (Sir Adam said the second the interview was over, he walked away very quickly to avoid any further conversation).

- Needless to say, this recap really doesn't do the audio justice. This is something you don't want to miss and you can check it out over at

* GIR Radio CD Volume 1 is now available with interviews from Bret "Hitman" Hart, DDP, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Michael Hayes, Vampiro, and more. Visit for more information.

credit PWTORCH

I'd say Brutei is a little bitter......
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