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Official NWA-TNA PPV Preview for 5/12/04:
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Default Official NWA-TNA PPV Preview for 5/12/04:


Rumors have been circulating the internet in recent months about some big news on the way for TNA! As we found out, this week on Pay-Per-View TNA officials will be making a major announcement concerning the future of TNA that could change the promotion forever! What does the major announcement concern? How will it change TNA? Tune in and find out for this historic announcement this Wednesday night!

Champion AJ Styles vs. Wildcat Chris Harris

Finally, Wildcat Chris Harris gets the chance he's fought for in recent months as AJ Styles has granted him a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title this Wednesday night. Styles, the fighting champion, just defended the gold against Raven last week - and he's in for another tough challenge this Wednesday. Will Wildcat Chris Harris become the new World Champion, or will the Phenomenal One walk away still wearing the gold?

James Storm of AMW vs. NWA World Tag Team Champion Kid Kash

NWA World Tag Team Champion Kid Kash, along with Dallas, have been running their mouths an awful lot lately, not only claiming to be the greatest tag team in TNA history, but bashing America's Most Wanted in the process. Then, after a brutal attack by Kash and Dallas on James Storm, the war was on. As a result, this Wednesday night Kash and Storm will meet in singles competition.

Sonjay Dutt vs. The Amazing Red

After The Amazing Red reinjured his knee this past week, Sonjay Dutt went up one-to-zero in the best of three series. This Wednesday night, the second match will take place - but will Red be able to compete? If Red wants a shot at reclaiming the X Championship, he's going to have to beat Sonjay twice in a row. Dutt, with the edge in the series, will be looking to down Red for the final time to move on to face X Champion Frankie "The Future" Kazarian.

Team Mexico vs. Team Canada
Hector Garza and Mr. Aguila vs. Petey Williams and Bobby Rude

On May 26 on Pay-Per-View, the World X Cup mega event will take place! This Wednesday night, we'll see a preview of this mega-event as Hector Garza and Mr. Aguila from Team Mexico take on Petey Williams and Bobby Rude from Team Canada. Based on the tremendous reviews of last week's World X Cup Preview match, this one could very well steal the show!

Shane Douglas vs. Michael Shane w/Traci

The New Franchise has officially been torn apart thanks to the recent actions by Michael Shane and Traci. This past week, the youngsters left The Franchise laying after whipping him with a leather belt. As a result, TNA officials have signed the two to face off in "Corporal Punishment" match this Wednesday night. Leather straps and wooden paddles will surround the ring, and all are legal to use on your opponent!


The former NFL superstar "Alpha Male" Monty Brown has been unstoppable lately, taking on all comers. Thanks to his devastating finisher "The Pounce", the Alpha Male is now one of the top hunters in TNA, but this Wednesday night he's got to get past 3Live Kru member and crafty veteran BG James! Can the Traila Park Gangsta find a way to stop Monty Brown? Or, will the Alpha Male's hunt continue in TNA? Tune in and find out!

Tonight looks like a pretty nice card for TNA. Styles v. Harris should be pretty good ME also. I'm looking forward to the show........

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Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...

Mike Tenay greets us and announces that, in addition to Xplosion and the pay-per-views, they are adding Impact every Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. on Fox Sports starting June 4th.

Video rolls of highlights from last week's show.

Pat Kenney is in one of the other buildings at the Fairgrounds, preparing for the NYCs (Gilberti, Swinger & Trinity).

Kid Kash vs. James Storm
Kash off the bell for punches and chops. Storm back drops him over the top to the floor and follows. They go into the crowd and Storm chases Kash around the building and throws him back over the railing. Kash dropkicks Storm as he tries to re-enter the ring until Storm scores a Thesz press. Chasing around the crowd again. Kash picks up a heavy chair and tosses it but Storm catches it and nails Kash with it. Storm throws him back in and unloads punches. Reverse elbow and a suplex. Kash kicks Storm to the crotch, then follows with a dropkick to the face. Kash bites Storm, thumbs him in the eyes and chops away. Snapmare into a rear chinlock. Storm escapes but meets a knee to the gut. Kash dropkicks Storm low in the legs and locks him into a single crab. Kash goes for the dropkicks off the ropes but Storm rolls and finds his wind into a Russian legsweep for two. Reverse elbow, clothesline and powerslam. A big back bodydrop and Dallas saunters down the ramp. Storm turns back to Kash and both he and Kash connect with a double-clothesline. Kash runs into an elbow and Storm with a hangman's noose neckbreaker off the corner. Dallas is up on the apron with the pipe but Storm knocks him down. A superkick and Storm takes the pin.
WINNER: James Storm
Dallas climbs in and hands the pipe to Kash. Storm wrestles away from Dallas and takes the pipe. Kash cuts him off, Dallas plants him with the Black Out and Kash with a frogsplash. D'Lo Brown hits the ring but Dallas nails him with the pipe. Sit out powerbomb and Chris Harris runs into the ring. Dusty Rhodes comes out and cleans house!

A sit-down interview airs of Mike Tenay with Vince Russo. They discuss the announcement of Fox Sports. Tenay says some on the roster that Russo is protecting AJ Styles, but Russo points to Styles' title defenses as proof. Russo also says it was Konnan who destroyed his office last week and that you can't let the inmates run the asylum.

Monte Brown vs. BG James
They brawl on the ramp and Brown sends James over the railing into the crowd. More brawling and James takes a trash can to Brown's head. Brown grabs a table and sets it up. James takes him into the balcony and, after some more brawling, they work their way back down. James powerbombs Brown through the table but Brown comes back. James rides the rail and Brown clocks him with a chair to the leg. He gets James back into the ring and continues on the leg. James tries to get in some offense but is pounced for the pin.
WINNER: Monte Brown
Brown throws a chair in and continues to work over James' leg before being run off by Konnan and Killings.

Pat Kenney is shown running steps and doing push-ups.

Don West does an off-site interview with Desire and asks her to recap her injury. She takes a moment to yell at Sonny Siaki to get one of her kids down from a high-up piece of park equipment. They talk about her kids and Siaki. West says Trinity is trying to hurt her again but Desire says she needs to remember that Desire is a competitor. Trinity, out of nowhere, slams her from behind and goes on the attack, even punching West down. West tries to pull her off but is shoved down. Siaki runs her off after Trinity uses a trash can on her.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Amazing Red - Second of Three Match Series
The bell rings and they are about to lock up when Frankie Kazarian comes out and has security set up a chair for him on the stage. The lock-up and each breaks it. Dutt with a headlock and shoulder tackle. They go fast and furious and end up facing off. A test of strength and Dutt uses his leg to bridge Red down. Red with an armdrag and both goe for 619s. Red shoots out betweent eh ropes and take Dutt down with a wrap-wround clothesline. Dutt tosses him over the railing and springboards off with a sommersault, landing on Red's back. Dutt throws him back over and nails him to the floor with a tornado DDT. Back in, Dutt gets two. Dutt with a spinning neckbreaker. Red comes back with his sunset flip and takes two. Red up high but Dutt cuts him off. Dutt dropkicks him off to the floor and throws him back in before nailing an incredible backbreaker.Hindu press misses and Red with a Red Spike and Restar Press for the three count.
WINNER: Amazing Red

Scott Hudson is with the 3LK in back and James is in pain from the chair shots to the leg. They hold Russo responsible for the injury.

Recap of the escalating feud between Shane Douglas and Michael Shane.

Michael Shane w/Traci vs. Shane Douglas - Corporal Punishment Match
Straps and paddles are attached to the ropes and are legal. Douglas with a hiptoss and headlock takedown. An exchange of leg sweeps and both are up. Douglas with a top wristlock but Shane reverses with a single underhook suplex. Drop toehold from Douglas and a hammerlock. Shane slaps him and bails. Douglas chases him around the ring and they end up back in. Douglas with headbutts. Douglas grbas a paddle but Traci jumps up and stop him. Douglas backdrops Shane over to the floor and follows him out. Douglas sprays water on him and rams him into the post. Shane comes back with a face smash into the steps but is caught by Douglas and powerbombed. Douglas throws him back in and gets two. He puts him on the corner and is distracted by Traci, allowing Shane to pull his arm down over the ropes.Shane whips Douglas with a strap and ties him up in it. He wraps the leather around Douglas' arm and throws him over the ropes to the floor. Back in, Shane with a sledge to the shoulder. Douglas takes down Shane with a reverse snapmare. An inverted atomic drop gives Douglas the window to strap Shane and clothesline him with it. elly to belly suplex for two but Traci puts Shane's foot on the ropes. Traci goes for one of the paddles and Shane sticks him. Douglas takes a roll-up, however, and gets the three count.
WINNER: Shane Douglas
Douglas plants a wet one on Traci.

Hudson is with Konnan who is yelling at Russo in back. Russo tells him to back off.

Kenney is shown beating up Gilberti and Swinger in the out building. Trinty with a crotch kick and she nails him with a trash can containing Lucky Charms. They take syrup and cover Kenney in it.

Video history of Goldylock's mental state. She then appears live and takes Russo to task for re-hiring Eric Watts. She has talked to several people (inside her mind) and believes she is owed a public apology. She has Abyss waiting to take over.

The Americas X Cup for May 26th is previewed.

Petey Williams & Bobby Rude w/Scott D'Amore vs. Abismo Negro & Hector Garza
Garza and Petey. Headlocks are exchanged before Garza tosses Petey over to the mat. Petey with a hurricanrana off the top and, as he celebrates, Garza plants him with a dropkick. Negro in but he takes a spinning DDT. Rude tags in and it's a battle of strength. Rude turns his back and Garza kicks him. Negro tags in and monkey flips Rude over. Modified spinebuster for two. Petey is in and Negro is double-teamedGarza and Negro turn it around and throws the Candians into each other before double-dropkicking Rude. Rude is shot into Petey who is draped in the corner. Side suplex on Rude for two from Negro. Garza tags in but is beat down by Rude. Powerslam for two. Petey and Negro tag in and Petey scores a hurricanrana and roll-up. Garza is in but takes a deep armdrag out to the floor. Negro with a high cross body for two on Rude in as Garza and Petey brawl. D'Amore nails Negro with his hockey stick and Rude rolls him up for a quick pin.
WINNERS: Williams & Rude
Jerry Lynn flies into the ring and goes after D'Amore who bails from the ring. Lynn picks up the mic and tells D'Amore and says he stands in front of his men instead of hiding behind them. He ants five minutes in the ring with D'Amore. D'Amore accepts as long as Lynn defeats Bobby Rude first. And if Rude defeats Lynn, Lynn has to step down as captain of Team NWA. Lynn takes the risk.

Konnan is down in the back where he has been attacked. Killings is wondering who did it when Don Harris gets him for his match.

Tenay and West give the hard sell for the Gut Check, the website, the sports cards, the Best Damn Sports Show and next week's matches:
Sonjay Dutt vs. Amazing Red - Third of Three
6-Man Tag - Team Mexico vs. Team Japan
Jerry Lynn vs. Bobby Rude
Bunkhouse Brawl - Kid Kash & Dallas vs. James Storm & Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes comes out and climbs into the ring, mic in hand. everybody wants to get aboard a train, something hot. That's why Fox Sports is on board with TNA. Kash and Dallas, bring your boots. rhodes lays down in the ring and puts his hat on his boots and pretends they are Kid Kash after he's done with him.

Video warm-up of Chris Harris vs. AJ Styles.

Hudson is with Raven and calls it delicious irony that Chris Harris gets a title shot against AJ Styles. Raven spills poetry on Russo and welcomes him to the terror dome.

Ron Killings is led out by Bert Prentice and Don Harris to be handcuffed to the ringpost for the title match. Raven is then brought out and handcuffed to another.

Chris Harris vs. AJ Styles - NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Lock-up and they roll the ropes. Headlock from Styles and a top wristlock but Harris pulls away. Arm bar and Harris reverses with a drop toehold into a side headlock. Styles slips it into a hammerlock but Harris is back with the headlock. Styles with the go behind and a deep armdrag. Harris scores a monkey flip and an inverted atomic drop before Styles fires back with a dropkick. A bodyslam and Styles with a high kneedrop. Styles kicks Harris to the back but Harris fires back with punches to the gut. Styles counters with a reverse armbar and drops down. Raven distracts Styles and the hold i broken. Styles with a bodyslam and he goes up but Raven grabs his foot. Styles slugs raven and goes back up but Harris buts him off and superplexes him off the top. Styles takes an explosive lariat from Harris and is powerslammed. Harris with a full nelson slam for two. Another superplex attempt but Styles counters with a German suplex out of the corner. He goes for the Styles Clash but Harris pushes through and locks on the sharpshooter. Konnan appears ringside with bolt cutters and goes to work on Killings' handcuffs. Meanwhile, Styles makes the ropes, they break, and Harris misses a charge and meets the post. Killings connects on Styles with a clothesline and ax kixk while the referee is distracted by Raven. Don Harris comes out and order 3LK from ringside. Chris Harris climbs up top and comes off with an elbow for a close two. Harris goes for a sledge off the ropes but takes a spin kick from Styles. Both are down and fighting to get up. They do and Styles splashes Harris in the corner. A whip and Harris catches Styles off another splash and connects with the catatonic for two when Raven pulls the referee out. He takes the key and unlocks himself, goes under the ring for a chair and guts Harris with it. Drop toehold face first. Sabu runs in and sends Raven outside before vaulting onto him. They brawl through the railing and into the crowd. Russo is watching a monitor in back. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Harris scores a spear for two and is getting frustrated. Another catatonic is switched into a crucifix by Styles. Both knock each other down with double-clotheslines. Kid Kash comes down and nails the pipe into Harris' back and chest. Styles with a clothesline for the three count.
Harris questions Styles as to why he didn't stop when he saw what Kash did. Raven comes from behind and clocks Styles with the chair but takes a spear from Harris. Truth runs in with a leg lariat for Harris and Killings and Raven square off. The locker room empties and wrestlers work to separate all. Russo comes in and announces that since all of them want a rematch for the title, next week they get have it. He lets them brawl and the ring is pandemonium.

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