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AJ Styles Interview.......
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Default AJ Styles Interview.......

AJ Styles Interview
By Christina Schmalz []

An Interview with the Champ

Welcome to the 25th edition of The XY Files as I celebrate my silver anniversary in Style. Last night, May 8th, my family and I went to our local fed ( for their Super Indy 3 show. If you read my TNA recaps on the main page then youíve already heard me go on about what a great line up they had in store for us. IWC is best described as the best that TNA and RoH have to offer but then you add in a dash of homegrown talent too. For dessert you sprinkle on some seasoned veterans that you may not have seen for a while.

Names appearing on the card were enough to make any Indy lover salivate. Sabin, Punk, Alex Shelley, Onryu, Sonjay Dutt, New Jack, and Balls Mahoney were all in attendance. If that wasnít good enough the promoter, Norm Connors, also booked a dream match between the reigning Super Indy champ AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels. It was all my favorites rolled into one. Most of the time I ended up cheering for both wrestlers because there were just so many excellent athletes on the card. Seriously how can you choose between Daniels and Styles? The best part of all is that it is only $20 for ringside tickets and you get 3 Ĺ hours of exciting wrestling.

So, letís get on with the good stuff here. The format is going to be slightly different this time around because, after all, it is a special edition. After the show I was honored enough to be able to sit down and talk with the newly crowned TNA Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. The interview went fantastic as AJ is so down to earth and easy to talk to and after spending some time talking to him let me tell you he is truly a phenomenal guy. Thanks again AJ for all your time. Thanks also go out to XanMan for the questions he submitted.

Wrestling fans across the world are hailing you as the future of the business. How does it feel to have that kind of weight on your shoulders?

Well it is a lot of pressure and you know, I think Iím prepared for it. Iím ready. I want it. If it has to be on my shoulders then usually I work well under pressure. Yeah itís scary but at the same time itís exciting. I hope that I can come through with flying colors and make this business as great as itís always been. From there who knows what will happen. Iíve been around the best guys in the business. Daniels, Sabin. I think (TNAís) incredible because of the talent that is there. They want to be the best.

And it shows. In your offense you have innovative moves such as the Styles Clash and Spiral Tap among others. What is your inspiration when developing new offense?

I play on the trampoline, crazy stuff like that. I watch kids playing around. I think you need to reinvent yourself every so often. I try to throw in something different that no one else is doing or something someoneís forgotten about. Redo it and make it look different so if I could do that I think I can keep the fans attention. If I can do it by doing something new once in a while maybe I wonít die of Alzheimerís or somethingÖ keeping my brain thinking.

Speaking of original offense, your quebrada/inverted DDT combo has been mentioned by more than one columnist as being one of the true Mark-Out moments each time it's executed. Did you foresee that kind of popularity when developing it?

Usually youíre like ďwell thatís kinda coolĒ but you never know what the fans are going to like. Iím sure Stone Coldís stunner, which he actually got from Mikey Whipwreck, had no idea the stunner was going to explode like it did. You never know what youíre going to get sometimes. There are all kinds of new moves being invented every day. You never know which one is going to take off.

Right now it appears that TNAís TV deal is complete with Fox Sports. How do you feel the TV deal?

Well I think the more people who just get to see TNA, not so much that they are even just wrestling fans, just to see it will make a difference. It will get us noticed and when fans put your face or name on whatever advertising people will say ďHey Iíve seen that guy on TV.Ē then they can tell everyone else. I donít think it even matters what kind of time slot it gets. Folks wonít have to pay ten bucks every week to see it or even for an update. Sometimes there isnít an Xplosion where they live. If I heard correctly about the time slot then maybe some kids will be able to watch it. I donít care what time the TV slot is. No matter what itís great.

Recently in an interview Ric Flair said in regards to non-wrestlers using wrestling terms, ďWell fans who use terms like that I have no respect for, because they're not wrestlers. That's a wrestlersí terminology. See that's inside talk - I don't like outsiders using inside talk - I have no respect for it whatsoever. Everybody wants to think that they're a wrestler.Ē How do you feel about fans trying to get closer to the business, such as the internet fans, and how do you feel when you hear words like that since Iím assuming you were a fan when you were a kid too growing up?

Absolutely. I mean, as a fan that didnít have cable access I didnít get to watch him as much as other kids. But you know, I kind of agree with Flair. They donít know what its like. They can talk it but they canít live it like we have to so I understand where heís coming from. When a man like Ric Flair says it then people need to listen to him. I think that itís their own fault in a way for exposing wrestling so he canít help it. Sometimes Iím happy when I get smart marks if thatís even the right terminology. Of course, how can they be smart if their marks? Iím just glad they can enjoy good hard working wrestlers. You can that tell these guys are busting their butts. Iím glad they feel like they got what they paid for. I think thatís what is important.

So you have nothing against us on the internet? Weíre not all bad.

I donít think youíre all bad. I mean, usually when you are talking wrestling terminology then youíre obviously a huge fan. Youíre not some jabroni out their talking smack so I appreciate it. But then again Ric Flair is Ric Flair and people should listen.

I know. When I heard what Ric Flair said in the interview my heart sank.

I donít think he meant it directly to people like you. I think he meant it more for the guys who are there who are fans in the crowd that are more interested in getting attention for themselves other than watch the wrestling show. I think thatís more of what he meant.

Word Association

Jeff Jarrett

Boss, letís leave it at that.

Entertainment at its most mediocre

Psychology kind of guy, heís knows what heís doing when he comes to psychology in the ring. .

Christopher Daniels
A guy that I owe a lot tooÖnot just in the ring but as a friend. Heís someone who I owe a lot to.

AJ Styles
A hometown guy from Gainesville Georgia who still doesnít realize that heís anything special. Heís a guy who still goes home to let his dog go out to pee. Sometimes heís a good husband, sometimes heís a jerk. Iím just a regular guy.

The Choice Game

Bungee jumping or skydiving?

Bungee jumping because my chute doesnít have to open

Salsa or French onion?
I donít know. When I go to Chiliís I liket o eat their slasa.

Indy or Pro?
I have to pick one of them? Man this is hard. Can I take Pro money with indy wrestling. .

X-Division or Heavyweight Division?
division guys and heavyweights. Can I do that one?

Which one do you enjoy more?
Oh, man this is a hard to choose. Prestige of the heavyweight but the action of the X-Division. That match Wednseday with Chris and those guys in the X-Cup, I was so jealous. The action was great. You have no idea how much I loved that.

Wednesday was great. The end with Harris dressed as La Parka, I never would have guessed. He was totally out of character. I mean, obviously I didnít think the injury that Raven gave him was ďcareer endingĒ but surprises like that are what makes being a fan great.

So we got you?
Yeah, I never saw that coming. I mean I was like, Harris? That was great. Weíve been die-hard fans since the first show so it was really great to see a surprise like that.
We got you? Good. (laughing)

Nashville or Orlando?
Orlando. Iím not a country fan.

Any last words?
I always say this. I think its very important. The wrestlers donít make the company, the fans do. We owe everything to the fans because with out them weíre nothing. We really owe everything to them.

There you have it. Having a sit-down interview with AJ was truly an experience that I will never forget. I hope youíve enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed doing it.

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