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Why do people blame the PG-era for the reason WWE is crap?
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Default Why do people blame the PG-era for the reason WWE is crap?

The reason WWE is crap is not because it is PG

in the 80's it was PG, and most people didn't have a problem with it

the reason that WWE is crap is terrible booking

and here is why the booking is terrible

1- PPV cards are never fully announced until the night of. I'm getting sick and tired of WWE announcing 1/2 to 3/4 of a PPV card before it's announced. PAYING customers have to know what their paying for before they buy it. If a person on the street over you the contents of a paper bag for a total of $50 would you buy it if you weren't allowed to know what was inside it

2- Their writers and bookers put NO EFFORT into their midcard, tag team division, and women's division. The reason why the attitude was so good is all the wrestlers were on a metaphorical ladder, and for midcarders to put on a good show was a common theme. They would trying put on a good show in order to climb up the metaphorical ladder, and their writers helped alongside them booking intriguing storylines. Now that they hired soap opera writers they do not care about the metaphorical ladder, we will just make it like a conveyer belt, just goes round and round until finally one has done enough to make it to the big leagues.


3- They make little effort to build new stars. back to the metaphorical ladder, When there were guys trying to make it to the top, Top guys would help accomodate the rising stars to become stars. Now let's be safe and say WWE made their top 2 guys Orton and Cena.

Cena and Orton fans tell me the last times these two SUCCESFULLY, made a rising star become a star and stay a star. Because in my mind both of these guys along with the writers can care less about anybody but themselves as far as the wrestling business goes.
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CORRECTION!!! I don't blame the PG era for WWE being crap. The blame falls on Stephenie McMahon. Ever since she became head of creative the WWE has sucked in a major way. A former WWE writer once said Stephenie is a very nice girl but creatively she couldn't come up with a creative idea if her life depended on it.

WWE is so bad in the creative department they have resorted to ripping off indy promos word for word, TNA storylines, gimmicks, and ROH.

Then again, this is nothing new as the Attitude era was a rip off of ECW, DX was a rip off of WCW's NWO and even Wrestlemania was a rip off of Starrcade.
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The PG era isnt the reason WWE isnt as good as it could be, but its not helping

Most of the guys in the WWE (especially the older ones) were so used to TV-14 that it was a hard transition and they arent good at making insults that arent motherf*cker or son of a b*tch, ETC

I mean, remember when Edge called Cole a tool and the way he reacted it was like he called him a cow raping abortion failure

Everything else you said was spot on, horrible booking for the most part, besides the RAW main eventers everyone is being misused
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Dude, it's time to stop complaining. Orton and Smackdown are crap, sure, but Cena is putting Punk over right now. It's in the works. Punk defeated Cena at back-to-back PPV's. Punks victories were only slightly tainted. Tonight on Raw Cena defeated Punk after interference from Nash. That looks better for Punk than it does Cena. Think about it. I'm talking all in kayfabe to make things simpler.

Punk beat Cena at Money in the Bank cleanly, after McMahon tried to screw Punk out of the match and Cena chose to stop that from happening.

Punk beat Cena at Summer Slam after an error on the part of HHH.

Cena beat Punk after a blatant distraction by Nash making Cena look heelish in the process.
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Its crap ever since they changed it to wwe it was better when it was wwf when they had real talent like the rock Stone cold Rikishi eddie guerrero Etc Nuff said!!
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