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: Official NWA TNA PPV Preview - 4/14/04 (PPV Results will be posted here)
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Default : Official NWA TNA PPV Preview - 4/14/04 (PPV Results will be posted here)

Here is the official NWA TNA PPV Preview for April 14th, 2004:


As a result of winning the Final Fourway on March 31, Raven has advanced on "The Road To The Cage"! His opponent on April 14 will be "Wildcat" Chris Harris, and the superstar that survives the contest will advance to the Steel Cage Match on April 21 for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Jarrett! It's the first in-ring meeting for Harris and Raven, and it will no doubt be historic with so much on the line! Who will go on to face Jarrett in the cage? Tune in April 14 and find out!


If Jeff Jarrett thought he was getting Wednesday night off to rest and relax for his upcoming world title match inside the Steel Cage on April 21, he was wrong. Thanks to a decree by Director of Authority Vince Russo, Jarrett will be forced to compete this Wednesday night against James Storm of AMW! With months of bad blood between both superstars, James Storm will finally get his chance for revenge on the champ for laying him out with a vicious guitar shot last week!


Thanks to a win over The Amazing Red on March 31, Frankie "The Future" Kazarian is now the new X Division Champion! Making it his mission to prove himself to Team NWA, Kazarian has certainly done just that with recent wins over Jerry Lynn, Primetime Elix Skipper as well as capturing the X gold in front of former champ Chris Sabin! Now, Kazarian looks to continue his winning ways against Team NWA as he faces Sonjay Dutt with the X gold on the line on April 14! Can the "Original Playa From The Himalaya" reverse Team NWA's misfortunes and capture the X Title? Tune in and find out!


By winning the Four Team Wildcard match on March 31 against Diamond and Siaki, Gilberti and Young and the New Franchise, the newfound combination of D'Lo Brown and Apollo (formerly El Leon) are next in line for a tag team title shot. This Wednesday night, they get their shot against NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions Kid Kash and his monster relative Dallas! With size and speed on both sides, the teams look even going in. But it remains to be seen what happens when Apollo collides with Dallas!


All hell broke loose in the Asylum when The Alpha Male and Sabu battled on March 31, as security crews had to separate the two superstars after they brawled all over the arena! Following the bout, the Xplosion TNA CAM got comments from Monty Brown, who challenged Sabu to an Xtreme Rules match on April 14! Can the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal Sabu survive The Alpha Male's hunting grounds? Will Sabu figure out a way to stop this juggernaut? Tune in and find out!


Another story that came out of the Four Team Wildcard match was the return of Johnny Swinger, who cost former tag team partner Simon Diamond and Sonny Siaki a shot at the NWA Tag Team gold. Following the Pay-Per-View, the April 14 bout was signed after Diamond demanded it - meaning Simon's Got A Problem, and Simon Says the only solution is to settle the score with Swinger once and for all!


When you say "The World Title" which one are you talking about???

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Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 4/14/04
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of:

The show started off with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett, in the face of TNA announcer Mike Tenay. Jeff Jarrett claimed that Vince Russo is doing anything in his power to get the title from around his waist. He said Russo tried to turn Abyss on him, won’t let Don Callis in the building, and send Kevin Northcutt home. He explained how he was at the top of the mountain alone here in NWA TNA.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Cowboy James Storm
Not too long after Jarrett was done complaining, James Storm hit the ring to get his revenge on the World Champ for smashing a guitar over his head 2 weeks ago. It was his chance to also soften him up, in case his partner won a shot at the title later in the night. The bell then sounded and Jeff Jarrett came into the ring with a steel chair, but the referee took it away before he could do any damage with it. Storm attacked Jarrett and it wasn’t long until the action spilled out of the ring and into the crowd that was watching on at the Asylum. For almost half the match, these 2 athletes battled on the arena floor in front of the fans. Both men used a chair to try and soften the other up.

Once back in the ring, Jeff Jarrett took control of the match after pushing referee Andrew Thomas into the ropes which caused Storm to fall hard on to the mat. Jarrett attempted the Stroke, but Storm countered and almost got him with the 8 Second Ride. Jarrett then became desperate and threw the referee to the ground and grabbed his guitar. Storm managed to take the guitar away from Jarrett, but just as he was about to get his payback with the stringed instrument, referee Andrew Thomas grabbed his arms. This allowed Jarrett to get the pin and the victory over Storm.

Jeff Jarrett wasn’t through yet. He grabbed the microphone and said that he was not only going to pin Harris or Raven next week, but he would hurt them as well. He then smashed a steel chair against James Storm’s leg and put him into the Figure 4 leg lock. Harris stormed the ring to help his tag team partner and started pounding on Jarrett’s face until Raven hit the ring and hit Chris Harris with a chair. Raven then smashed Harris’s face against the chair with a drop toe hold. While he was on the ground, Raven began to work on Harris’s left arm. Russo ran down to stop Raven from doing anymore damage to Harris’s left arm. Raven then began to choke Russo until AJ Styles ran down to make the save. In the end, Russo tried to shake Styles hand for helping him, but AJ just turned his back on the Director of Authority, and walked off.

The attention was then shifted to the back where Scott Hudson was standing by with Johnny Swinger, Trinity, and Glen Gilberti. Hudson asked how Swinger could have turned his back on longtime partner and friend, Simon Diamond. Swinger explained that Diamond was the worst man at his wedding and he felt sorry for Diamond. He said he was forced to team with Simon in ECW and that once they both came to TNA; Diamond was riding his coattails again. He even degraded his former partner further by saying that he was a lousy Irishman from Delaware. David Young then showed up and told Glen that he didn’t know they were having an interview. Gilberti yelled at him saying that he wasn’t invited and that David Young has to win one or else.
X Division Championship

Frankie Kazarian vs. Sonjay Dutt
“The Future” Frankie Kazarian was out to prove Jerry Lynn wrong again, by trying to go 3 for 3 against team NWA TNA against Sonjay Dutt. With the title on the line, Kazarian went to work on the Original Play from the Himalaya early in the match. Sonjay used his quickness to his advantage and soon turned the momentum his way. Dutt hit Kazarian with a moonsault off the top ropes that sent both competitors crashing to the concrete floor of the Asylum. Kazarian came close to winning the match on many occasions after hitting his patented moves, the Flux Capacitor and the Back to the Future, but Dutt kicked out. In the end, Frankie went with his Wave of the Future to put Dutt away for good and got the 1,2,3.

Kazarian then grabs the microphone at the conclusion of the match and brags about how another member of team NWA TNA fell victim to the coolest person in the world. He then demanded that a TNA official come to the ring and make him an official member of the team. It wasn’t long before the monster, Abyss made his way to the ring. A frightened Kazarian tried to reason with Abyss and attempted to shake his had, but instead was greeted with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss then offered his hand to Sonjay Dutt who had his reservations of doing so. After clasping hands, Abyss immediately took out Dutt and left both X competitors lying motionless in the ring.

Russo was then seen talking to AMW in the back with concern for Chris Harris’s arm. AJ Styles stormed in the locker room, demanding that he be added to the match between Harris and Raven. Chris explained to Styles that the only way he was going to get his shot was over his dead body. He then told Russo to his face that he is still ready to go tonight.

Simon Diamond vs. Johnny Swinger
Finally, it was time for Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond to settle their differences in the ring. Both competitors knew each other’s moves very well coming into this match. Swinger seemed to be making his point early on in the match by laying into his former partner. Gilberti made his way to ringside halfway through the match with the intent to help Swinger, but was immediately followed by Sonny Siaki, who had other plans in mind. With Siaki at ringside, Gilberti was held at bay from doing any harm to Diamond.

Glen Gilberti then decided to interfere at the end of the match. Siaki saw what was going on and clocked Gilberti. While this was happening, David Young came to the ring to help out Swinger, but his plan backfired and he ended up hitting Johnny and costing him the match. Gilberti and Siaki found there way into the squared circle and were exchanging punches until Trinity ran in from the back and hit Siaki with a steel chair. Trinity, Gilberti, and Swinger then began to beat up both Siaki and Diamond with violent intent. Swinger grabbed Diamond’s robe and ripped it into pieces. Security then jumped in and cleared the area.

The cameras then went to the back where Scott Hudson was standing by with the 3 Live Kru. Hudson asked why all of them were wearing their camos. B Gizzle said it was because they were at war and K-Dawg stated that people came to see the Kru compete. Killings said they were done being the nice guys and to get ready.

Sabu vs. The Alpha Male Monty Brown
After their brutal encounter last week, TNA officials decided to book a rematch between the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Sabu and the Alpha Male, Monty Brown. Only this time, there are no rules, no DQ’s and pin falls count anywhere in the building. The match got right under way. Sabu got the first blow and hit Brown right in the skull with a steel chair. Brown hit Sabu with the Pounce early on, but couldn’t capitalize on the move. Sabu put his health in jeopardy by springing off the top rope, over a table, and onto Monty Brown. The fight then spilled into the crowd. They fought all the way back to where the old SEX locker room was located.

Brown threw Sabu right through the doorway and both men continued to do blow into the dark room. No one was sure what was going on in that room until Sabu was violently thrown out on to the floor of the Asylum by none other than Abyss. Abyss then picked up the hardcore legend and powerbombed him through a table. When Monty finally appeared from the room, he saw Abyss across the way and began to stare him down until that mysterious woman appeared and led Abyss to the back. Monty Brown realized that Sabu was down and he used the Pounce again to finish him off and got the 3 count.

Scott Hudson caught up with The New Franchise who seemed to have had some problems amongst the group in the past couple of weeks. Shane Douglas said there was no disgrace in getting knocked down, but it’s how they get up. He ignored the fact that anything was wrong. Michael Shane then asked Douglas if he was finished. He said that it’s time he thinks about Michael Shane and that he was the longest reigning X Champion in TNA history, yet it’s all about what Douglas needs. Traci tried to stop each of them from arguing any further, but to no avail. Shane said he met with Vince Russo earlier and got back into the X Title picture. Douglas was furious asking if this is how Shane repays him for all he has done for the young superstar.

NWA Tag Team Championship
Kid Kash and Dallas vs. D-Lo Brown and Apollo
The new tag team champions, Kid Kash and Dallas, didn’t have long to rest before defending the belts that they won last week against Low Ki and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. By winning the Four Team Wildcard match a couple of weeks ago, D-Lo Brown and Apollo earned a shot at the titles. Could Kash count on his new partner to get the job done? It seemed that way early on. Both Kash and Dallas were working very well together. Kash couldn’t control Abyss, but he seemed to have control over his relative, Dallas.

D-Lo and Apollo started in on Kid Kash early on in the match. It seemed that Kash would never get a chance to tag in his 6’9” partner, but he finally made it to his corner and the momentum swung their way. Dallas used his power to weaken both Apollo and Brown. Kash got back in and was in some serious trouble, until Dallas ran in with a steel pipe and hit both D-Lo and Apollo with the weapon. Dallas must not be too familiar with the rules, because by trying to get his team disqualified, he managed to lose the belts to D-Lo and Apollo due to NWA TNA rules. You cannot protect your titles by getting DQ’d. This made Kash furious. Kid Kash continued to push Dallas and ask him why he did such a dumb thing. D-Lo Brown and Gran Apollo became the new NWA World Tag Team Champions!

Hudson was outside Sabu’s locker room where he heard things being thrown around. Raven found him there and promised Hudson that he would become the NWA Champion. He also said that Sabu always has his back.

Raven vs. Chris Harris
It was now time for the last stop on the road to the steel cage next week on TNA. Raven entered the ring first and was soon followed by Chris Harris who had his left arm and shoulder bandaged up pretty good. Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, and 3 Live Kru were all looking on from ringside and in the crowd. It was time to find out, who would go on to challenge Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Harris’s favored shoulder soon became Raven’s focal point. Raven immediately went to work on the Southpaw’s left arm. Harris seemed almost defenseless, until he too found a body part on Raven that he could work on.

He immediately went for Raven’s right leg. Each competitor worked on their opponents weak spot, with neither of them gaining a clear edge in the match. James Storm hobbled his way to the ring to cheer on his partner. After getting somewhat involved in the match, Sabu ran down to the ring and battled with Storm through the crowd. Jeff Jarrett then made his way to the top of the ramp and sat down with his belt and a guitar. The match continued to go back and forth until Chris Harris seemingly had Raven down for a 3 count. The only problem was that the referee was down and didn’t see this. Raven then set up Harris for the Evenflow DDT, but Harris reversed the move and rolled him up for the pin. Chris Harris was proclaimed the winner and was congratulated by Vince Russo at the conclusion of the match. It will be Chris Harris against Jeff Jarrett in a steel cage for the NWA World Heavyweight Title next week on TNA.
When you say "The World Title" which one are you talking about???

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