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Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...

Quote: has received word that on Tuesday afternoon, the one and only STING informed the TNA offices that he will be coming to the Asylum on Wednesday night to take part in the Pay-Per-View! Without a doubt, this is huge news for the entire wrestling world!

What does the Man In Black have planned for TNA on Wednesday night? Does he have a message for TNA? What does his future hold? TUNE IN AND FIND OUT!!!

SUSPENDED: RAVEN AND JAMES STORM! has received more breaking news, this time from the Office of NWA Director of Authority Vince Russo! According to a statement released by Russo's office, he has officially suspended both Raven and James Storm - with no pay - as a result of their actions last week during the TNA Pay-Per-View! According to Russo's office, the situation will be discussed further on Wednesday night's Pay-Per-View!

This past week on TNA, Director of Authority Vince Russo told World Champion Jeff Jarrett the next time he defended the gold, it would be inside the confines of a steel cage! According to Russo, the road to that cage match begins this Wednesday on TNA! This week, new number one contender Abyss faces gauntlet winner Ron "The Truth" Killings. The winner of that bout will advance to face "Wildcat" Chris Harris on March 31, whom Russo firmly believes was cheated out of the title. The winner of that final match will face Jarrett inside the cage for the gold!

Abyss, the 300-plus monster who beat AJ Styles in the ladder match this past week for the current number one contender status to Jarrett's crown, will take on 3Live Kru member Ron "The Truth" Killings this Wednesday night! With a possible guaranteed title match against Jarrett for one of these superstars, both will go all out on PPV! The big question is - will Abyss maintain his allegiance to Jarrett? And how will Killings' opportunity effect 3LK going into the Tag Team Title Tournament?

This past week, it was announced that this Wednesday, March 24, an eight-team tournament to crown new NWA World Tag Team Champions will take place! The tournament will continue on March 31, with the final championship match scheduled for April 7! The teams who will compete in the tournament are as follows: 3Live Kru, The Naturals, Simon Diamond and Sonny Siaki, Glenn Gilberti and David Young, Kid Kash and Johnny Swinger, Slash and Sinn, The New Franchise and a Mystery Team!

This Wednesday night, six top X division superstars will compete in an elimination match to determine a new top contender to Chris Sabin's X gold! The superstars are the returning Amazing Red, Jerry Lynn, Primetime Elix Skipper, Frankie "The Future" Kazarian, the impressive Petey Williams from Team Canada and Team Japan member Nosawa! Who will come out on top of this aerial showcase to move in line for the gold? Tune in and find out!

The monster powerhouse and former NFL New England Patriot Monty Brown gets a shot to make another big impact in TNA this Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View as he takes on the equally imposing Don Harris from the Blackshirt Security! Will the "Alpha Male" continue his hunt in TNA? Tune in and find out!


It looks like it is gonna be a good one tonite. If TNA can pull of 3 great shows in a row, they may be on to something, only time will tell. But the programing does seem to be getting good again.

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Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...

NWA-TNA PPV review
March 24,
Live from Nashville, Tenn.

-The show opened with recaps of the major storylines. Then Mike Tenay introduced the show and bracketing was shown for the NWA Tag Team Title tournament.


Shane Douglas said nobody makes noise like he does. He said a lot of people want to see he and M.S. fight, but he said they’d be sorry to hear that things are great between them. Don West told Tenay he "couldn't contain himself" over the fact that Daniels and Ki were back together. Tenay said the NWA Tag Titles are so important, they are back together. Tenay said Douglas and Shane must have be shaken up having found out about their mystery opponents just then. Tenay also announced that Vince Russo suspended James Storm and Raven for one week without pay due to their actions last week. Tenay wondered if Elix Skipper knew about the reunion of Ki and Daniels. He looked surprised. He was shaking his head. Tenay and West wondered who reunited them. West said maybe it was Russo because he originally put Triple H together. Russo's name has now been mentioned more than twice as often as any wrestler on the show. M.S. worked over Daniels in the ring at 3:00. Douglas illegally choked Daniels, then Shane tagged him in legally. Douglas and Daniels each made hot tags at 6:30. Ki went to work on Shane with rapid-fire chops. Daniels tagged in and hit his BME for a near fall. Douglas made the save. Daniels threw him to ringside and then dove onto him. Ki, meanwhile, worked over M.S. in the ring. He set up the Key Krusher, but Tracy climbed to the top rope. That distracted Ki and Daniels finished off M.S. with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination.

WINNERS: Ki & Daniels at 9:15 to advance in the tournament.

STAR RATING: **1/4 -- Good tag match.

-After the match, M.S. yelled at Tracy. Douglas stepped between them. West said even when they argue, they always find a way to get back on the same page. M.S., though, stormed out of the ring and walked to the back shaking his head.

-Scott Hudson interviewed Glenn Gilberti and David Young. Kid Kash entered the picture and said he realized he needed to go to his roots to find someone he can trust to be his partner this week. He said Johnny Swinger was at home. He said he looked forward to meeting Gilberti & Young in the next round.


Slash and Synn took early control with a double team move on Young. Slash and Synn soon took over offense. Gilberti made a comeback at 2:15 and then tagged in Young. Good, rapid pace in the early minutes. Tenay said Abyss vs. The Truth tonight would lead to a match against Harris eventually and then the winner of that match would face Jeff Jarrett in a cage for the NWA World Hvt. Title down the line. Synn moved out of the path of Young as he went for a moonsault. Young, though, did catch Synn with a spinebuster at 4:30. Slash made the save to stop the three count. Gilberti tagged in and missed with an elbow. He sold an elbow injury afterward. He tagged out to young right away. Synn tagged in Slash, who worked over both Young and Gilberti. He gave Gilberti a big boot and Young another big boot. Slash gave Young the Whirly Bird for the win.

WINNERS: Slash & Synn at 7:08.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- A bit sloppy and awkward in the final minute. Surprising finish with regulars Gilberti & Young getting knocked out of the tourney before Kid Kash could get at them.

-Backstage Raven complained to Russo about finding out about being suspended on the internet. Russo told him he didn't belong in the arena. Raven said he is better than everyone else in the room. Sonny Siaki, Sabu, Road Dogg, and Simon Diamond gave a collective eye roll at that comment. Russo said he would talk to him next week. He said it was just business. Raven said that's what everyone says when they're politicking. Raven told Sabu to leave with him. Russo told him that Sabu had a match and he should stay. Sabu's non-speaking roll really makes him out to be just an idiot, especally when there's no character development for newer viewers to explain why he doesn't talk. Raven told Russo he is playing a dangerous game.

-"Alpha Male" Monte Brown attacked "Heavy D" Don Harris at ringside. He demanded they ring the bell, but they wouldn't. Brown left Harris writhing at ringside, then entered the ring and said he came to TNA, not to beat up Harris and Chris Vaughn, he came to TNA to face real competition. That drew Sabu to the ring. Brown at first took control, but within seconds Sabu escaped a powermove by Brown and then flipped onto him. He was about to hit Brown with a chair when Brown bailed out. Nice, basic set-up for a match between those two down the line. The push of Brown has been really basic, but also well done thanks to Brown's intensity and the selling of his intensity by the announcers.

-Hector Garza was introduced as the new captain of Team AAA because Juventud Guererra was no longer in AAA due to disciplinary reasons.


When Kash's partner came to the ring, Tenay and West said they didn't know who he was. Jeremy Borash made those ridiculously exaggerated facial expressions in the background that left no mystery that he didn't know who the new guy was. But his facials would suggest that he was looking at a man with four heads juggling kittens who had been set on fire. Tenay and West talked about how big Kash's partner was, guessing that he was 6-4 or 6-5, around 275. Kash as usual was one of the highlights of the show in the ring with good early exchanges with both Diamond and Siaki. Kash would be "money" in WWE in the cruiserweight division because he's different from anyone else's character. His style is also very WWE-oriented rather than indy-style or primarily highspot-oriented. Kash tagged in his mystery family member, who sported long, dark hair and tattoos and long black trunks. The guy grinded his knee and boot into Diamond's face. Kash then went for a moonsault off the top of his partner's shoudlers who was sitting on the top rope. Diamond moved and hot-tagged Siaki at 8:00. Four-way action broke out (of course) with Siaki clotheslining both heels and then scoring a two count on Kash. His partner made the save. The heels double-clotheslined Siaki. Diamond recovered and superkicked Kash's partner over the top rope. He then dove onto the guy at ringside. Kash, meanwhile, scored a two count on Siaki in the ring. Kash and Siaki exchanged slaps in the ring. Kash's partner grabbed a pipe and hit Siaki. Kash rolled up Siaki and with a yank of the tights scored the pin.

WINNERS: Kash & partner at 10:14.


-A.J. Styles complained to Hudson about not being booked on the show. Russo walked into the picture and said he wanted to talk to him. Styles said the last time they talked, Russo let him down and went against his advice. Russo said the past is the past, and now it's time for them to get on the same page again. Styles asked how that helps him. He said he wanted to be in the no. 1 contender's match. Russo said he made a decision and he's sticking with it. Styles asked for a match against Raven. Russo said he couldn't do that, but asked him to trust him. Styles said he had done that before and he won't make that mistake again.

4 -- B.G. JAMES & KONNAN vs. THE NATURALS (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)

James came to the ring without Konnan, who hadn't arrived at the arena yet. James controlled the opening minutes, but eventually The Naturals took control. Konnan came to the ring wearing jeans and a Kobe Bryant L.A. Lakers jersey. (He's a big NBA fan.) He hot-tagged Konnan at 5:30. After a flurry by Konnan, Douglas threw powder at Konnan and then Stevens KO'd him with a chair to win.

WINNERS: The Naturals at 6:38.


-A recap aired of last week's Chris Harris title match against Jarrett. A pretaped promo then aired where Jarrett said he proved last week that Harris wasn't ready.

-Mike Tenay stood center ring and gave a detailed introduction to Sting, talking about his history in wrestling in the '80s and '90s and his feuds with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair over the years. Sting then came out in his black Crow get-up and shouted to the crowd. Sting took the mic from Tenay (he asked nicely) and said there is a movie being made about his life. They are filming footage in Nashville this week and next week for the movie. He thanked Jerry Jarrett and the city of Nashville for letting him use the facility. Tenay asked Sting for his thoughts on the new direction of NWA-TNA and Russo's return. Sting said it's about time that wrestlers started wrestling. He said the fans in the South wanted to see some "awesome grappling like we used to do." Tired, empty, hallow cliches from Sting, who really doesn't come across as knowing what he's talking about or feeling it. How is Sting no better at promos today than he was in 1989. He's not terrible because his energy and charisma carries him, but he just seems to be on auto-pilot and can't believably communicate passion. Sting said time is not on Russo's side if he's lying. He said it felt great to win the most important title in pro wrestling. He bounced all over the place for a minute, then Tenay asked him about Jarrett. Sting said he is present to film a movie, but he's also there to wrestle. He said he wasn't born to be a movie star, he was born to be wrestler. Not exactly. He said he'd be there next Wednesday night and he would poke his face into something, somehow, someway because "it's showtime!" Then he returned to the back.

-Hudson interviewed Ron "The Truth" Killings about his match against Abyss. He said he's on the path back to the top. He said Abyss can't handle the truth. Nice catchphraes. Goldy Locks walked into the picture and told Truth that Abyss is ready for him.


Truth took early control, including ducking an Abyss boot and yanking his crotch into the ringpost three times. Truth took Abyss down with a flying headscissors off the apron onto the floor, drawing some "holy sh--" chants. Abyss caught Truth when he dove at him and then dropped him crotch-first over the railing. They brawled into the bleachers for some punch and bend over, punch and bend over boring sequences. Abyss rammed Truth face-first into the announcers' table at ringside. Then he tosseed Truth into the stairs at ringside. Back in the ring at 6:00, Killings came back with an axe kick to Abyss who landed on a chair he brought into the ring. Killings hit Abyss with a flying clothesline, then launched off of a chair with a flying kick into the corner. He punched Abyss in the corner as the crowd counted to ten. Truth flipped out of the corner and nailed Abyss with another kick. He followed with a diving headbutt to Abyss's crotch. After a front suplex he went for the cover, but Raven yanked the ref out of the ring during his count. Abyss then lifted a distracted Truth and gave him his finisher for a near fall. Raven stood at ringside. Truth caught a charging Abyss with a boot to the face. When he came off the ropes, Abyss caught him and slammed him to the mat. Raven then entered the ring and nailed Abyss with a chair, showing he didn't care which wrestler won, he just wanted to make his mark. The ref called for the bell. Raven then hit Truth with a chair.

WINNER: No contest at 9:35.

STAR RATING: *1/2 - Disappointing. Too much crowd brawling and no real finish.

-Styles ran to the ring for the save. He went after Raven. Meanwhile, Konnan and James ran out to help the Truth fend off Abyss. The locker rooms emptied to try to keep everyone separated. Abyss broke loose and went after Truth again. Styles broke loose and dove over the top rope onto Raven at ringside. The crowd chanted "Holy sh--." Truth grabbed the house mic and said he hasn't had a lot to say lately, but he has been biting his tongue. He said things are going to change and things are about to happen. He asked Russo to allow him to take care of Raven the old fashioned way. He demanded a match with Abyss vs. Raven vs. Styles vs. Truth. West said that will be Russo's call. Sabu helped get Raven to the back.

-Hudson interviewed Jerry Lynn and Elix Skipper backstage. Skipper said he doesn't care who they face in the next America's Cup. Lynn said they should just put the teams from Canada, Mexico, UK, and the NWA all together at once. Lynn said he'd fight an NWA teammate in an X Title match. Scott D'Amore walked in and said Team Canada's Petey Williams is going to win the six-way match tonight in the main event to become no. 1 contender for the X Title. He said he expects Lynn to choke like all Americans do. Lynn gloated that Team Canada wasn't drinking out of the X Cup. D'Amore tried to stir trouble between Lynn and Skipper.

-West plugged the website for info on the upcoming training challenge. He said it will take place Apr. 12-13. Tenay said next week they'd show extended footage of Jarrett's NWA Title defense in Mexico. A brief clip aired of Jarrett heading to the ring and having garbage thrown at him. They announced Brown vs. Sabu for next week. The ref stepped up and said something that the mics somehow didn't pick up, but West reiterrated that next week would feature a four-way match to earn a match against Harris to then earn a title shot. He said Sting would be the special enforcer referee. Tenay and West raved about the four-way match scheduled for next week.

-Hudson interviewed Chris Harris. He thanked James Storm for his support. He said he may not have won the title last week, but he has a whole lot of pride that he proved last week he has the heart and desire to be champ. He said after the feeling he had last week, he doesn't care who comes out of the fatal four-way match, he'll go through whatever he has to in order to face Jarrett in the cage. He said Russo told him something interesting recently. He promised him that at the end of this story he would have everything he ever dreamed of. Harris said the final chapter would be his cage title victory over Jarrett.


Skipper and Kazarian began against each other. Williams and Lynn both tagged in at 1:45. Red tagged in against Williams at 2:15. Red hit Williams with a nice full revolution DDT. Williams tagged in Nosawa and Red tagged in Lynn. Chaos broke out at 2:00 with four wrestlers in the ring brawling. Skipper overhead suplexed Williams onto the top rope and then followed up with a legdrop. Kazarian promptly went after Skipper, throwing him over the top rope and then diving onto him at ringside. Red followed up with a dive onto both at ringside. Lynn caught a charging Nosawa with a clothesline to stop him from diving. Lynn then cradle piledrove Nosaa at 5:37 for the first elimination. Williams head scissored Lynn over the top rope, but Lynn brought Williams over with him. Skipper walked the top rope and took Kazarian off the top rope with a head scissors. Red then dove onto Skipper in the ring. Lynn slidekicked Red into the announcers' table. In the ring, Kazarian pinned Skipper at 7:20, but the camera missed it. In the ring Red dropkicked Williams and Kazarian. Lynn and Red covered both for simultaneous two counts. Lynn gave Williams a TKO, but Kazarian jumped in. Lynn kicked him in hte gut. Kazarian backdropped Lynn. Lynn then gave Kazarian an Impact DDT for a near fall. Lynn went for a sunset flip on Kazarian, but Kazarian sat down on Lynn and then Williams held his hands for extra leverage to score the three count on Lynn at 9:35. Williams scored a two count on Red. Kazarian suplexed Red, then tagged in Williams. Kazarian and Williams double-teamed Red with a variety of moves that Tenay didn't know the names of. Kazarian turned on a celebrating Williams and eliminated him quickly at 11:20. That left Red vs. Kazarian. Red scored a very near fall on Kazarian. He followed up with a standing shooting star press and scored the pin.

WINNER: Red at 12:15 to become the no. 1 contender for the X Title.

STAR RATING: *** -- Some nice moves, but a bit too short for that many wrestlers to really develop a believable internal storyline for the match in beleivable fashion.

-They cut to the back where the wrestlers involved in next week's four-way main event had a pullapart brawl.

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