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My Smarkish Rant
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Default My Smarkish Rant

WWE is fucking stupid. The ONLY thing they have gotten right lately is Benoit and Eddie, and I'm sure that will end soon.

Ok, I was skeptical of the draft, but I started to think it might actually work and they might get it right. i was kinda excited about the possibilities of the draft. Raw starts and Vince announces the format and I was like, "hell yeah! this will be good!" then it starts....

Dupree to SD. They break up La Resistance RIGHT when they all get back together. Nice way to keep a potentially solid stable around

Benajmin to Raw!!!! Oh fucking stupendous. Break up WGTT when your tag division is SHIT!!

Now let's waste a pick on Jindrak. No one gives a fuck about him, but hey who cares. In the process we broke up a tag team. They were shitty, but the tag division is even shittier.

Ok, time to not give a shit because Nidia is going to Raw. Why? That isn't fucking groundbreaking

Time for a surprise because HHH is off to SD!!!!! Ok, I can dig it because that's huge. Evolution took a hit, but I can live with that. More on this late in the rant.

GOOOOOORRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god it's the hometown favorite so let's waste a draft pick on him, only for him to come out to boos and a pretty little squash match. He's accustomed to those, but that's good cuz it's all he has in his WWE future anyways

Spot Van Dam off to SD to BOTCH up that entire show. Oh yippee. It doesn't even look like SD anymore. More reason for wrestling fans to tune in every Thursday night

"NEVER GONNA STOP!!!!! NEVER GONNA STOP!!!!!!!!" Holy shit, it's Edge being drafted to Raw and he looks exactly like he did more than a year ago and has the exact same music!!!! How hard is it to change someone up a bit? Why throw out the same stale, tired ass boring wrestler WE ALREADY WATCHED?

Wait, WWE isn't done dropping the ball, they waste YET ANOTHER draft pick on Teddy Long. Wow, so many storylines there. I mean, he could manage Shelton Benjamin. Oh wait, he's on Raw now. Sorry

Oh my god, the Japanese Buzzsaw drafted to Raw, where he can feud with ONE single cruiserweight in Hurricane!!!! To steal a line from the Guinness beer commercials, "BRILLIANT!!!"

Time for the last SD pick and it's a HUGE one! Oh my fucking god!!!!!!!!! It's....It''s SPIKE FUCKING DUDLEY!!!!!!!!! Oh that's right. He's useless. Way to blow it ONCE AGAIN WWE

Time for Raw's last pick. It's Heyman. He quits. Probably will lead into a shitty storyline that WWE fails to deliver on once again

Now onto who his GM replacement will be. It could be Theodore Long. It could be Shane. It could be Steph. It could be Vince himself. Oh the agony of waiting. Oh the suspense is killing me....

We get Kurt Angle Haven't we seen this before? Haven't we seen wrestlers turned GM? Austin ring a bell? Foley ring a bell? No? Oh that's right, I tried to forget those angles as well.

Time to fix this mess they call a draft with some trades. Maybe reunite Haas by trading him to Raw. Maybe get the Bashams on Raw so there's a decent tag division. Maybe get some bigger names of people that aren't jobbers switching shows. They can fix it, they really can.

*wakes up from dreamland* Oh no they can't because they fuck everything up. Let's trade JOBBER ASS BITCHES THAT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT!!!! A Train and Palumbo for Rico and Jackie. WHO FUCKING CARES? Rico might be good IF HE WASN'T A FUCKING FAGGOT!!! Now let's completely reverse one of the better draft picks and get HHH back on Raw for the Dudleyz and Booker T. Great. Stupendous. Now we will all be subjected to more Booker and RVD tag matches probably. And if they're trying to make SD a tag team show by sending the Dudleyz there, why? It's pointless seeing as you broke up THE BEST ONE YOU FUCKING HAD!!!!!!

Whew, I think I may be done. I ranted. I don't feel better. And I'm sure many of you will disagree with me. That's fine so long as you know ahead of time that you are WRONG!!!!!!!!!
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You're right on many levels. But I believe Shelton going on a singles run could be good as he has the potential to "make it".

Other than that, nothing but stupid shit. Cena to Raw since it suits him better? Nah. HHH stay on Smackdown and maybe feud with someone NEW!??! Nah.

Pfft, great draft! Whatever. If it was supposed to shake up the entire federation, then I shudder to see how boring the AVERAGE episodes of Raw coming up are going to be.

BTW, who the fuck is Eddie going to feud with now??? Big Show? WHOOPTIE DOO!!! What is Undertaker going to do??

The tag division is useless, the womens and cruiserweight divisions have not been helped any... Fucking eh, I never really though about it but now the draft has ME pissed.

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.....great rant, Stick.....

okay, so I liked the idea of a draft.....except this wasn't a draft, it was a lottery.....and they didn't pick, although the announcers kept saying that.....they drew names from a hat.....

Shelton Benjamin to Raw.....I don't like seeing the WGTT broken up, but this was a nice shakeup.....and Benjamin will give a new face to the singles mid card......this was a major move, and one that a lot of fans have recently been calling see this guy as a singles competitor.....

Nidia to Raw......crap!.....ugly ho who may be able to wrestle, she will actually replace an eye candy diva in Jackie.....but at the time it was a "who gives a rip"......

Tajiri to Raw.....crap! does this help Raw in any way?......K-R-A-P!

Edge to Raw.....I, unlike Stick, like this move.....he is a fan favorite, and Raw has only one real face in the main event picture that is credible in any way.....when HHH takes the title back next month, Edge will be his next victim.....

Heyman to Raw.....setting up a storyline, I liked this as well.....

Rhyno to Raw......who gives a rip.....he is boring, has no skill outside of the guys hash on other people about no moves, but Rhyno sucks.....and then gets squashed by the champion in a tap out that made my wife ask "why would that hurt".....yeah, real good.....

RVD to Smackdown.....okay, I can live with that.....

Dupree to Smackdown.....this guy just needs an opportunity, imo.....and Orton already has his spot on Raw......I like this move.....

Jindrak.....see Rhyno.....crap!.....

Teddy Long......okay, so now we get to hear about Orlando Jordan thuggin and buggin.....whoopee......

Spike's where he belongs, but something earthshattering please......

HHH.....yeah, right.....that's gonna happen.....I couldn't be so lucky.....


the trades.....HHH back to Raw......*shocked*.....and the Dudley's and Booker T to it appears that SD will have the tag division and Raw will just retire Ric Flair with a belt on him.....Booker needed a change, the Dudley's needed a change.....why couldn't they have just sent them in the draft?.....that would have gotten a better response....imo.....

Jackie and Rico.....Rico is better off on SD, Jackie is eye candy and fits in with the other three divas on SD.....good for SD......

okay, so what did we really get out of this?......nothing......

what a bunch of crap.......
Originally Posted by STICK View Post

Maybe someone swapped your keyboard with Toof's. His always seemed broken too.
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ok ok ok, I didn't bother to write anything about this, because I knew no matter what happened, it was going to cause an uproar. but oh well, change is painfull.

Splitting up WGTT was a good move. Shelton is primed for a singles run and they have been proving themselves for over a year now. I'd rather see them break up when they're still on top than watching them become stuck with each other for the remainder of their careers ala Dudleys. Tag teams are all good, but in the end, they're only there to serve the porpose of putting out new singles stars and to keep ppl on tv. Good luck to both of them and hopefully Haas will develop into a new top heal.

Nidia to RAW is fine. She gets out of the Noble story which she's been in forever and if she can perform in the ring, adds another legit womens wrestler to the roster.

Tajiri means nothing, except that it will hopefully allow akio and sokada(?) to come into their own.

I don't mind edge on Raw. I thought I would when it was rumored, and I was hoping he'd be on sd, but really, he can become the next big face on raw. He's got plenty of fan support, no matter how much the net hates him. He's decently talented in the ring and he has enough charisma to carry himself without having to work with super talkers. He's paid his dues and deserves a chance to move up in the ranks.

Heyman leaving or whatever. Beats me, I hear it's some ecw thing, but I haven't been following it. For all I care, they could put Heyman in charge of ovw and run the show and I'd watch.

Cena's bitch moves to RAW and is given the role of Benoits bitch. Whatever, nobody cares about him, nobody would care if he got fired and nobody even knows who he is. That's why he has to wear his name on his shirt.

Dupree moving to sd is great for him. They still have the tag team and hopefully he'll be able to pick up and show off some more of his talent in the ring. He's got tons of charisma and could very well be another great heal on sd. It'll suck if he gets stuck behind that fat ass Big Show, but we'll see. Doesn't really hurt Dupree in the least to be moving, in fact I think it's a great move for his career.

Jindrak, who? Some heat jobber becomes some velocity jobber. I don't know enough about the guy to really bash him though. May be a chance for him to come up and prove himself though.

Long is good on the mic. That's about it. But his broken assed stable never got off the ground. Might be a chance for him to do something new or bring up some younger talent. Can't really say for sure, but he sure as hell wasn't doing shit on RAW.

Spike, meh, he'll be fine in the cruisers, but that's all. Nobody really cares about him either. Shit, Molly holly has had a bigger career by far since their little storyline.

HHH, well, could have been cool, but...

Booker T and Dudleys going over to sd is fine. It keeps that faggot rvd in his place and keeps the tag division strong. I don't really have a single problem with this. Also, as much as I don't like any of them, they are all over with the fans and could do a lot to put over some of the new guys like Haas or Dupree or whoever is coming up.

Rico and Jackie on sd make sense. That's about all I can say about that. Rico does have talent though, and in some strange universe where anything can happen, maybe he'll get out of his damn faggot gimmicks. Of course, I fully predict it will only put Jackie in the middle of some Stacy/Sable crap story.

HHH going back is fine with me. He gets to stay apart of evo, and hopefully we'll see them turn on him somewhere down the line. He's still a part of the hbk story, and imo, the only reason they ever announced him was so he could put eddie over as a more legit champ. Think about it, in a little over a month, Eddie beat Brock and defended against Angle and HHH. Now, I certainly wouldn't expect HHH to job again so quickly, but he still put eddie out there and made him look good. Works for me.

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Well we have been waiting for this big pay off, that the wwe has been building up since Nov. Everyone said don't worry this is build up for wrestlemania and the WWE didn't deliever so they went with a draft and now that will be the excuss "give it time" We have been giving the WWE time since Nov. and we have gotten nothing out of it, with the exception of Eddy and Chris as Champions. Nice but when you have a shit sandwich with tasty bread you sitll have shit in the equation. Thats all that is good is Eddy as champ. WWE hasn't even given Benoit the respect of a champion. Everything he has has been overshadowed by the recent events. Now on to this "the fans diserve change" draft.

Shelton Benjimen to Raw- Well its pretty bad move imo, one reason is because WWE isn't gonna truly focus on Benjimen at the moment. Unless he is put into the mix with Evolution I see no reason why the best Tag Team WWE has couldn't have stayed together for another year and a half at least. Shit Bret Hart stayed with Niedhart for 6 years before he came out. Benjimen to me is gonna be a future star, so taking him out of a week tag division doesn't hold to much sense. He will be a mid carder and we'll see how he is used, but he really should have stayed with Haas for the moment. The WWE NEEDS him in their shit excuss for a tag division.

Nadia to Raw- Good move imo, It adds another women to the womens division. I am tired of watching Trish and Lita stink up the ring. And I'm tired of watching the same women fued, when there are women who can wrestle and add a little spice to the womens division. Now they have enough women to have match's on heat and Raw. Nadia hopfully is ready to step into the division and add her presence. Her boobs are big enough

Edge to Raw- Perfect, I have said from the beginging Edge doesn't diserve to be on SD with his Raw like move structure, and finally he is wear he needs to be. On the show were looks are more important then actual talent.

Tajiri- Makes absolutly no sense. Why take one of the best cruiserweight, and put him out of the division. Its like the Cruiserweight division has gain Spike for Tajiri. Where is the logic in that. More so over what the hell would Tajiri do over on Raw, fued with Hurrican each and every week.......

Heyman to Raw- Dumbest move ever. I've heard the rumors about ECW being started back up. Stupid in its own self. Why have the best GM, with the bets mic skills with the best phrase "Paul Heyman's SmackDown"(always loved when he said that) leave a show that he is a very intricate part of. I feel that if any GM should have been removed it should have been Bishoff, but lets see if WWE goes ahead with their third brand. It would be funny cause they don't even know how to run the current two they have at the present time.

Rhyno to Raw- Well One way to make a person look as if he is gonna be a jobber for the rest of his career, is to have him lose his very first match, in under 7 minutes. Bah. What an impact he isn't gonna be lol. No one care about that guy who is fat as fuck and simply put what a waste of my time to watch his name be drawn. He simply the newest jobber to the Raw squad.

Dupree to SD- I like Renee Dupree, but it depends on whether or not Booker and Van Dam will be a tag team or whether they will be singles competitors on how good of a choice it is to have him on SD. He is a good wrestler and personally I wish all of La Resistance came with him, because this is a good stable and they were just starting to come into their own. And of course when I start to take notice of them as a whole with Fifi, they go and break them apart. Hopefully now that they have seperated Renee they will give him a push, though I think it is entirly to early to push him, and that he will be around for years. So I ask what the hell is the rush?

Jindrake to SD- I think I mean Jindrake to Velocity, I think it was a bad idea for the WWE to break up this jabronie tag team. Even if they are no ones at least they were no ones together. I don't know what the hell he posses as a singles athlete and I don't really have an opinion of him, mainly because he alone isn't worth my opinion. But I'll tell you what, breaking up a tag team for no reason sounds like a WWE thing to do..............

Long to SD- Well he is a good manager. I don't exactly know where he will go from here, but Managers are something that I have been saying are a good thing. Hopefully he will manage someone and that someone will get a decent push......

Spike to SD- Spike is one of the worse wrestlers I have ever seen. He doesn't have a move-set, he just kicks and punchs and rams his head into his opponents stomach. He is terriable and was never a good cruiserweight. It would have made a little more sense to have Shane Helms come over and add some more compitition to the CW. But instead they want to keep Shane with a fat guy labelled SHIT.

HHH- To SD back to Raw- Ummm I was actaully excited about this because a maineventer was going from one brand to the next. And I thought change was gonna come. however with HHH back to Raw it makes the whole draft almost stupid as only jobbers and tag teams have been posistioned on different shows. So in a sense this wasn't earth shattering like it was suppose to be.

Booker T/ RVD and Dudley- Well we now know that it takes the three of these sucks ass to equal one man. These are the guys that the people who praise Raw say suck. Yes the people who say SD sucks and say Raw is 5 times better still let it be known that Booker T wasn't good anymore and they bitched about him. The Dudleys the 'raw' fans said sucked, were boring, steel and to predictable. And now they are on SD to suck it up over there. SD was wrestling based. Now with these three over here I'm saying its looking a lot like Raw, which is entertainment based and you didn't have to wrestle a good match to be over. I just shutter at that Evolution v. Booker/RVD match this past monday. It was one of the worse match's this year. You could see and hear Booker Talking, you could see Flair walking when he was being thrown into the ropes. It was a terribale match, and that is usually how Booker and RVD's matces go anyways. And now I have to watch the spin-a-ronne or however the hell you spell that move he doesn't even do right. RVD my be a good choice for SD, if he didn't do the same moves every single match in the same exact order. Van Dam isn't half the wrestler he was in 96' and that being said he isn't a good wreslter. But well see if these two teams can make up for one WGTT.

Rico and Jackie to SD- Look I like Rico, as long as he isn't rubbing his ass against some dudes pelvis, and trying to kiss some guy during the match. He really has talent and now that he is on SD maybe he could get rid of some of this glitter. and the stupid gimmick.

Palumbo and A-Trian to Raw- Sucks for Raw fans because now they will have to endure what we had to. If they were smart they would reform Albert and Test and let them form with Christian and Trish to form a shady ass stable. Hey none of them will ever be maineventer anyways, might as well have a stable where they can all feed off of each other.......Palumbo, good redience..........

All and All this was a disappointment. Why because it didn't "shake up the WWE as we know it" It just pushed some of the jobbers to a different show and broke up a few tag teams. I hardly call that ground breaking. But We'll see who benifits in the whole scheme of things. Most likly the fans won't.........

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LMFAO, great post STICK, had this girl looking at me cause i was laughing at the computer screen at college.

But anyway, i must admit when they said that they having a draft pick lottery i was excited as hell, i really this will be a great turning point for the WWE, but when the result came the amount of disappointment i felt is unexplainable.The WWE had ruined a good chance of making the both brands better and a more of treat to watch.

Sending Dupree to Smackdown and Shelton will by far have to be the biggest mistakes the WWE have made this year and they've made a lot of mistakes, so by that being the biggest you know they fucked up as they will soon witness when the writers are completely baffled as to what to with the tag division.

Nidia, won a Tough Enough but has barely wrestled a match and as of late has become nothing but eye candy to some, but this pick was a good idea for the Women's Divisions as its only a matter of time before Trish has that belt around little waist once more, but maybe Nidia can give the writers more of a range when deciding which woman has the title, Jackie was never in a WRESTLING match if my memories doesn't fail me.

Triple H sent to Smackdown was the bigegst surprise the WWE has hit on his in a long time, well since Benoit and Eddie won the titles. But then they ruined that aswell by sending him back, but then i guess there is one good thing about that and thats we still get to see Evolution running strong.

Sending Rhyno to Raw would be a good if they just stop jobbing him to every wrestler he steps in the ring with, i think Rhyno is a great heel when used correctly and his in ring abilities ain't to shabby, well atleast its better than Cena's and hes got the strap aroung HIS waist.

RVD, meh, hes become less than nothing so i have nothing to say about him.

Edge to Raw, could we be seeing an E & C return, i most diffinately(sp?) hope not. Christian is doing so well as a singles competitor, he beat Jericho at Wrestlemania, so many wrestlers in the back can only dream about stepping in the ring against Jericho one time, let alone at Wrestlemania and then beat him. Christian is a great heel and now i truly see that Edge was just holding him back and blocking Christian's light.

Teddy Long to Smackdown, well atleast they end that stupid white vs black bullshit.

Tajiri to Raw, by far a another big mistake and that could mess up his career. If he steps into the ring against any big guy they is a good chance he'll job or end up in one of those stupid squash matches. As for Spike, well i guess he can compete for Crusierweight title, maybe add some new flavour to that division as his styles is very from the other lightweights and hes not affraid to take risks.

Heyman, one of the best non wrestling heel, is gone, what a shame and the WWE will soon regret than once their eyes are fully open.

Angle is GM, this a big surprised to be honest, but then also a another disappiontment, i can already for see future repetive storylines thanks this angle the WWE have decided to take, but i won't post it as i don't want to let any obvious spoilers out.

Have patience people, have patience. I'm sure Vince and his writers had a night out of drinking a got a little too tipsy, once all the alcohol is out of their system they'll realise what sort of mess they've made of the WWE.

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