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Random thoughts of a wrestling V
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Default Random thoughts of a wrestling V

Well, I put it here since this is my if you wish, respond if you'd like.....I like to write these once in a while.....again, I apologize for the turn towards the WWE in smarks.....however, other discussion seems to warrant no response.....

While pondering the direction the WWE is going, I embarked upon a thought process that says maybe they are following the rules that wCw formed.....fewer smutty storylines, more in-ring wrestling and less hardcore style.....smaller champions, fan favorites and clear cut heels vs faces.....that's what I think they are doing.....attempting to get back to when "wrasslin' was real and the moonshot was fake" days of yesteryear.....and that's not a bad thing.....kayfabe is long gone, but if they go back to distinguishing the good guys and the bad guys it will give the fans a refreshing way to cheer.....

Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit as the two major champions of the wrestling world.....who would've thunk it?.....I'm no fan of Chris Benoit, but it's definitely a turn in a different direction.....the direction that says you don't have to be a huge persona to become the champion.....the direction that says you can get by on in ring skills and hard work.....I like that, and surely the workers like it as well.....some of the other guys that have been around just as long as Benoit surely have a little hope now.....and Eddie Guerrero, the fan favorite, the excellent worker.....he is a deserving champ, in my eyes.....I hope he does well.....

With all of the recent injuries, many coming during a time that the WWE has clearly been getting away from the reckless style of the past few years, you have to wonder.....which way is better?.....there will always be injuries in a sport that has 300lb men slamming into each other.....there will always be injuries in a sport where guys like Mysterio fly around so much.....the human body was not meant to take such a toll, to be involved in these trainwrecks we call entertainment.....and people say it's fake!.....sure, and the deskjob they work at is real.....makes the same amount of sense.....I hope these guys get well soon, I hope that no more injuries occur.....of course, I also hope that there is world peace, and I don't see that happening in the near, while injuries happen, it only makes me respect the wrestlers even more for being willing to take that risk for the entertainment of the fans.....

The direction of Goldberg is something that I probably shouldn't discuss, especially since I am supposed to be a "smark", but I'm gonna do it anyway.....while the WWE would certainly not fold without him, I gotta say they are missing the boat if they don't resign him.....lacking for major draws at the present time, Vince McMahon has to rely upon about five people to be the backbone of his ppv's.....Undertaker, a man with no real direction.....Austin, a man who can't wrestle......HHH, a man who the casual fan is sick of.....HBK, a man who is past his prime and still the best wrestler on Raw......and.....Goldberg.....scoff if you will, deny it if you want to.....but the man is the casual mark's dream......I know this to be true because of the casual fans that I speak with.....did they care that Benoit won the title at WMXX?.....whether the tag titles switched hands?.....nope.....but, to a person, the casual fans that I've talked to have wanted to know who won.....Goldberg or Brock.....I know that my five year old daughter has no clue who any of the wrestlers are except for Goldberg.....she chants his name when his music comes on.....

Now, I know that someone will take exception to that and say "sure, but she's five years old".....or, "sure, but they are casual fans".....well, truth be told, there are a lot more casual fans than smarks.....

Good times are ahead for the WWE.....of that I have no doubt.....will they wait it out and see if Eddie and Benoit can carry the franchise?.....we'll have to wait and see.....the draft brings up some good possibilities, and with the rumors circulating about other stuff, it could be exciting......

I know the end, I'll sit down and watch Raw on Monday Nights.....I'll watch Smackdown on Saturdays because I can't get it until then.....and I'll always be a wrestling fan......
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