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Official NWA TNA PPV Preview - 3/17/04 (Jarrett defends NWA World Title...)
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Default Official NWA TNA PPV Preview - 3/17/04 (Jarrett defends NWA World Title...)

Official NWA TNA PPV event preview for March 17th, 2004:

After Wednesday's TNA PPV, the TNA landscape will change drastically, thanks to Vince Russo! Featured on the card, we'll find out if Chris Harris can become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion as he faces Jeff Jarrett. A number-one contender will be established as AJ Styles takes on Abyss in a Ladder Match Plus, 10 TNA superstars will compete in a wild battle royal to not only settle feuds, but establish a true superstar power ranking in TNA!

Is the Wildcat ready for what Jeff Jarrett has in store for him? Will Chris Harris finally realize his boyhood dream, or will the veteran Jarrett hold onto the title? NWA Director of Authority Vince Russo has cast doubt on whether the America's Most Wanted member is prepared for the NWA Champion at his best. But the Wildcat thinks otherwise, and is bound and determined to step into the ring with Jarrett this Wednesday night with the gold on the line!

While Jarrett vs. Harris will determine the World Champion, AJ Styles and Abyss will continue their epic series this Wednesday to crown a true number-one contender! Hanging above the ring will be a contract, and AJ and Abyss will go to war in a Ladder Match to own it! Styles and Abyss' recent battles have gotten rave reviews, but without a doubt both superstars will take it to a new level with a steel ladder this Wednesday night!

It was a superkick from James Storm that cost Shane Douglas a recent match against Chris Harris, and this Wednesday night "The Franchise" looks to repay the America's Most Wanted member! With The Wildcat no doubt occupied with his World Title match against Jeff Jarrett, will he be able to watch his partner's back against the rest of the New Franchise? Tune in and find out!

Frankie Kazarian promised last week he would prove to Team NWA captain Jerry Lynn he was wrong for overlooking him for the X Cup - and he did it by beating the X division pioneer. This Wednesday night, Kazarian looks to do the same with another Team NWA member, "Primetime" Elix Skipper! Two of the X division's finest will compete in what will surely be a high-flying, aerial showdown!

Featuring Sonny Siaki, D'Lo Brown, Simon Diamond, Konnan, Ron "The Truth" Killings, Kid Kash, Glenn Gilberti, David Young, Johnny Swinger and Michael Shane.

On March 3, it was a 10 superstar tag team match - but nothing was settled! This Wednesday night, those 10 TNA superstars will return to fight it out in a "Gauntlet For Rank" battle royal to determine the power standings in TNA! The final two competitors will go to a pinfall to claim the win!

When you say "The World Title" which one are you talking about???

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I'm actually looking forward to TNA tonight. The card looks pretty good and the matches should be entertaining. Thanks for the preview Badman.
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Ya, thanks badman...this is the second time ever ordered NWATNA,my fav match will be the ladder match,one thing that sucks,is that Raven might not be there.
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Default Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 3/17/04 (Jeff Jarrett vs. Harris - NWA World Title)

Frankie Kazarian vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper

The show started off with a bang this Wednesday night with “The Future” Frankie Kazarian out to prove a point. His point being that he should have been part of Team NWA in the America’s Cup. Two weeks ago Kazarian got the victory over NWA team captain Jerry Lynn. This week, he tried to follow that victory up with a win over Elix Skipper, another member of team NWA.

As expected these two tremendous athletes put on a heck of a show. The match went back and forth, with both wrestlers putting up an incredible offense. In the end, Kazarian hit his Back to the Future finish on Skipper only to come up short of a 3 count. Just when it seemed like Skipper was going to put his opponent away with the Instant Replay, Kazarian reversed the move and grabbed the tights for the win. Of course, this wasn’t enough for Kazarian and he began to pound on Skipper after the bell. Jerry Lynn came to the aid of his teammate and ran off Kazarian.

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Chris Vaughn

Last week, The Alpha Male, Monty Brown, made his return to TNA and made quite an impact by taking out the Insane Clown Posse, thus giving Kash, Gilberti, and Young the win. This week, the former NFL star got back in the ring for a little one on one competition with Blackshirt Security member Chris Vaughn.

Brown dominated the whole match and eventually hit the Alpha Bomb for the win. Vaughn was just overpowered the whole match. Monty looked to be in incredible condition. After the pin, Brown continued his beat down on the helpless Chris Vaughn until Heavy D came in to make the save. Monty Brown is back, and in a major way!

“The Franchis” Shane Douglas vs. Cowboy James Storm

Shane Douglas was out for revenge this Wednesday night as he tangled up with AMW’s Cowboy James Storm. Two weeks ago, Storm gave Douglas a superkick, which led to his partner Chris Harris getting the pin in a match to see if Harris was ready for a NWA title shot. The leader of the New Franchise does not forgive and definitely did not forget the actions of Storm last week.

Traci accompanied Douglas to ringside and watched on as both superstars did battle in the middle of the ring. Douglas seemed to have had victory in his grasp as he pinned Storm for more than a 3 count. The only problem was that Traci had distracted the referee a little too long and cost Douglas the victory. Storm quickly took advantage and superkicked Shane Douglas. 1 2 3, and the match was over. After realizing what Traci had done, Douglas had some choice words for her after the match. Michael Shane then got involved and you could tell there was friction among the New Franchise.

10 Man Contender Gauntlet

Vince Russo put together this match to find out an order of top contenders for the title in TNA. This match involved 10 superstars, one to come in every minute, with the object being to throw your opponent over the top rope and eliminate them. First in the ring was Siamond Diamond followed by David Young. As you already know, there is no love loss here, and this match got started off in a violent way with Diamond eventually eliminating Young from the match. Kid Kash, D Lo, and Gilberti were the next to enter the match with Kash eliminating D Lo Brown.

Sonny Siaki was the sixth TNA superstar to make his way into the Gauntlet. Little did he know, Raven was going to send a message to Russo by giving the Evenflow DDT to Siaki in the middle of the ring. Gilberti quickly capitalized on this and threw Siaki over the top. Michael Shane, Konnan, and Ron “The Truth” Killings were the next to enter the gauntlet, with Konnan eliminating Kash and Gilberti eliminating Konnan. Diamond quickly extracted a little revenge on Gilberti by eliminating him from the ring. And then, there were four. Just before the time was up, Swinger ran to the ring and took out his former tag team partner. With all of his focus on Diamond, Killings was able to eliminate Swinger from the gauntlet. This left Killings to take on Michael Shane, only this time, there must be a pinfall or submission.

Shane Douglas made his way to ringside to watch over his New Franchise partner, Michael Shane. Although Michael didn’t seem to need any help, Douglas threw a chain to his protégé for an edge in the match. Michael Shane threw back the chain to Douglas and was eventually pinned by Killings. The win put Ron “The Truth” Killings at the top of the list here in TNA. Again, there was more conflict between Douglas and Shane following the match.

Abyss vs. AJ Styles (Number 1 Contender Ladder Match)

The rivalry between AJ Styles and Abyss has been growing here in TNA and it all came to a boiling point Wednesday night in a ladder match to determine the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. It was Power vs. Agility in this match. With the contract for a title shot hanging from the ceiling, these 2 superstars battled it out in one of the best matches in TNA history.

AJ pulled out all the stunts in attempt to keep the monster, Abyss down on the mat. Even the Styles Clash couldn’t stop the big man, but a sunset flip off the top of the ladder by Styles, sent Abyss crashing through two steel chairs. Just when it seemed that Styles was going to grab the contract for the win, Raven got his attention long enough to allow Abyss to knock the ladder over, sending Abyss to the concrete floor. Raven got Vince Russo’s attention again while Abyss grabbed the paperwork, which will send him to a match with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett.

“Wildcat” Chris Harris vs. Jeff Jarrett (NWA Title Match)

All eyes were on this World Heavyweight Title match between Chris Harris and Jeff Jarrett, including James Storm, Abyss, Ron Killings, and Vince Russo. It was time to see if Vince Russo got Harris prepared enough for the biggest match of his young career. It was experience vs. youth in a match that saw overwhelming determination from each superstar.

Both Storm and Russo got a ringside view of the match, but Storm was sent packing by TNA officials. This might have been the best match of the year so far here in TNA, with both athletes putting it all on the line. Nothing could keep these two competitors shoulders on the ground, not even shot with a chair or the championship belt. Storm returned in the end to superkick the Champ in the face, which had the fans in a frenzy.

Harris was about to make the 3 count when all of a sudden Raven showed up again and pulled the referee out of the ring. While all this was taking place, Jarrett snuck to the outside and grabbed his trusty guitar, which he smashed over Harris’s head, giving him the win and thus retaining the gold. Raven had struck again and definitely got the attention of Vince Russo, but Russo promised that there would be hell to pay next week.

When you say "The World Title" which one are you talking about???

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