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Teddy Hart's last chance......
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Default Teddy Hart's last chance......

Recently ROH announced that Teddy Hart would be returning to their roster to take part in a match at this Saturday's event in Elizabeth, N.J. Hart, who undeniably has a great deal of talent, ruffled some feathers during his last appearance at ROH on Nov. 1 last year.

Hart was involved in a scramble cage match which featured ramps on all four corners of the cage. Hart did a number of impressive flips off those ramps during the match, but it wwas his actions after the match that got him in trouble with ROH.

Hart climbed the cage and leapt off one of the ramps onto the remaining wrestlers in the ring, despite the fact that the Backseat Boyz had won the match. Hart received criticism from his peers for two reasons. One, by doing the flip, he wasn't selling the fact that he just lost the match. Two, he put himself and the other participants in the match in great danger by performing flips onto them when they were not expecting him to do so.

From all accounts when Hart returned to the locker room, most of the wrestlers wanted to physically assault him. Hart was eventually thrown out of the ROH locker room with his bags and told he would not be welcomed back to ROH.

Following the events of Nov. 1, 2003, Hart released a statement apologizing for his actions and claimed that he had suffered a concussion and did not remember what had transpired after his match.

"I want to make it clear that as a man, I take 100 percent responsibility for my actions Saturday night and feel horrible that my post match conduct has taken away from what was a tremendous event." Hart went on to say, "I am human and have made, and I'm sure will continue to make, mistakes in my life. I want to officially apologize to all Ring of Honor Staff, Talent, and Fans."

Since the incident, Hart has released several derogatory statements targeting ROH wrestlers, most notably Steve Corino and C.M. Punk. Hart has been trying to blur the lines between real life and wrestling by creating a loose cannon persona on the internet.

Two weeks ago Hart released a statement which claimed that he would be at the Mar. 13 ROH show whether he was booked or not.

"Since Rob (Feinstein) and Gabe (Sapolsky) have not returned any of my agent's phone calls, I have taken it upon myself to book a plane ticket and will be at that event, even if I have to buy a ticket and walk through the front door. It has also come to my attention that there will be another Tag Team Scramble at the March 13th Event. I find it insulting for myself, for Jack Evans, and for the ROH fans that they would hold a Scramble without Ted Hart, the man who put that contest on the wrestling map. As the saying goes, 'We can do this the easy way or the hard way' but whichever way the front office at ROH decides I will be at the March 13th Event with Harry and Jack."

By all accounts, people who have been around Teddy Hart say that he has a huge ego and loves the attention that his statements create for him. They also say that Hart crazy enough to try any sort of stunt to gain publicity for himself.

Shortly after Hart released his statement, ROH announced that he had been added to a six man match at the March 13 event in order to avoid having Hart cause a disruption at the event.

ROH co-founder Gabe Sapolsky tells that Hart was brought back because he believed he deserved a second chance. "Teddy has stated time and time again in the last few months that he learned his lesson," he says. "I'm always one to give people a second chance. However, if you blow the second chance then you are done. So Hart has his second chance and now we'll see if he backed up his words and learned his lessons. If he did, then we have a great talent on our hands. If he didn't then I'll look stupid for bringing him back and he'll be done in ROH for good."

It seemed at the time Hart was brought back in ROH in part to play up to his reputation as a loose cannon, but Sapolsky says that's not true.

"We said we aren't doing a 'buy a ticket' storyline and we put him in the Six Man Mayhem match on March 13th in Elizabeth, N.J. at the RexPlex and that will be a spectacular match," he tells "We haven't once mentioned the term 'loose cannon' and Teddy Hart when it comes to promoting Hart in ROH."

In order to have any success in ROH, Sapolsky has made it clear that Hart's success will come from his ability inside the ring and not from his self-made reputation, but it is clear that several ROH wrestlers are not thrilled with Hart's return to the ROH locker room.

Longtime ROH wrestler H.C. Loc tells that he is not happy with Hart's return to the ROH locker room. "I am not happy about it at all," he says.
"What Teddy Hart did at Main Event Spectacles at the end of the Scramble Cage match was unprofessional and wrong. Period. I love the ROH fans but, with all due respect, those few fans who are saying that what Hart did was not wrong, simply, don't understand the wrestling industry as much as they think they do.”

Loc's comments illustrate the root of Hart's problems. Wrestlers have a code of conduct amongst themselves, a code that each wrestler is expected to follow. One of the most sacred codes is to never go into business for yourself, which is a code that Hart has broken not only in ROH, but in other organizations for which he has wrestled.

According to Loc, Hart's return to the locker room can only happen if he is professional.

“Teddy Hart has his own agenda and cares about getting himself over more than the product," he tells the Torch. "If you look at what happened when Hart was here the last time you will see, that even though the whole locker room had our back and wanted him out of there, the only people that actually went after him in the locker room were Devito and myself because we were the veterans in the match he tried to ruin. He later got into it with Samoa Joe which goes without saying is a very dumb move. However, in the days that followed during Ted's fake concussion excuses and what not, he chose to mainly bad mouth Steve Corino, A.J. Styles, and C.M. Punk.

"What is my point? Teddy Hart does not care about ROH and he knows that Loc and Devito are exclusive to ROH. He chose to bad mouth those other men so he could get his name around the internet and try to use it in his lame attempt at a Brian Pillman angle to get booked in places besides ROH. All that said though, believe it or not, I DO think our locker room can coexist with Teddy Hart as long as he is there to do business the right way. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and will not pick a fight of any kind. That said I guarantee you this, if Teddy is unprofessional in the locker room he will never make it to the ring. If he is unprofessional in the ring, he will never make it out.”

Teddy Hart's return to ROH is obviously a sore subject among members of the locker room. It is clear from Loc's comments that he resents that Hart used the incident from 11/1/03 in order to make money for himself in other organizations.

One longtime ROH wrestler who asked not to be named tells the Torch that he does not believe Hart deserves a second chance in ROH.

“All the fans who support him (Hart) think so, but they need to think about what he has done,” he tells "He got kicked out of the WWF Dojo. He was thrown out of NWA-TNA for doing back flips after a match he lost and not to mention no-sold the finish and then doing what he did in ROH, putting the boys in danger ,trying to steal the spotlight, and just totally disrespecting the ROH locker room, you fans of Teddy's might think that's okay and that he's a great wrestler. Well, being able to do flips to me doesn't make you a good wrestler the last time I checked. He is not and never will be a star. Hell, he will never even be a has been because he will always be a never was.”

It is obvious from all accounts that Hart is running out of chances with ROH. If Hart chooses to be professional, he may have a future in ROH. It seems as if the ROH locker room is willing to accept Hart if he is truly sorry for his actions in the past and has learned his lesson, especially if he can contribute to making ROH a better product.

There is skepticism regarding Hart for good reason. Two weeks ago, Hart had an altercation with C.M. Punk, an ROH wrestler, in Nashville prior to an NWA-TNA event at which both men were booked. These two men are booked for the Saturday's ROH event in Elizabeth, N.J. Teddy Hart posses an incredible amount of ability, but the question is whether he will use it for his own gain at the expense of the promotion or as parrt of the team for the gain of the entire promotion.

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