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CZW TV Report....
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Default CZW TV Report....

CZW TV report

CZW Bring On The Pain Results
by Derek Sabato

CZW’s 2nd show in Allentown, Pennsylvania opened with CKNY with Jude taking on Z-Barr & Nick Berk. Both teams showed great chemistry and CKNY had the advantage for most of the match with double team moves on Z-Barr until Nick Berk finally got in and got the upper hand on the two CZW Wrestling School graduates before the two came off the top rope onto Cory Kastle with a splash/legdrop combo to gain the victory. After the match Cory Kastle got on the mic and dismissed Jude as their manager.

The next match was Merc taking on Dee Jay Hyde. These two clicked well together and Dee Jay had the upper hand for most of the match before hitting his Choke Walk (Chokeslam into a Sidewalk Slam) for the victory.

Sabian came out next with his posse (Robby Mireno, Joker & Ruckus) and was basically booed out of the building. He took on Chri$ Ca$h. Interference was all over this match as Sabian gained a victory after some cheating from his cohorts.

Sabian’s stablemate Joker took on Jon Dahmer next without his cohorts in his corner. In a hard hitting stiff strong style type match. Joker had a bloddy nose and lip. Dahmer’s hands and forearms were bloodied from him hitting Joker so hard. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two competitors in the Xtreme Strong Style Tournament. Joker gained the victory with a rolling clutch submission in the 3rd attempt to get Dahmer to tap.

The last member of Robby Mireno’s gang of thugs Ruckus came out to take on Jimmy Jacobs. Before the match Mireno & Ruckus were on the mic talking about Jimmy Jacbos’ valet and certain parts of her body. The crowd was so against Ruckus that they chanted Huss! Huss! Huss! after Ruckus stated that he would leave and not come back if he heard one chant. Again interference from Mireno led to Ruckus getting another victory.

Next Derek Frazier came out to face the debuting Gutter, the debuting Petey Williams, and the debuting Jack Evans. Evans & Williams worked as a team until they couldn’t do it anymore and started fighting each other. All 4 men pulled off an impressive array of moves. In his first (and least controversial to say the least) appearance of the night Teddy Hart made his way down to lend support to his Team Canada mates. Finally Williams & Evans got a double pin on each man to get the victory. Then after the match Hart attacked CZW Owner and World Champion Zandig for the 1st time of many that night on the microphone while he was sitting at the commentary table. Hart again showed off his Loose Cannon persona by basically shooting all over Zandig and promised a night full of interesting activites.

The Chikara 6-man match was up next. Team Rudos with The Wild Cards Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano along with team captain Jigsaw took on Team Techinos of Team Fist Gran Akuma & Icarus with team captain “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush. A high flying array of moves was seen in this match along with very lucha libre style type moves and innovative moves. Team Rudos eventually got the victory giving them the 1st win in the 1st match of their 2.

Next up Rebel’s Army with Doomsday Danny Rose defended their CZW World Tag Team Titles against The Messiah & Adam Flash w/”Discount” Dewey Donovan. Rob Hartog was the official for the match-up and he wouldn’t count a 3 for Rebel’s pinfall attempt on Messiah and the match broke down from there as Hartog was laying the boots on Rebel outside the ring while Doomsday came in the ring and hit the Doomsday Device on his former Rachie Adam Flash and Greg Matthews made the cover while Hartog turned around and counted a tentative 3.

Now the story that’s been heard all over the internet. Teddy Hart vs. “The Real Motherfuckin’ G” B-Boy. In a sign of upmost disrespect for his opponent, Teddy tried talking over B-Boy’s music to kill any chance of the crowd being able to sing along with the part of B-Boy’s music but B-Boy told him to shut his mouth and let the crowd do it. The CZW World Champion Zandig was in B-Boy’s corner at the beginning of the match and pointed to B-Boy’s knee telling Hart to look out for his Shining Wizard. Teddy went off saying he got hurt and was working too much and wasn’t expecting to work B-Boy and wanted to work “enhancement talent”. He warned that if B-Boy went after his “injured” knee he would not continue the match. Well after a few minutes of in-ring action B-Boy went to work on the knee and Hart in an unplanned moment got hot and rolled out of the ring immediately yelling curses over and over in the direction of Zandig who was doing color commentary. This is when all hell broke loose. Zandig got into Teddy Hart’s face with security, referee Brian Logan and Teddy Hart’s Team Canada mates Petey Williams & Jack Evans apologizing for his behavior. With Teddy continuing to yell words that were not supposed to be said in the building, Zandig took control of the situation and asked CZW security to remove Teddy from the building. Finally Zandig got the Pennsylvania State Athletic Comisssion rep to order Teddy to leave. During the fracas B-Boy came from the locker room with Hart’s bags and tossed them at him. Teddy was gone from the building so we thought so Zandig threw Petey Williams in the ring and basically led him to slaughter by B-Boy who finished off Petey in about 8 minutes with a Shining Wizard. B-Boy celebration was cut short when Hart came back in through the front door tossing CZW security aside. Hart got in the ring and in the face of Zandig. A shouting match ensured and finally Hart was forced on to the top rope by Zandig’s intimidation. CZW wrestlers came out to back up the boss was standing in the aisleway. Hart all of a sudden stood up on the top rope and did a moonsault that caught everyone by surprise. Hart unfortuently didn’t get a safe landing as none of the CZW wrestlers there caught him, just moved out of the way. Soon though they were all on top of Hart and had him out the door of the building. Zandig apologized to the fans and said there was a hell of a main event about to go on.

There was a hell of a main event that went on after all the chaos. Sonjay Dutt put up his CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship (still without his belt though) against Florida’s Roderick Strong. A damn good match that showed what happens when CZW brings in the top talent from all over the world to take on CZW’s own homegrown talent. In a very competitive match Sonjay got a rollup out of nowhere to score the pinfall and retain his title.
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