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Oeo 05 Mar 2004 02:55 PM

Jeff Hardy.....yes, dangit, Jeff Hardy.....
so, bear with me on this one, then bash him or whatever.....just back up your point, that's all I'm asking....

Jeff Hardy was (!) at one time an amazing entertainer in the wrestling world.....risk taker, high flyer, outstanding in-ring presence that didn't have to be a complete spot machine.....part of one of the most amazing matches in Wrestlemania history.....

Thrill seeker, Sabu-like in his disregard for his own life, Jeff Hardy was all about giving the fans a great show.....and that's exactly what he did.....thought to be the better of the two Hardy boys, he was the one that was supposed to be able to go onto bigger and better things, leaving Matt Hardy behind.....

Towards the end of his last run with the WWE, Jeff became little more than a spot monkey.....everything had to be set up as a result of a spot, or he wasn't involved in it....but!.....BUT! I SAY.......

HE WAS ALWAYS OVER WITH THE FANS!!!!!.....much like Lita still is, much like Matt still is.....and much like he would still be if he were still around.....the fans of World Wrestling Entertainment go nuts over this guy.....the fans of being entertained, wanting to chant "HOLY ****" want this guy around.....

so, my question is this.....

Why do we, the smarter fans of wrestling, hate someone like Jeff Hardy?.....(leave the drugs out of it).....all he does is provide entertainment for the fans.....sure, he worked a program for the World title, but seriously, no one thought they would give him the title.....

so, what's wrong with having a highly entertaining risk taker around?.....

giveth.....giveth now......

Dan Snyder 05 Mar 2004 03:17 PM

My guess for the Hardy hate is

1. When the Hardys split up, It was widely assumed that Jeff would be the next star and that Matt would be lucky to see success again. The push started out as so, Jeff had a main event world title match with Undertaker and had a feud with RVD at the start of the invasion angle and all the while, Matt did nothing. When the Matt Hardy V.1 gimmick came out and people finally got behind it, they saw who the real talented Hardy brother. Jeff was still stuck in his "xtreme" gimmick and it got old.

2. Jeff got "lazy". He was late to work, blowing spots left and right and didn't look like he cared.

SPEED 05 Mar 2004 06:59 PM

I don't hate Jeff Hardy, back in 2000 he was my favorite Hardy, I use to go crazy, everytime he would jump off a 20 foot ladder onto a table and all the other crazy stuff he would do. I use to mark out for Jeff Hardy and I still wish he was in the WWE today. He was a great highflyer and would put his body on the line everytime he would go out into that ring. He would do some crazy shit and I loved it. I use to think Matt was the calmer and took it more easier in the ring of the two and I didn't like Matt Hardy for that, I wished he would of been just like his brother in the ring. That was untill Matt Hardy had the V1 gimmick and I loved it, Jeff started to get lazy in the ring and when he use to come out with that paint on his face it use to freak me out. So I started to dislike Jeff but I don't hate him for all the times he entertained me and the wrestling fans in his matches

xer0 05 Mar 2004 09:09 PM

I think somewhere along the way Jeff got scared. Maybe it was when he started seeing all of the injuries happen but it seemed like he was real hesitant when he would do any of the high flying moves. Especially after Lita had to get neck surgery. Unfortunately he made a career out of high flying moves as that is what the fans remember and that is what they love. Now as far as the "drugs" go I think people have it backwards. I think he was doing the majority of his drugs while the Hardy Boyz were famous. You'd have to be doing coke to take some of the risks he did IMO atleast.

Jeff used to be a wrestler i looked foward to watching and I am glad he decided to put his energy towards music right now, even though it sucks, because he was obiviously uncomfortable and unhappy wrestling in the WWE at the end. I am sure we'll see him back someday too, probably when Vince is on another nostalgia kick and wants to reform the Hardy Boyz so he can disgrace their legacy as a tag team.

Side Effect 05 Mar 2004 10:24 PM

jeff was somewhat entertaining to me. he reminds me of RVD...sort of. like #2 of norm's answer. he started not being his high risk self. he reminds me of lita. they both are ""extreme"", but have gotten boring in the ring. this brings me to matt hardy. he doesnt have the "extreme" gimmick. and hes gotten farther in this business.

Dre 06 Mar 2004 01:43 AM

Well the way I see it is the same way I always have and voiced on this very forum. From the get go I always said that one Hardy was better then the other. I alsways said one Hardy wouldn't be able to go the distance because he isn't capable of getting the job done inside of the ring. I said Matt has the potential, the skill, the drive and the ability to be a huge star. I then would follow up by saying Jeff will get the bigger push much like Michaels did with the Rockers. However Jeff would never be able to keep up with the demand and the schedule, while trying to fit in his own personal life into the fold. Jeff Hardy was an areil wrestler. He wasn't good at working the mat. He had no true triditional skills that could make a match mainevent worthy. He was a brawler to a certain extant, yet he would in most cases come out on the short end of the stick. He was by no means a power wrestler, his mic skills were below par and since he was pretty much a one deminsional wrestler he would never be able to get completly over or be a good champion. If anyone saw the last year and a half of Jeff in the WWE then you would know what I mean. The kidd was botching everything. More then anyone on TE ever did in his match's. Then when he left WWE, he still wrestled with the same attitude. Half assed it in the match's and showed that he doesn't have his head completly in the game.

Matt to me comes off as the harder worker. One reason is because he has stuck with the WWE for a legitimate amount of time. And he given it his all at all times. He is a great preformer. Able to be an areial wrestler, a triditional wrestler, a brawler at times and a technical wrestler when it gets down to it. Matt is very much skilled in the ways to work a great match. He also unlike his brother can cut great promo's and his charisma inside and outside of the ring. Something that Jeff really only obtains inside the ring on a good night. Matt is able to wrestle in a cruiserwieght or heavyweight atmoshphere and seem like he's been doing it for 10 years. I like Matt better, for so many more reasons then I can even think of. But Jeff to me, just isn't that good as everyone beilieves. Its the finisher that people seem to be attracted to. Whatever someone's got to like that usless swanton, lol......:stoned:

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