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NWA TNA PPV 3/3 preview: AJ Styles-Abyss fight for tag team titles
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Default NWA TNA PPV 3/3 preview: AJ Styles-Abyss fight for tag team titles

This past week, new Director of Authority Vince Russo announced that he's giving Wildcat Chris Harris the chance to face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Title! But, according to Russo, he's got plans to prepare Harris in the upcoming weeks! According to sources, Russo is set to have Harris run through a "Gauntlet" on Wednesday night as part of his preparation! The question is, who will Russo pick for Wildcat's opponents? Can Chris Harris even survive to make it to his title shot?

New Director of Authority Vince Russo won't rest until the NWA World Heavyweight Title is off Jeff Jarrett, and without a doubt Russo has a plan to put Jarrett through hell and back between now and his title bout vs. Chris Harris! What does the Director of Authority have planned for the champion this Wednesday night? Tune in and find out!
By beating AJ Styles in the TNA Tables Match this past week - thanks to Lex Luger - Abyss is now the holder of the NWA World Tag Team Championship. However, this Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View, TNA officials have signed Abyss and his new championship partner to face AJ Styles and a teammate of his choice! Who will AJ and Abyss choose?
As the buildup to the March 10 America's X Cup: Mexico vs. Canada continues, we've learned that Team Japan's X superstars are headed to TNA this Wednesday night to face Team NWA! Sabin, Skipper and Dutt will take on a contingent of Japanese stars featuring Nosawa, who also competed in 2003's Super X Cup tournament. The America's X Cup is the hottest thing in wrestling today, and it looks like Team Japan wants in on the action!

As ICP reps Rude Boy and Too Tough Tony announced this past week, the Insane Clown Posse are returning to TNA this Wednesday night to confront Glenn Gilberti, Kid Kash and David Young! To make matters worse, Jarrett's crew likely enraged Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope by beating down Rude Boy and Tony this past week! Will the Jaggalo Nation destroy Gilberti, Kash and Young this Wednesday on Pay-Per-View? Tune in and find out!
Frankie "The Future" Kazarian makes his return to TNA Pay-Per-View on Wednesday night to face off against Team NWA captain Jerry Lynn in what is sure to be an explosive X division match. Looking to make a big impact in his return, Kazarian is taking on the best of the best in Jerry Lynn!
You want chaos? You want all hell to break loose? You've got it! Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View, 10 TNA superstars will be compete in one ring with the chance to settle some old scores. Who will come out on top of this sure-to-be melee? Tune in and find out!

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Default The Results are in. Credit

MARCH 3, 2003


Northcutt has dropped his Red Shirts gimmick now that TNA doesn't plan to use Legend for now. He dressed in black tights instead of the red t-shirt. I was looking for Jim Ross to join Tenay and West just to point out that this match was ugly as a bowling shoe.At one point, right in front of the camera, Northcutt pulled a chair over his head and then just sat there on the floor waiting for Harris to ram him into the ringpost with the chair in place. Then after getting rammed into the ringpost, he took the chair off. There were some of those terrible looking chinlocks where tons of light is shown. Harris easily could have slipped his head out of Northcutt's chinlock, but instead stayed in place and elbowed him several times before removing his head. There were at least two rudimentary moves that ended with the wrestlers awkwardly bumping into each other. This match looked like day two of Tough Enough. Or maybe worse. I don't know what happened to Harris, because he was a lot better than this a year ago, and Northcutt just is getting exposed in this singles match as being really green. Northcutt blocked a "Live from the 504," Harris's new finisher. Is that ever one of the worst-named finishers ever. Harris later won with the LFT504 which is sort of a pump-handle suplex. During the match, Tenay said he was just told that Russo had booked Harris against a mystery opponent in a second match for the main event of the show. He also said Russo told Jeff Jarrett to take the night off.

WINNER: Harris at 9:09.


-Scott Hudson interviewed Trinity. Sonny Siaki interrupted and told her that the "imaginary friend" who kept telling him not to sign the loyalty pledge was Vince Russo.
Simon Diamond, D-Lo Brown, Konnan, and Ron Killings also entered the picture. Diamond took the leadership role and talked about how they had all been underutilized and dealt with broken promises, but with the leadership of Vince Russo, they'd be a lot better off now. D-Lo said he is going to seize this chance to prove himself again. Killings said the pinacle of his career was becoming the first African-American NWA Champion, and since then he hasn't gotten opportunities. Wasn't he just the NWA World Tag Team Champion last month? Talk about demeaning the value of a title. Konnan talked about having been a main eventer in WCW. Simon then concluded by saying Johnny Swinger threw away five years of their lives when he turned on him and he'd make him pay.


They built the match in part around Swinger avoiding running into Diamond in the ring. Kash was the highlight of the first five minutes. Killings took a beating for a couple minutes, then hot-tagged Diamond. Swinger tagged out right away. Then ten-way chaos broke out. At 10:00 Diamond finally had Swinger in the ring. Young went for a clothesline on Diamond from behind, but missed. Simon then scored a quick pin on Young. Swinger fled. Michael Shane attacked B.G. James, who did color commentary at ringside during the match. In the ring, the heels beat up the babyfaces. The ICP and Juggalos ran in for the save, getting a big pop from the crowd.

WINNERS: Swinger & Siaki & D-Lo & Killings & Konnan at 10:16.

STAR RATING: * -- Decent ten-man tag action, but the match didn't last long enough for ten wrestlers to each have a chance to shine. I hope D-Lo didn't make the trip to Nashville just for that.

-A taped message aired of Frankie Kazarian complaining about Jerry Lynn not calling him to come in for the America's X Cup Tournament. He said Lynn was sixty years old. I don't get at all the angle they always take with Lynn pointing out how old he is. He doesn't look especially old. It's not like he's the age of Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair. He's around the age of Scott Steiner and Raven and only a few years older than Goldberg. Kazarian said he is returning to challenge him and prove he belongs in NWA-TNA and on Team TNA in the X Cup by beating the captain off the team. He said the everyone will realize why he is the future and the future looks good.


Kazarian worked over Lynn's left arm for the first few minutes. Lynn made a one-armed comeback at 6:00. Kazarian tooko over again at 7:00 and scored some near falls. Kazarian hit his Back to the Future finisher, a reverse Razor's Edge type move, at 8:00 for a near fall. Lynn blocked the Wave of the Future and then hit his TKO finisher on Kazarian for a two count. They went into a series of near falls on reversals on the mat which Lynn came out on the short end of.

WINNER: Kazarian at 9:06.

STAR RATING: **1/2 - Good match, as it told a nice story with the arm injury, but that also worked to limit the action.

-Raven entered the ring and gave Kazarian a DDT. He then said nobody is more deserving of an NWA World Title shot. He said no offense to Harris, but his resume is stronger. He talked about ridding TNA of Slash, Sinn, Vampiro, C.M. Punk, Julio Dinero, and James Mitchell. He said he is tired of standing in line and waiting. "What about me? What about Raven?" The crowd really didn't know how to react to him. "If you thought I was remourseless before, you'll be mortified now." The Naturals attacked Raven with powder. Then they stomped and kicked him. "What about Raven? What about Raven? What about The Naturals?" screamed Andy Douglas of The Naturals. Kazarian joined in the attack. Then the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Sabu was i nthe ring throwing chairs at The Naturals and Kazarian.

-Tenay said they just received word that Jeff Jarrett was arriving at the arena.

-They went out back to Scott Hudson who met Jarrett and Shane Douglas arriving at the arena. Jarrett said if Russo wouldn't book him in a match, he'd get himself a match on his own. Douglas said if there is one thing they hate, it's being told what they can and can't do by someone who isn't a wrestler. Of course, he closed by saying he was going to Franchise someone's ass. As Mojo Mitchell wrote, someday that phrase will catch on if he keeps saying it.

-They went backstage to Scott D'Amore and Team Canada. "There is no I in team!" shouted Teddy Hart, somewhat ironically.


Two of the Team Japan members wore clown masks. First Frasier last night, now TNA. If there's a clown on Friends tomorrow night, it'll be too much. I also have a feeling that ICP, rightfully, aren't pleased that TNA booked wrestlers who have a kiddie version of their appearance. Tenay said the wrestlers work for Osaka Pro Wrestling that caters to kids. They went to an inset screen with James Storm and Harris discussing that he would be wrestling a second match later. At 8:00 four-way action broke out with the clowns missing with skytwisting splashes. Skipper then gave the third member his Instant replay followed by Dutt and Sabin both coming off opposite top ropes and landing him on for the win.

WINNERS: Team NWA at 8:22.

STAR RATING: *3/4 -- A spotfest, but the moves were crisp for the most part.

-Scott Hudson interviewed Goldy Locks who left a message on Erik Watts's cell phone. She cut a promo on finding a new guy who treats her better. She acted crazy and then denied being crazy. She demanded that Watts not call her again, even though it was she who called him. She then hung up and then called him right back. Hudson said he thinks she's crazy.

-A clip aired of Lex Luger surprising A.J. Styles at the end of last week's show, costing him his tables match against Abyss.

5 -- ABYSS vs. A.J. STYLES - Falls Count Anywhere

Abyss and Styles brawled in the aisle. Abyss lifted Styles and threw him over the railing into the crowd area. Styles dove off the railing and flipped onto Abyss is a nice highspot. Abyss, though, regained control quickly as they brawled in the crowd. Jonny Fairplay threw a cup of liquid in Styles's face from the front row. Security dragged him away. He was disguised as a "common fan" with a t-shirt. They finally entered the ring at 5:30 where Styles wheelkicked a chair into Abyss's face. Abyss, though, once again regained control right away. Abyss frog splashed Styles who had a chair on his stomach. Abyss wedged a chair between the top and middle turnbuckle, but Styles made a comeback. Abyss threw Styles into the ref at 7:30. Styles returned to the ring and threw a clothesline on Abyss in the corner. Abyss came back with a big Black Hole slam, which looked really good with the way Stylees took the bump. A second ref came out and made the count, but Styles kicked out. Abyss was shocked. They showed an inset image of Shane Douglas who they said would be Harris's opponent in the main event.Abyss mistakenly clotheslined the second ref. Styles then gave Abyss the Styles Clash. A third ref came to the ring and made a two count before Abyss kicked out. Abyss flew off the top rope and landed on Styles, the third ref, and a table. Tenay and West wondered where they'd find a fourth ref for the main event. Abyss began punching away at Styles's face. Don Harris came out to be the fourth ref. Abyss punched him right away. Styles threw a table at Abyss. When Don Harris approached him, Styles punched him. Chris Vaughn then joined Harris alonog with several more black shirted security members. Siaki, Diamond, James, Killings, and D-Lo tried to separate them. Abyss dove onto Styles again. Security and the wrestlers pryed them apart again. Styles then dove onto Abyss. They're doing a nice job building the intense feud between these two, which is fine because they have a good chemistry in the ring together.

WINNER: No contest at 14:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- Good falls count anywhere match. The crowd didn't like the non-finish.

-Hudson interviewed ICP and the Juggalos, Too Tough Tony & Rude Boy. Shaggy said he wanted a six-man "Dark Carnival" tag match "Wicked Clown Style" next week against Gilberti and his boys.

-Tenay and West talked about next week's America's X Cup tournament with Team Canada vs. Team AAA. Team Canada led by Scott D'Amore came to ringside to yell about something. Team AAA interrupted and they all had a brawl at ringside.

-Hudson interviewed Harris about having to face Douglas. Harris said he'd be lying if he said it wasn't a tough test to face Douglas. He said so far he has passed all of Russo's tests and he'd leap this hurdle, too. He said tonight it would be Douglas who gets Franchised.

-Jeff Jarrett marched to ringside and said he is the Cal Ripkin of wrestling because week after week he defends his title. He said Russo's plan isn't going to work. He said in two weeks he'll beat his boy Chris Harris so bad, he'll run for the hills with his partner James Storm. He said he is going to find someone to wrestle even if it's one of the idiot fans in the Asylum, or perhaps Jeremy Borash or Tiny. He started yelling about how he "could care less" about Russo and the NWA board. I think he mean he "couldn't care less." He kept throwing chairs into the ring. When Jarrett grabbed Tenay and started yanking at his shirt, West tried to intervene. Then Chris Harris ran to ringside and made the save. West said he was never more happy to see anyone in his life. The match began in the ring between Douglas and Harris.

6 -- CHRIS HARRIS (w/James Storm) vs. SHANE DOUGLAS (w/Jarrett)

Heavy D (Don Harris) acted as a ref, clearing the ring of the chairs Jarrett threw into the ring. Douglas wrestled in street clothes. Douglas dominated the action, working over Harris's arm over the railing at ringside. Harris rolled up Douglas for a surprise two count at 2:15, but then went back to favoring his shoulder. Douglas applied a chinlock in center ring. Harris elbowed out. Harris began a Hulk Hogan style superman no-selling comeback. He then grabbed Douglas by the throat and pounded him in the corner with a barrage of punches. He hit a bulldog at 6:00. Harris hit a top rope bodyblock for a nearfall at 6:30. As Jarrett distracted the ref, Douglas KO'd Harris with a chain. Storm entered the ring and gave Douglas an enzuigiri as Heavy D looked at Jarrett at ringside. Harris then scored the pin. Harris and Jarrett had a staredown.

WINNER: Harris at 9:16.


-Vince Russo then walked out after having what Mike Tenay described as a "very low profile night" (not counting the 764 times his name was mentioned). He told Harrris that on Mar. 17 he would be facing Jarrrett. He told James Storm he was having a problem with something. If Harris is so ready for his title match, why did he interfere in his match. He said his interference makes he and Harris no different than Jarrett. He said, "Chris, I told you, with me here, we are going to do things by the book, down the middle, the right way." He told Harris that with James helping him each week, he won't be ready to face Jarrett. "I am doing this for your own good." He said he is going to postpone his NWA World Title match in his own best interest. Harris shoved Russo into the corner and told him he won't postpone anything because the contract has been signed. He said he will be wrestling Jarrett for the NWA World Title whether Russso likes it or not. Russo then gave in and said they'd get what they want. He added that he is washing his hands of it and isn't responsible for what happens because in his opinion he is not ready. Which begs the question: So what, if he's not ready, then Harris loses and Jarrett retains his title. How is that something he'd need to "wash his hands of"? That makes no sense. Jarrett charged to the ring and they two rolled around on the ring punching each other. Heavy D and Storm separated them. Tenay slipped in a final plug for next week's America's X Cup Tournament, part two.

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